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The longest-running Pixar blog on the web.

The original Upcoming Pixar logo.

The original Upcoming Pixar logo.

Upcoming Pixar is a trusted and leading source for all the latest Pixar news; relating to its feature films, short films, the company, and more. Created in 2004, Upcoming Pixar remains to be the longest-running and one of the oldest Pixar fansites on the web.

The blog came into existence in November of 2004 as a hobby for creator Thomas Huxley. Very quickly, it had grown into a respectable news blog detailing all the latest from the Emeryville studio. By 2005 Upcoming Pixar had already established itself as one of the forefront blogs for Pixar news.

In October of 2007, Upcoming Pixar formed a partnership with the popular Pixar website, Pixar Planet – the largest Pixar community on the web. Details were finalized and announced in December of 2007 with an official launch on New Years Day. By joining Pixar PlanetUpcoming Pixar joined a network and became the trusted Pixar news source of nearly 5,000 members from around the world.

In the beginning of 2008, Martin Munoz continued the blog’s legacy as Huxley took on a much-needed behind the scenes role throughout the entirety of the Pixar Planet network, and as editor-in-chief.

After providing excellent coverage to the release of 4 Pixar films, Munoz bid Upcoming Pixar farewell in mid-2012, and welcomed Bryan Koelbel as the blog’s lead writer.

On August 2014, Koelbel handed over the reigns of Upcoming Pixar to Simoa Barros, who assumed the current position of Lead Writer and Editor.

On March 2015, in celebration of the blog’s 10th Anniversary and in anticipation for the release of Inside Out, Upcoming Pixar relaunched with a bold, fresh and modern design. The website relaunch also enabled optimisation and improved readability for tablets and mobile devices.

Today, the site maintains a dynamic presence among Pixar fans through the blog, its Twitter and Facebook accounts, and the Pixar Planet Network. Upcoming Pixar prides itself in its positive relationship with Pixar Animation Studios and The Walt Disney Company, although the blog is not officially affiliated with either entity.

Upcoming Pixar Staff

Simoa Barros (Elliefredricksen)
Lead Writer & Editor

Nia Alavezos (nalavezos)

Joanna Peaker 

Thomas Huxley (bawpcwpn)
Founder, Editor-in-Chief, Upcoming Pixar

Brandon Neeld (Dash)
Founder & CEO, Pixar Planet

Gabe Palomares (Phileas)
COO & CTO, Pixar Planet Network


Upcoming Pixar would like to acknowledge and thank its previous staff members:
Martin Munoz (martini833) – Lead Writer, 2008-2012
Bryan Koelbel (Bryko614) – Lead Writer, 2012-2014
Guido – European Correspondent
Rachel (rachelcakes1985) – Former Writer
PixarVixen – Former Writer
Mell_O_Drama – Previous Site Designer