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Postby woody » Fri Jun 18, 2010 2:08 pm

I have to say, I think that all the Toy Story films pretty much led up to this. I think that the things they did with the toys during those 90 minutes definitely touched me deeply. I could not stop crying at the end, and I never cry at movies! I am slightly disappointed that [spoil]Trixie, Mr. Pricklepants, Buttercup, and Dolly, were given such little screen time. hopefully, we'll see more of them in the Toy Story shorts[/spoil]. Other than that, I really, really enjoyed it. and I have to say, my favorite part was when [spoil]they were all about to be sucked into the large fire with all the trash. and they all join hands, that was so bittersweet. :3[/spoil] I also really don't think there is that much stuff that makes it like Toy Story 2. I will agree that the villain concept is slightly familiar. But, I mean, just because the climaxes of both films include [spoil]convener belts[/spoil] doesn't mean that they're anything alike.
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Postby CartoonBoy » Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:49 pm

Lots of noise has been made about John Morris, voice of Andy, returning.

LESS has been said about the original voice of Sid Philips, Erik Von Detten, also returning as Sid in Toy Story 3. Still wearing the same shirt, too!

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Postby Buzz&Woodyforever » Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:59 pm

I just saw it; just give me sometime to get my thoughts together and then I'll post my review.
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Postby JohnBK34 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:41 pm

I really loved this movie! There were some scenes where it wasn't very Toy Story-ish, though, but still I loved it!

[spoil]Who knew that Lotso would be the villain?! I didn't![/spoil]
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Postby Buzz&Woodyforever » Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:51 pm

JohnBK34 wrote:I really loved this movie! There were some scenes where it wasn't very Toy Story-ish though, but still I loved it!

[spoil]Who knew that Lotso would be the villain?! I didn't![/spoil]

[spoil]A Lego set showed Lotso controlling the trash compactor, so it's been known for a while.[/spoil]
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Postby YouUnculturedSwine » Fri Jun 18, 2010 6:56 pm

It was terrific! The climatic struggle was so intense! [spoil]The only thing I didn't like was the way they were saved....it was a cool idea and all...but it seemed too perfect. Like the way it drops as soon as the light shines on them, you should've just seen the blue light searching, the claw grabs, misses, grabs and gets half of them, then gets the rest right before they fall. Just to make it a little more dramatic.[/spoil]
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Postby Pixfan » Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:18 pm

Just getting in from seeing the first showing this morning....going to try and refrain from any spoiling here...:wink:

First impression: Definitely didn't let me down, and worth a second watch..:-D)

Wow, it's kind of hard to be critical of the slight similarities because I kinda expected it in a sequel. Plus, it really just pulled out the nostalgia for me.

For those who say the overall feel isn't entirely the same as the Toy Story we've gotten used to, I appreciated that fact that they took a chance to push it a little further this time.

Overall, a sense of maturity is definitely something that can be felt throughout.
I can pick a bunch of favorite scenes here and there, but to cut things short I was pretty much satisfied from start to finish... 8)

Can't help but enjoy it!.....;-D

From a fan that waited eleven years to see it. :wink:

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Postby Chopperface » Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:31 pm

What can I say about this movie that isn't GLOWING?

Toy Story 3 not only lives up to its expectations. It soars to infinity and beyond past its expectations.

The movie is not paced too fast, but not too slow. It's absolutely genius storytelling, scripting, and voice acting. The animation has improved DRASTICALLY since Toy Story 2, and you can see it in the plush toys’ fur, the humans’ freckles, the absolute attention to detail in every single scene in the film, even the final conflict with literally thousands of objects in one place.

The whole cast turns out a spectacular performance. The best performances were from Tom Hanks, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles, Ned Beatty, and Kristen Schaal. It was also a nice touch to see Bud Luckey and Erik Von Detten. Jim Varney, Annie Potts, and Joe Ranft were all missed, but they were not forgotten.

You know, I’ve heard some people say they re-hashed ideas from Toy Story 2, such as [spoil]Lotso, his backstory, and a few other things, but let me tell you, Lotso is a completely different kind of evil than the Prospector, and by far more evil and cruel than every villain in Disney film history[/spoil].

As so many others have said, bring tissues. I thought since I semi-spoiled myself with the final act, I'd be ready.

I damn well wasn't. There was a lot more to the ending than whatever the anxious folks have read in junior novels, or heard from fans. I was completely unprepared for what the final confrontation held. The audience I was with, who had laughed throughout the film, was as quiet as a mouse, all with tears streaming down their faces. I sat next to an old man who must've been 70, and the poor man was weeping as well. My mouth was wide open, and my heart pounded, and I was just horrified.

[spoil]To see them come all this way, and last so long, for them to die in the incinerator room, which seriously looks like a portal to Hell itself… it broke my heart when Buzz looked at Jessie so sadly, and held her hand. Then all the other toys followed. Rex, Hamn, the Potato Heads, Jessie, Buzz, Bullseye, Slinky, and Woody… all of them, who had been so happy-go-lucky and innocent in all of Andy’s ownership of them, now were looking at each other solemnly, and held hands. They accepted their fate… and were ready to face oblivion together. I wept so hard to see their once-happy faces so sad, and facing death.

And then when they were rescued by the LGM’s… oh, I haven’t laughed, cried, and cheered all at once in my entire life like that.[/spoil]

There is so much more I could say about this film, but there’s just too much too be happy about.

My final verdict is that this soars above every film I have ever seen since the first two Toy Story films. It literally goes WAY beyond infinity. See it in IMAX 3-D – you won’t regret it. The IMAX literally puts you in the film, and believe me; you’ll want to be there for Andy’s toys at parts in the film.

It fills me with pride to say that this movie proves once and for all that Pixar can not ruin a film, or a sequel. This is by far the best Pixar film of all time, and I don’t think they’ll ever top this one. If Toy Story 3 had to be the final Pixar film, then so be it – it is a perfect masterpiece that will be cherished for generations, just as its predecessors were.

See this movie… it is the best film of all time in my opinion.
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Postby annarborjack » Fri Jun 18, 2010 7:48 pm

Toy Story 3 was... the best movie ever!
The story, the new characters, the comedy, the emotional scenes, were all great. The scene that made me cry wasn't the end. It was when [spoil]they were about to enter the fire and the land fill, and they look at each other and hold hands. I thought that was the end, and they were all going to die[/spoil]. The detail in that scene was great. You could [spoil]see the fear in their eyes[/spoil]. My favorite scene was the first scene. [spoil]Just seeing the toys acting like that, and seeing Andy's imagination, and how it was just like the first scene from the first Toy Story[/spoil]. Everything about this film was great, it was flawless. I liked the ending at lot. I won't say it, but it did bring closure and leave it open for Toy Story 4 at the same time!
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Postby karly05 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:20 pm

Man, this is tough - I'm still sorting through my first impressions. I'm gonna spoiler tag like mad here, so don't read if you haven't seen!

One big overall comment to begin with: This is NOT for little kids! [spoil]This feels to me like one of the most adult, if not the most adult, films in the Pixar canon. Not just because of the dark and scary bits, but an overall sense of melancholy, issues of life-and-death, even the humor seemed a bit more satirical/edgy.[/spoil]

I really need to see it again before I can rank it among the rest, but it came nowhere near replacing Up as my #1.

That's not to say I didn't like it. The opening sequence [spoil]with the train, is one of the most deliriously fun things Pixar has done. (The orphans made me laugh out loud).[/spoil]

Somewhere at Pixar are a character designer and an animator I would like to hug. I fell in love at first sight with [spoil]Bonnie. I don't know what it was about her, but at first sight, before we even know her name. I had read enough spoilers to know what this "Bonnie" character's ultimate role was, so I knew what was eventually coming, but I didn't even connect the dots until we heard her name the first time. She was such a fun, appealing character, and she was even cuter than Boo, and I didn't think I would ever say that![/spoil]

Count me in with the group that loved [spoil]Bonnie's toys and thought we didn't get enough of them. Oh, and I didn't mind losing Bo, because am I the only one who could see a possible future for Woody and Dolly? Bonnie Hunt is just always so appealing.[/spoil]

Ned Beatty was awesome. 'nuff said.

But my favorite thing about all of this: [spoil]Jessie and Buzz! Buzz and Jessie! El Buzzo and his Desert Flower! From the first little awkward banter about her squeezing in beside him, to the end credits dance - which was worth the entire price of admission all by itself - Oh, man, I liked them both individually, but I love them as a couple. And when he looks at her in the big scary climax and holds her hand - aaaaaa! At the risk of sounding like a goofy fangirl: "Buzz+Jessie4Eva".[/spoil]

I'm really eager to see what I think of TS3 after a second viewing.

One parting shot on the short, Day & Night: [spoil]This may be the first time I've ever actively disliked a Pixar short. I felt like, OK, this is an interesting graphic experiment, but I didn't really get into it from either an emotional (Partly Cloudy), or humorous (Presto), or both (One Man Band) standpoint. Then they totally ruined it with the preachiness. Good grief, just show us the story and let us draw our own conclusion, don't whomp us over the head with a lesson![/spoil] OK, off the soapbox now.

Oh, one more TS3 thing I forgot to mention: Funniest thing in the movie: [spoil]Mr. Tortilla Head![/spoil]
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Postby Dinoco » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:44 pm

[spoiler]The ONLY thing that is still bugging me in this perfect movie, though, is the fate of Andy's other toys. It was explained, but that didn't seem like enough. Some of the characters were really important, like Bo, RC and Wheezy.
Most of the time, we're given enough information about characters, like we can assume Sid took better care of his toys, and Prospecter stated he now enjoys playtime, but it's such a mystery what happened to Andy's toys.[/spoiler]
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Postby Tyler1995 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:59 pm

I agree with Dinoco. [spoiler]Bo and Wheezy were mentioned, and I don't even think anything was said about RC. Except for that it was perfect. The ending was really sad, especially when Andy was leaving Woody. The garbage scene was also very sad, and the scene ended perfectly. THE CLAW! Lotso was messed up in the head! I'm suprised I didn't realize the garbage guy was SID! The toys ended up with a female Andy, and that's great - but sad.[/spoiler]
I can't even think straight now. That's how good it was!
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Postby Rare Addict » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:11 pm

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again: Pixar has shown with their initial ten films that they haven’t the faintest clue how to make a bad movie. And yet, somehow, I always find myself feeling doubtful whenever a trailer for one of their new films is released. With Toy Story 3, I got the impression that it would be just another adventure with Woody and the gang for the sake of having one. So, with this, and a movie year that has been relatively lacking so far, would Toy Story 3 disappoint? The answer: absolutely not.

Probably the most surprising aspect about this film is that, even after eleven years since the release of Toy Story 2, the material that has made this series so enjoyable hasn’t been lost one bit here. All of the old characters are just as endearing as ever, if not more so, and all of the new ones feel right at home here. Ken (voiced by Michael Keaton) is especially hilarious, to the point where even the mention of him got me laughing.

To touch briefly on the visual front, the characters themselves are just as expressive as they’ve always been. However, like WALL-E, the world that they inhabit looks much more photorealistic this time around. Also, this is one of the few instances when the 3D aspect actually enhances the film. It’s by no means as crucial to the experience in the same way that it was for Avatar, but it gives the film a little extra something.

The action sequences, too, are spectacular. These are toys that we’re talking about, and somehow, Pixar’s managed to provide these scenes with one hell of a punch. Not much else to say about ‘em other than that the climax in particular feels as epic as anything from The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

What really puts Toy Story 3 above most films out there, though, is how it deals with the themes of loss and growing up. Even after getting to know these characters over the course of two films, I was still surprised by just how much I got sucked into their despair. Without giving anything away, there were two scenes that caused me to tear up, and even more that had me on the verge of doing so.

Toy Story 3 is not only a worthy conclusion to a fantastic trilogy, but also the one third installment (other than Return of the King) that I feel is better than its predecessors. For all of the reasons already mentioned and more, it’s one of the studio’s best entries. Sorry for doubting you, Pixar, even if it was just for a bit.

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Postby Indyfan4ever » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:30 pm

My friend and I did two video reviews. Here he is giving the non-spoiler review, and the second one is me talking about the movie with spoilers. All in all, Toy Story 3 is 5/5 stars! What a masterpiece! At the end of the video, we talk about our "Toy Story Mega Giveaway"...we are giving away some nice prizes!

Will post other video later!


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Postby StrawberryAvalanche96 » Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:48 pm

Is Ken a bad guy?

I haven't seen it, but my dad says we have a pretty good chance of going. We've been so busy, so we haven't had time to put in a date.

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