Who has the coolest username?

Well, the signature and avatar threads as well as the what’s in a username thread made me wonder about this. I looked, and didn’t see a topic such as this, so let’s see!! Personally, my favorite PP user names are:

Spirit of Adventure
And, thedriveintheatre.

So, what user names of other people do you like? :smiley:

Um…you know I’ll have to take a look. I kind of like yours though I’ll admit.

I like yours, S 330. it seems mysterious or robotic. Probably because I have no idea what it means 8D I really like it though

I like everyone’s. Everyone has a cool username. But who are we to compare who has a cooler username than others? Everyone’s name is cool.

I am tempted to lock this up, but doesn’t this kind of fit with the What’s in A Username? I don’t know, what do you all think?

I like everyone’s username! The Star Swordsman has a nice ring to it though. :slight_smile:

Thanks dude. Your’s is nice too. So unique. How did ya come up with it again?

I like TDIT’s. :stuck_out_tongue:


No, the point is that this is what names of other people you like. Not just an explanation of your own, or talking about your own at all preferably. Except to thank people for liking yours, of course.

I agree :smiley:

I like yours, Guitarlynn53!! Another personal favorite of mine is bitsandpieces!

And thank you, S330!! :smiley: Though I disagree. Mine is uncreative, always mistaken to mean the contrary of its real purpose, and well, it took no thinking. It’s corny and unoriginal. 8D

Try not to feel sorry for yourself IV. Always think positive.

I don’t feel sorry for myself, it’s my fault it’s a bad user name. 8D just find it kind of silly to the extent of being humorous at this point.

I don’t think it’s a lame username. Coming from a TI fan, it’s my second favorite username here.

Thanks. All I mean is I wish I was more creative when I picked a name. :neutral_face: I don’t know. No matter what it was, I’d be tired of it by now, so it doesn’t matter. 8D

Don’t feel too bad though. I could have just gone with the standard “TWS Admin.”
And it gets boring after a while when you use the same username over and over.

Yeah, I know what you mean. But using your first name in your user name is so lame. 8D However, it’s still good for me because I prefer being called by my first name than anything else. However, IV is okay too.

I like my username because no matter how old I get, this name will always be very special and unique with me. So special that it takes osomething personal.

I think my user name suits me, but I will always prefer my birth name. It’s more personal and special to me.

I like mine cause it’s the name of one of my characters (see avatar).