Why did Gesteau say this...

This has been bothering me for a while and every time I watch the movie. When Remy is about to look at Gesteau’s will, this little exchange goes on:

Remy: Why would Linguini be filed with your will?
Gesteau: This used to be my office.

That response had nothing to do with the question, unless the writers put it in there to remind the viewer that Linguini is Gesteau’s son… but it still seems a little out of place.

Put my worries to rest! Tell me why Gesteau responded like this!

I always thought he meant since it was his office, it was the restaurant’s office, meaning that information of the employees would be there.

Always found it out of place though. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know. Maybe since Gusteau was “a figment of [Remy’s] imagination”, then Gusteau still wouldn’t be able to answer Remy’s question.

Here I thought I was the only one who noticed it…

Both theories sound good, and given that it’s Pixar, there’s definitely a reason for such a seeming non-sequiter of a response. At this point though, FONY’s theory sounds reasonable (figures his will would be in his office)


I think of it the same way as A113. Remy asked something which the figment of his imagination couldn’t possibly answer. Not just because of what the line is but how it’s delivered. It makes me think as if you were talking to someone with some sort of mental handicap and one second that person is on topic and then suddenly they say something about pink elephants at the zoo.

But don’t forget the Alamo!

Like that? :laughing: Also, just saying that it used to be his office still had nothing to do with Linguini being filed in the folder with Gusteau’s will. :confused:

Brainfreeze. You’re right. I’m with your thoery now.

Hmm…? I wondered that too, but it doesn’t get to me.

But A113, why not just say “I dunno…” or something similar? It is too odd of a thing to say…

To remind the viewer that Guestau isn’t really there.

Well, sometimes “I don’t know” looks like spam. :laughing:


Maybe it’s his way of showing he has no idea, and kinda telling the audience he really isn’t Gusteau himself, just Remy’s imagination.

I am very surprised that, not only have I wondered the same thing as I watched it today, but I had a guess this thread would be about that line in question.

I think it was mostly Gusteau remembering to himself, since he constantly refers to himself being dead and part of Remy’s imagination.

I never really understood that line either. But I assumed it meant like “This was my office, where would you expect employee info to be?” but you’re right, it still doesnt really answer the question.

Actually, to be fair, Remy didn’t know it was Guesteau’s office. He’s probably never been in there much, conidering Skinner is most of the time (plotting new frozen food products). Sure, Remy could’ve placed two and two together, but as the line he throws us “a cook’s work is never done” :unamused:
And since this Guesteau was a figment of Remy’s, it wouldn’t have know the answer. And the surprise we see of the announcement only benefits the theory. This Guesteau Remy, in small terms, “made up” as a companion when he had none. So it didn’t retain knowledge Remy himself didn’t have, and that extends rather well as it reminds Remy that he never pretended to be a rat/chef.
it probably said what Remy was thinking. “…filed with your will?” and Remy could be thinking “this is Skinner’s office…used to be Guesteau’s”. So in his head, projected kind-of as Guesteau, was reminding him.

I think he just did not want (or coudn’t) answer the question so he changed the subject.

yeah that is a weird line.

Gusteau only knows as much as Remy knows.
Upon Remy discovering Gusteau’s Will, that’s when Remy finds out it used to be his office, and then directly after that’s what comes out of Gusteau’s mouth because that was what popped in Remy’s mind.

good point, D_G. That’s what I always thought, too. Still, that line shouldn’t have been in there. It’s just awkward.

Haha, lock up the topic now, DG just hit the nail on the head.

I knew he said it because Remy didn’t know why Linguini was filed with his will, but I didn’t think about Gesteau saying it because it was the first thing that popped into Remy’s head.

Nice one :wink: