Your Friend the Rat fan commentary - 9.20.2008

Rachel I probably will be there for the Satrday one.

Looks like we’re moving it on up to Saturday/Sunday, which is great for me, too. Thank you so much, Rachel. :smiley:

Heheh, you guys wouldn’t mind one extra member, would you? <.< >.> Now, it’s not a GURANTEE yet, but what was mainly holding me back before was my lack of a computer mic, and I figured out a way around that. Here’s basically how ready I am.

  1. A Skype account
    Not yet. Still need to make sure it’s okay with my parents to actually do this.

  2. A method for watching the short
    My computer plays DVDs, so, yes.

  3. A 15-minute space in your schedule
    On Saturday? I’m not sure yet. Once again, I need to confirm with my parents. I should have the answer within the next few days, though.

  4. A computer microphone
    Yes. Now, I’m not using an official mic, I’m using a pair of headphones plugged in to the mic outlet. (While actually wearing another pair of headphones so I can hear things, of course) But, I’ve tested them out multipule times, and they’re actually pretty decent quality, so, it’ll work.

  5. Working computer
    As of right now, yes. xP knocks on wood

So, yeah, don’t count me in officially JUST yet, but I’m going to try my best to make it, since I think this sounds really fun…if that’s okay with you guys, of course. xP;

So you seem pretty much set to go.

Glad you guys have been receptive to the 24hrs forward suggestion. :sunglasses: If it would help lizardgirl, I’d be willing to move it 30mins earlier so she can get to bed… I don’t think I’d want to make it any earlier than that since that would make it a 7am on a Sunday, which is way too early for anyone to be having a conversation. Heheh. What do you guys think?

I’d suggest that everyone keep checking this thread every day until the commentary has finished, and even leading up to the last hours until the scheduled time, so you know about any last minute changes.

TSS - I can get you a copy of YFTR, PM me.

Lightning Eclipse - If you have got everything sorted out, then welcome aboard. Make sure to watch and research Your Friend the Rat as much as you can beforehand. =)

I didn’t even know you could do this…

Thanks! Like I said, I still need to ask my parents if it’s alright for me to do this, but I don’t see any real reason why they’d object. I mean, it’s not like we’re giving each other’s adresses out or anything.

I will. I’ve already seen YFTR twice, and I plan on watching it a few more times this week before the commentary. I’m not so sure where or how to research it, though…do you know of any good websites or articles that may have some info on it? I suppose I could try looking on Google…

You can. It’s not as great as having an actual headset, of course, but it’s the next best thing.

Pretty much, yeah! xP Lets just hope my parents don’t decide to take us up to the mountians on that day or something. That would stink…

I’ll make sure to keep checking back on this thread, in case there’s a change in plans.

Rachel - 30mins earlier works for me. =)

Even if Mitch might not be able to make this YFTR commentary (see other thread), I think we should still go ahead with it this weekend… then see what happens after that.

Oh, rats! I had posted in the wrong thread! Ah, you guys bounced back and forth between 'em anyway.
I have requested my order, thanks a mill, rachel! (Guess we’re on first-name basis now). After going through the thread, I’m kinda confused as to the start time. So it’s been pushed 24 hours ahead and now 30 mins back, right? So according to A113’s now outdated first thread summary (sorry!), your new time should be 7:30 am? Which according to this converter, makes mine 8 am.

From the looks of it, the start time of the commentary proper is 10 pm UTC/GMT right? I would like to suggest that the UTC/GMT baseline is posted on the first thread to clear things up a bit (plus to make it a little easier for any future additions to convert to their respective timezones). So do we all log on like, 15 mins before 10 pm UTC/GMT? You know, introduce ourselves (if we haven’t met), last-minute adjustments, break the ice kinda stuff? Please, anyone, correct me if I have got any of these details wrong.
Like Craig Robinson’s character from Pineapple Express would say:
“This is so exciting!” claps hands

thedriveintheatre - Sorry! 8am Sydney time is correct, my bad. (And I’m usually pretty good at working out other Aussie time zones.)

Last time I logged onto Pixar Planet about 20mins beforehand just to check up on the two commentary threads to make sure it was still happening and to look for any last minute changes, so that would be a good idea. I think we’ve already taken the introducing/getting to know one another time into account… qxgnxamy/Peter will probably start the conference a few minutes before the scheduled time, so keep your Skype account open and eyes peeled. In the next day or so I’ll post the official times for every time zone, so it’s clear to everyone.

Allow at least one hour for the YFTR practice commentary, and if anyone wants to have a group text chat in Skype afterwards to chat about how it went, or anything else, I may initiate that, too. Anyone from the commentary session will be welcome. =)

Don’t be nervous (this goes for anyone participating), we’re all pretty friendly, just be yourself, be considerate of others and above all, have fun! It’s always a risk to put yourself out there, especially when something as personal as your voice can be judged by others, but I’m sure the reward will be worth it. =)

Ha-ha! Yeah, sure is.

Can You do a thing like this please 'cause i got kinda lost … :confused:

I don’t see any reason for moving it 30 minutes forward, unless it would add a participant. Could someone please explain?

By the way, i’m checking this thread often, and i update the first post whenever our plans change. :wink:

My computer’s still not ready. :confused:

Have fun participating in the commentary this week, everyone! I may not be able to make it, but I look forward to watching/listening to you guys fire away. :smiley:

A113 - Actually, I think that Rachel meant that we should pull the commentary back by thirty minutes, so as to give lizardgirl (who would be joining in on the session late at night) more time to sleep after the commentary ends. Whereas she would normally have to participate around, say, 11:00 PM, she could do it at 10:30 PM instead so she wouldn’t have to join in so late in the day. :wink:

– Mitch

Mitch- I hate to be a spoilsport, but I just don’t think I can make that day at all. I’m in a car for eight hours, leaving at about four in the morning and probably coming back at about nine at night, and with work the next day, I wouldn’t be surprised if I just went to bed pretty much straight away.

So, thanks everyone for trying to rearrange for me- I really, really appreciate it- but you guys just do whatever time is best for you. :smiley:

lizardgirl - Ah, man! Well, I understand your predicament. It sounds as if you’ll be pretty worn out by the end of the day, so it wouldn’t be fair to inconvenience you. (I’m going to be getting up at three in the morning on the same day for work, so I can sympathize.) I hope that you’ll be able to make it for the Ratatouille commentary, at least. :smiley:

– Mitch

Good news, everyone! It turns out my dad is working on Saturday, so I’m going to be free pretty much all day. And it’s okay with my parents, so, expect to see me Saturday! xP I’m really really excited. A little nervous, but excited. I’ll maybe download Skype later, so I can figure it out.

The commentary will still be 3:30 for me, right? There hasn’t been any last minute changes or anything?

lizardgirl- Aww! That stinks. Hopefully you’ll be able to make it for the next commentary we do.

thedriveintheatre- Welcome to the commentary! =) Nice to see that there will be other people who are new at doing this too, I won’t feel so alone. xP

Yes, I think that the time in A113’s first post is currently when we plan to meet.

So are we going to keep the 30mins back thing, or not?

Can someone please tell me what time is it gonna be for me ? I’m in France. :smiley:

Off Topic
: Peter your sig rocks ! :sunglasses: - Thanks. =)

We’ll be starting at 12:30 AM Sunday the 21st (CEST) or 12:00 AM, we haven’t quite decided yet. I think it’s really up to you and Rachel, since you two are doing the commentary so late at night or so early in the morning.