Why do you love or hate this movie??

I’m just wondering, what do you like(or hate) so much about this movie? I love everything about it. Music, character development, stellar animation, action, love, everything!!! :smiley:

The Incredibles has always been one of my favorite Pixar movies. There’s just something about it that sets it apart. I remember the merchandising extravaganza associated with it all through 2004. It was probably my most anticipated Pixar movie ever, really. Anybody remember the “First in Line!” web videos advertising buying tickets online to see The Incredibles?

I always have loved the fact that it was different to what I expected. I’ve never been a big fan of the whole superhero thing, but The Incredibles is a definite exception because of the believable family dynamics and amazing action sequences and a bad guy that isn’t being a bad guy just for the sake of it- he has a real motivation and reason behind what he’s doing.

There’s not much to not like about this movie, really. It ticks a lot of boxes in my opinion.

I really love it for many reasons, one being the tension and romance between Bob and Helen. I love the action, the funnies, the story (just about everything).

I don’t know what other people think about this, but I love the OMNIDROID’s firmware and how quickly it responds to its surroundings (yeah, sometime I’m going to pause the movie everytime you see the firmware and read its internal screen just for fun). Talk about a great piece of technology if we could put it on the good guy’s side. :wink:

Ditto on their romance. It pains me to admit it, as I’m not a touchy-feely person, and I don’t watch “chick-flicks”, I hate Nicholas Spark movies…but I love them the most, wether together or as individuals. All those awful Incredibles infidelity fanfics make me want to puke. I mean, really, if you’ve seen the movie, I don’t see how one could interpret a Bob/Mirage thing working out. I love all the characters, the family moments, and everything in general, but they’ve seriously got to be the best lead couple ever. :smiley: I mean they’re so awesome even as individuals, and they go together so perfectly. <3

I swear that I wrote a long paragraph explaining why I love TI and how it changed my life, but that post was from a long time ago. I don’t remember exactly what I said, but there was so much detail.

I completely agree with you Konrad, that sort of artificial intelligence is something that companies are trying to develop as we speak, and if they’re successful, it could be pretty amazing.

I love superhero movies in general. But this one explored what their family and personal lives might be like, and blended it perfectly with the action. Almost like the graphic novel Watchmen, it really portrayed them as people with everyday problems; they hate their job, they have fights over dinner, they feel dissatisfied. The amazing animation, Pixar touch, and addition of Jason Lee didn’t hurt either. :wink:

I’m honestly not sure what I feel about the movie. I don’t like it, nor DO I like it. It is a pretty good movie though. One of my favorite elements is how Violet develops, though, especially with the symbolism of her pulling back her hair (and looking much prettier by doing so, in my opinion).

One of the things that I thought was funny about my experience watching the first time was that I never noticed that Syndrome had a cape until he said “And when everyone’s super, no one will be!” I was like “He has a cape!”
So when his (albeit super-sympathy inducing) demise came, I thought “No…capes…”

Like I said, I like everything. But Helen and Bob made it for me. I love watching Violet and Dash(sometimes several times a week) develop into supers, but the whole family is just great. And yes, Jason Lee certainly didn’t hurt. :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s some REALLY neat stuff going on in that area, but I won’t post it because it will make some people really uncomfortable. You know, some people are really freaked out by real robots.

Robots are cool, so long as they’re like Wall-E, not the Omnidroid. :slight_smile:

True, but I’m talking about robots that a definitely NOT WALL-E. :wink:

I bet there’s some military grade OMNIDROID stuff in the works.

I am obsessed with this movie!! :smiling_imp: It is soo awesome the characters are great, the plot is well developed, and it has a decent amount of action. The only bad thing I would have to say about this movie is that there isnt a sequel :frowning:

You and I think so much alike. And it does suck that it has been almost 6 years after the movie and still on sequel.

I know, we really do :smiley: Maybe Pixar will do a sequel in 2014. I know its unlikely but I am still hopefull. :-D)

I like the Incredibles because of the characters. This movie has such a great cast! I also love how much action is in it, as well as suspense!

I like it cause off all the action and adventure. Theres lots of fighting, explosens, and…dying. Syndrome had a cruel death by being sucked into an airplane jet and then it explodes, kinda feel sorry for him.

I love Syndrome, but as a villain. He deserved what he got after trying to kill Helen and the kids.

I felt sorry for Syndrome. I wanted him to get what he deserved,but I hate to see people die.