Your favorite character?

Who is your fav character?

  • WALL-E
  • EVE
  • M-O
  • The Captain
  • Auto or GO-4
  • Some of the reject robots
  • John or Mary
  • Other robots and people
  • The Cockroach (Spot?)

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It seems like there has been a topic like this, at least I saw a poll ‘whom do you like more - Wall-e or Eve’, but it was in BnL dedicated topic, so I think it will be great to make a thread about this very question :smiley:
I personally like Eve more than others. It is not because she’s sort of a girl, but I think she’s the most charismatic and expressive character, and these traits attract me the most :slight_smile: I think she’s even more expressive than Wall-e.
Your opinions, mates :slight_smile:

I would go for M-O all the way, he is just such a energetic little critter totally set to fullfill his destiny (that contains a lot of foreign contaminent somehow)

Doing the WALL-E 500, and having seen it 24 times (21 for the WALL-E 500, 3 in theaters), I’ve come to love L-T. Here’s a small picture of him…

I never noticed him until the 20th viewing, :stuck_out_tongue: But I’ve came to love him…


EVE, although the cockroach is awesome.

I think you can figure it out :slight_smile:

EVE, I think she is the character who best develops her personalities through the story.

EVE, hands down; WALL-E doesn’t deserve her. :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously, it’s like she’s babysitting a child.

I would always say WALL-E, because of how much I relate to him. I’m curious, I take a liking to vintage stuff and occasionally showtunes, and when I really, really like someone, I usually don’t give up in trying to win her heart. And just like him at the beginning of the film, I don’t lose hope because I know that love is “out there”.

I was blown away actually at how much I saw myself in WALL-E after EVE pulls the tape out of the cassette. I have been just as obsessive about prized possessions, and I thought of the way I would be when I dropped a disc or tape, or something else of value and I would be so anxious waiting to see if it worked. I have never connected to any other character in my life as much as WALL-E.

M-O … … He is totally awsome! I drew a picture of him that I’m gonna post… eventually. Everyone I’ve showed it to says its really good.

My top four are M-O, EVE, WALL-E and Auto. I find it difficult to choose between these four- M-O is just so adorable, and I love his grumpiness, EVE is unique and powerful, WALL-E is sweet and drives the whole movie, and I always feel so sorry for Auto.

I’ve voted for Auto this time round, because the fourth time I saw the film, I really realised that he is a victim in all of this. His character is strange, as whilst a lot of the other robots are beginning to go against their directives, he can’t even contemplate doing such a thing, and I can’t help but wonder why. Also, his voice is just cool.

Heh, it seemed I added The Plant as an option and it has vanished from the poll. Weird.
You all have good points there. EVEisAwesome, I didn’t see L-T when watching the movie. Where can it be found? Also I share Lizardgirl’s opinion about AUTO. And, as for me, M-O resembles Scrat from Ice Age. He doesn’t mean too much to the storyline, but the episodes with M-O are included to cheer up the public time to time :slight_smile:
Eve is leading, yay for Eve :smiley:

L-T is pretty under-rated, I’ll have to keep an eye out for him next time. Hal (whose name used to be Spot, but they changed it) is really under-rated, too.

But my fav is WALL•E because of his naiveness and just, he has such an open heart and wouldn’t hurt anyone. Plus he is so adorable, some of the things he does and his expressions are just too cute to handle. And I can relate to him somewhat.

Mine is EVE. She’s just so cute when she giggles. She is also tough but sweet.

Oh, dear. I thought Auto was more popular than that. Good. At least here I’m unorthodox.

Haha, you’re so into Auto. It’s not expected for too many people to think of him as the best character, but I don’t have a problem with it, to each their own. I just like M-O, he’s so funny, kinda cranky in a way (I have a tendency to gravitate towards that, Carl is my fave Pixar character after all)

Oh, and the cockroach’s name is Hal, if no one pointed this out.

sorry Wall-E lovers, I agreed with ffdude1906 and voted M-O, there’s just something about that cute little guy…

ffdude1906: you are correct, the cockroach is Hal. Pfft.

Carl is my second fave character in Pixar films, Ellie is second, and I guess Hopper and M-O are tied after that.

M-O is CUTE! But I gotta follow my heart…Drive.


lol even though my dad thinks she’s a total bitch! lol, she lightened up :wink:

btw the cockroach is Hal, which is a refrence to 2001

Hooray! another EVE fan!

BTW, welcome to the boards. :smiley: You’re gonna love it here!

WALL-E is my fave. :] I saved a little plush of him from Cast Connections. <3