Your Friend the Rat fan commentary - 9.12.2008

I would be really, really happy if we can start an hour earlier. But I want to see if it would be okay with everone first.

That would be perfect for me because it’ll only be 12:30 PM. So that’s better than 1: 30 AM. :smiley: but if it’s not ok with everyone that’s fine i’ll stay up later… :wink: I wouldn’t miss this for the world !

I’m fine with the introductions, but that’ll probably only take a few minutes.
Making sure the technical side of things is a-ok? Well, ok. This shouldn’t take too long, though. How about this: I’ll take a roll, making sure everyone’s here, and if everyone is here, and Peter’s ready to record, then i think we can safely assume that everything’s working.
And rules? Bad idea.

If there is one rule, it should be “Have fun, and try to make it fun for the others.” :wink:

It looks like it would make stuff easier for TSS if we did this thing an hour earlier, so it’d be 6:30 PM Eastern Time. I’m going to change it, since most of us agree that it’d be fine.

I’m 80% ready. I have all the equitment it’s just I don’t know if I can make it due to dinner. I’ll know by Wednesday if I can make it.

Thanks, M-O!

So, lizardgirl, are you ready? :wink:

Well, I am not sure about not having rules becase it would get a little too chaotic.

Here are a couple rule suggestions.

  1. First off, have fun and get to know each other.
  2. Remember, this is a Pixar planet project. Keep the language PG.
  3. Try not to interupt, but also give everyone a chance to speak. We don’t want one person running talking the entire time and have one other person only say one word.
  4. We are going to start at the time we say we are going to start. If you are late, we won’t let you participate. Remember this phrase: To be early is on time, to be on time is late, and to be late is unforgiveable.

That is all I can think of for now.

Most things are understood, everyone. I think we’ll all be fine. Just don’t say anything you wouldn’t say to your mom. :wink:

A113 - So all of us Californian’s will be starting the commentary at 3:30 PM PDT/PST, correct? That’s fine by me! An hour’s difference won’t be a problem.

By the way, what if one of us has to… take a “pit stop” in the restroom during the session? It’d be wiser for everyone to deposit extra waste content before-hand, of course, but in the event that there is an emergency what should we do? :stuck_out_tongue:

I spent a couple of hours total watching Your Friend the Rat this morning, jotting down notes on interesting topics of discussion, and then researching those subjects on the internet. Henceforth, I have a nice handful of notes to refer to… just in case.

Ha-ha! I really like that. :laughing:

– Mitch

That’s great!

Oh, i’ve thought of this before (shows you where my mind has been lately) and i think we should just tell someone that we need to take a quick break or something, but your idea is good, Mitch, i’ll set up a date with my toilet a few minutes before we start.

You’re probably going to have the most to say. :laughing:

Keep up the good work, guys! Let’s work together to make this commentary the worst one we’ll ever do! :smiley:

Okay, here goes-

  1. Skype account- NO
  2. Method for watching the short- if it’s possible to watch the short on my laptop at the same time as doing everything else, then yes. If not, then no, as for me, it’s going to be in the middle of the night and I can’t really put the TV on downstairs.
  3. 15 minute space in schedule- YES
  4. Computer microphone- NO. Does this microphone sort of have to be a headset as well? So you can speak into it and listen to others at the same time?
  5. Working computer- YES

It doesn’t need to be a headset, but as long as it can record what you’re saying into the Skype conversation.

Okay, I now have a Skype account. That was easy enough. :smiley:

A113- Okay, I’ll pop down to the local computer store and see what they’ve got. Do you have any links to examples of the type of thing I should be going for? Just so I don’t buy the wrong thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah! Alright-y then. That’ll probably work out fine. :smiley:

Oh, I don’t know about that. (snigger)

lizardgirl - In the “Pixar Fan Commentaries” thread, qxgnxamy responded to a post of mine centering around what type of microphone/headset would be best, and this is what he posted in reply to my question:

(My apologies if you preferred that I not post this quote/post of yours here, qxgnxamy.)

– Mitch

That’s ok Mitch. Re-post all you want. 8D

I actually bought this headset today at Circuit City and it sounds a lot better than my external microphone. However I’m going to return it because it’s too small. I’d recommend it if you have a small to medium sized head. It’s marketed as a playstation headset, but I plugged it into my Mac and it worked instantly.

I’m going to use a simple computer microphone. By the way, Peter, you’re probably going to have to edit the audio a bit before you release the commentary, since my microphone’s settings end up as a very low sound.

It’d be better if there was a way to increase the volume of my microphone without increasing the volume of my voice.

A113 - I have an application called Levelator that’s designed to solve this very issue. It adjusts the volume so that podcasters using different setups have the same volume. But I agree that it would be better to somehow increase the volume of your microphone. On a Mac there’s a slider in the sound preference pane to adjust the input level. Is there a similar setting on a PC (assuming you have a PC)? Have you turned it all the way up?

I know there’s a setting on my Windows XP that adjusts microphone volume. What i don’t know is whether to slide it to the top or to the bottom. :confused:

You can try the Skype Test Call once with the slider at the top and another time with the slider at the bottom and choose the setting where your voice is louder.

Great idea, Peter. Thanks! :smiley:

Am I correct in saying that we will be recording the Ratatouille commentary one week after the YFTR test commentary session?

A113 - Would you be more comfortable if I replaced the word “rules” with “expectations”? Just a general list such as the ones we’ve got already are fine. I want this to be fun, too, and I am pretty sure it will be but general guidelines are a good idea. :wink:

We may have to give people 5 mins leniency, especially if it is our first time and people may have to get hooked up. But try to be early, everyone, or at least on time. (It really annoys me when people are consistently late, too. So arrogant.)

Ha ha ha! Well, just make sure you use the rest room beforehand. snicker

But in the case of Ratatouille, I think qxgnxamy said we are going to have regular breaks to make sure everything is in synch. So when we pause recording, people can go and get something to eat or drink (quickly), or use the bathroom, stretch your legs etc But I’m glad you brought it up, 'cause that crossed my mind as well. Heheh.

Good idea! I’m really behind on doing my research, I need to get my act together…

Don’t you mean “best”?

It will look like a regular computer headset, except it’s got a microphone attached to it that you can move in front of your face. Like the ones pilots wear. You should be able to buy a fairly cheap pair.