You know what really grinds my gears?

When people don’t take their sunglasses off when first meeting you. It’s just plain rude. Maybe I’m old fashioned when it comes to manners, but if you meet someone for the first time, you lift up your sunglasses and make eye contact, even just for a second. Sometimes I think I’m the only person my age with manners… (not that I’m perfect, though).

Also, when I answer the phone and people just say “Hello, is so-and-so there?” and I have to ask them who they are and why they are calling. And when people call between 5 - 6:30pm that annoys me - can people not just put up with you being uncontactable during those times? Can’t I eat dinner in peace?!

Ok, so what annoys you?

Oh, this is my biggest one. I have a twin brother, and I get annoyed when people get us mixed up. NOw granted, people who haven’t met us before might not get it right on the first try, but once you have known us for a while, it starts to get annoying. heck, even my family has a hard time teling us apart.

Now that is just one of a lot.

What gets on my nerves is people online who flame/cuss a lot.

CORRECTION: Not just online.

Nice thread, Rachel. I can see myself letting out a lot of steam here. :laughing:

  • When people use incorrect grammar and spelling. If you can speak it, you should be able to write it without too much difficulty. Not knowing the difference between “their”, “they’re” and “there” should be, in my eyes, an offence punishable by…something bad.

  • Going on Rachel’s theme of the sunglasses, people that don’t make eye contact with you whilst you’re talking to them. Now, unless I’m freakishly ugly and just haven’t noticed lately, I see no reason why people can’t have a bit of common decency and just look at you when you’re talking to them.

  • When Sales Assistants and suchlike in shops aren’t helpful. It’s their job, for Pete’s sake, so they’d better do it properly otherwise they don’t deserve the money they get paid. And if they don’t like it, they might as well work in a different sector.

It reeealy irks me when people say ‘lol’

I have no idea why, I just get sooo annoyed! >.<

oh srry i like sayting lol i cant help typing llol at the end of each sentence …lol sorry lol


srry lol i cant help it lol!

Sometimes, a certain type of people grinds my gears.

Now I am a pretty selfless, team player person. I want what’s best for everyone, but I really hate the kind of people who will do anything to shine the brightest in the spot light, peole who think they are so much better than everyone, someone who puts his or herself over everyone.

Kel-It bothers me when people say “lol” too. I really don’t like chatspeak. It makes me feel like I’m speaking to a robot or something rather than a real person.

you know stuff like ‘idk’ or ‘brb’ doesnt bother me, it’s just ‘lol’

it’s like people just say it to say…something, or just to add an extra word on to the sentence, it’s so unessesary, cuz in real life, no one says ‘laugh out loud’, people do say ‘i dont know’ and ‘be right back’ but ‘lol’ really serves no purpose…you’d be better off just putting a ‘=P’

what about a :stuck_out_tongue: ??? : o

yah that’s basically the same thing, i just tend to do ‘=P’

I’m seldom ever annoyed by anything. I realized a while back it’s useless to be habitually annoyed to anything, so I stopped. :wink: I usually only get annoyed by poor habits of others as observed over time, like consistantly making a big deal out of small inconveniences and such.

Oh and about the sunglasses thing, I’ve never even considered that that would annoy someone to begin with. I think it depends on the situation. In my case I wouldn’t take them off because of eye problems.

-When someone does something they know annoys you, but they do it anyway because they like it. (My friends are always singing “Our Song” around me, even though they know perfectly well I hate that song to death.)
-When a mom who is not yours tries lecturing you. I have one mom, and three older sisters who act like my mom, for that, thank you!
-When people talk during a performance, or just karaoke. They had the courage to stand up there, you could at least listen.
-When little boys act like morons for attention.
-When people say “gay”, “retarded”, or “autistic” as insults.
-When preteens/teens curse. They only do it to sound grown up, and it annoys me to death. I don’t like adults doing it, but I’m okay with “good ol’ down home country” curses, like s***, d***, or h***. I don’t like the b words or the f word out of anyone. I’m only okay with adults cursing because my parents say them.
-When guys make jokes about you-know-what that just sound immature.
-I too hate it when people say OMG, lol, or GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
:imp: OMJ (oh my jonas) when their not texting. I’m fine with BRB, (I say that).

Yeah, I have a lot. :neutral_face:

:open_mouth: I didn’t know that.

What really grinds my gears is when people who can not accept people for who they are or what they like.

When people spread false rumors
When people waste their time calling other people a loser just because they’re being themselves.

Another thing that really annoys me is when people talk about themselves all the time, but never ask about you or really care about what’s happening in your life. I think, as a society, we are more self-absorbed than ever but I still think it’s rude and very narcissistic and it won’t fly by me. If someone does it and I’m sick of it, I’ll jokingly say “Ok, enough about you,” and hope that they get the message or I’ll just stop hanging around them as much.

In some cultures it’s rude to look people directly in the eyes, but yeah, for the most part I agree with you. Something similar to that is when people text message on their phones while you’re talking to them. Grr.

i completely agree, people see me , or see the stuff i like and they judge me all the time =( that’s why i dont have many friends =(