Your Toy Story 3 Reviews

As there have been some screenings of parts of Toy Story 3 and it’s only a month and a half away before the first releases, as thedriveintheatre suggested it’s probably a good time to get a reviews thread up and running.

This thread is for your own personal reviews of the movie, so instead of making your own thread, post it here to stop the boards from getting too cluttered.

If there’s something specific from the movie or a point you’d like to expand upon, feel free to start a separate thread, but your reviews go here.


Please make sure to use spoiler tags where appropriate! The release dates are staggered, so just because the movie may have been released where you live, there will still be those from around the world who haven’t seen it yet and may not want to be spoilt.

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Can’t wait to start reading your reviews! :smiley:

lizardgirl, after I see the movie Friday, I will indeed be posting a review. Although I’m 99.9% sure I’m gonna give it 5/5 stars. :slight_smile:

Quick review, highly enjoyable but doesn’t reach the heights of Toy Story 2.

Where do you live that you were able to see it?

Memphis, TN. Was a radio Disney sponsored screening.

So, here’s some more thoughts on TS3. I highly recommend you don’t read anything in this post until you’ve seen it. I don’t want to taint anyone’s opinion going into the movie.

Getting right to the heart of the matter in comparing TS3 to all the other Pixar movies, Toy Story 3 would easily go next to last on my list. As I said, it was very enjoyable but overall somewhat mediocre. It was simply more of the same. A totally unnecessary sequel that brought nothing new to the franchise. In fact, it rehashed old stuff in a poorer manner. The only real plus was that the ending was wrapped up very nicely [spoil](at least until Bonnie grows up)[/spoil].

Some of the new toys were really great, though, especially Buttercup, Mr. Pricklepants, Trixie, and Dolly. There wasn’t anywhere near enough of them I thought.[spoil] If the gang hadn’t ended up with Bonnie[/spoil]. I’d be all for a spin-off movie featuring just them.

But that final scene was great and made me tear up. Sadly, I think it was more due to the long connection to the characters themselves rather than this particular movie.

[spoil]The reveal on Lotso’s past was so terribly similar to Jessie’s story that I was put off by it. Maybe it was intentionally so and will come off better in the second viewing. In fact, what bothered me the most was that this may be the first Pixar movie I could describe as “formulaic”. The opening play sequence, “Jessie’s Song” moment, conveyor belt chase, abandonment issues, a friendly character who is later revealed the be the villain, the villain’s fate. It was like Toy Story 2.0[/spoil].

Not to say I didn’t like it. It was still an enjoyable movie, and I will see it again, but twice may be enough.

I have purchased my ticket already for Saturday on the IMAX 3D! A bunch of my friends are going as well. :smiley: I’ll have a review when I get back.

I feel it mimicked a lot of what Toy Story and Toy Story 2 was, to cater to the release. Also, I don’t get the Spanish language, Mexico references, but maybe I do. The Spanish speaking stuff I didn’t like, and I didn’t understand. Why was it in there? It made no sense for Buzz to have a “hidden” Spanish setting.

Just got back from it, and I’m speechless. I’m going to come out and say this movie is a 10/10. It satisfies, and goes beyond expectations.

It starts out with Day & Night. This clever short is a throwback to the older Pixar shorts, and none the less creative. Every gag was effective, and definately prepared the audience for what was soon to come.

The first part of the movie was handled PERFECTLY.

The original title card, as you’ve known, was recreated, and every fond memory of Andy playing is relived again as well. Did I mention it starts with the ORIGINAL You’ve Got a Friend in Me?Which brings me to my next point, the music. Another thing that was handled perfectly. Memorable tunes are reused from the first two movies, and it really makes the difference.

Action scenes weren’t even too prolonged or anything, it wasn’t even noticeable, which means it was just right. [spoil]And while Lotso may sound similar to Stinky Pete in concept, he’s really a different beast on screen, trust me![/spoil] The climax really pushed you to the edge of your seat. You thought the ‘Rough Play’ clip was hard to watch? It get’s really tense. [spoil]Big Baby also turns out to be a surprisingly emotional character, but before things could get too intense, Pixar gives him that comedic touch.[/spoil] The ending was just classic Toy Story, having a general good feeling, and some equally warm music to accompany it.

Remember, this review is not from a critic’s perspective, but from a fan’s. The wait is worth it! Here’s some final little nitpicks of mine to finish this off:

[spoil]Sid - he actually plays a decent role, and even has a voice (sorta).
Spanish Buzz - the transformation back was also incredibly well done.
Bonnie - I couldn’t think of anyone better to have the toys.
Aliens - More than comic relief, yet when they save the gang, it couldn’t be more uncanny…
Mr. P - For once not grouchy (see above)!
Finally, ZURG!/spoil]

[spoil]Small role for Pizza Planet truck
No mutant toys (although Sid was good enough)
Little explanation for the loss of Andy’s other toys (this is the only one that really matters in this list, but just adds to the emotion)
No Utility Belt Buzz (he was a minor character, but since Zurg was there, one must wonder where he is).[/spoil]

Apparently my review was removed without notice. :frowning: Aww…well.

At first I simply didn’t like the tone of the movie. It felt too…different. I laughed, but I wasn’t comfortable.

This isn’t unusual. This happens WHENEVER I see a movie that’s too different from what I expected for comfort. Then I watch it a second time, and I love it.

The turning point for me was probably [spoil]when Woody enlisted the phone’s help to escape[/spoil]. That was the precise moment when I had FINALLY gotten used to the strange tone of the film, and started laughing and frolicking with it.

This is a common occurence with me.

I’ll probably enjoy the first half as well once I engage in my second viewing. Until then, I can’t properly rate it.

wannabechef: Any idea why your review might be removed? :frowning: It may be containing spoilers, but the official Mod policy is to just spoiler-tag it. The only other reason a post would be removed is if it contains adult or controversial material, but I don’t think you would do that, and you would’ve been informed by PM if you have done anything wrong.

Only Mods and Admins have the powers to edit other user’s posts, so I’m going to bring this up with them, but in the meantime, can you repost it? I’d love to hear your opinion.

Just got home from the theater, and I loved every single frame of this movie. While it is true that [spoil]the fates of some of the toys from the first films were not explained, I really think that was necessary for the overall pacing. Otherwise, it would have distracted from all of the new characters[/spoil].

Also, I didn’t find any similarity between [spoil]Lotso’s story and Jessie’s. She was donated. He was left behind by accident, but replaced by Daisy’s parents. Those are very different circumstances, with very different outcomes[/spoil].

As far as the powerfully emotional ending, I was OK until [spoil]Andy found Woody in the bottom of the box[/spoil], but then I lost it, and cried like a baby. And then, when [spoil]Woody waved goodbye to Andy[/spoil], I was an emotional wreck.

But the vignettes during the closing credits really brought everything around, and made the whole ending even more satisfying.

Easily a 10/10 for me.

Yes…my review are deleted, too. :frowning:

[spoil]Not the story itself but the staging, with the toy staring out the window telling a flashback.[/spoil]

I have to say, I think that all the Toy Story films pretty much led up to this. I think that the things they did with the toys during those 90 minutes definitely touched me deeply. I could not stop crying at the end, and I never cry at movies! I am slightly disappointed that [spoil]Trixie, Mr. Pricklepants, Buttercup, and Dolly, were given such little screen time. hopefully, we’ll see more of them in the Toy Story shorts[/spoil]. Other than that, I really, really enjoyed it. and I have to say, my favorite part was when [spoil]they were all about to be sucked into the large fire with all the trash. and they all join hands, that was so bittersweet. :3[/spoil] I also really don’t think there is that much stuff that makes it like Toy Story 2. I will agree that the villain concept is slightly familiar. But, I mean, just because the climaxes of both films include [spoil]convener belts[/spoil] doesn’t mean that they’re anything alike.

Lots of noise has been made about John Morris, voice of Andy, returning.

LESS has been said about the original voice of Sid Philips, Erik Von Detten, also returning as Sid in Toy Story 3. Still wearing the same shirt, too!

I just saw it; just give me sometime to get my thoughts together and then I’ll post my review.

I really loved this movie! There were some scenes where it wasn’t very Toy Story-ish, though, but still I loved it!

[spoil]Who knew that Lotso would be the villain?! I didn’t![/spoil]

[spoil]A Lego set showed Lotso controlling the trash compactor, so it’s been known for a while.[/spoil]