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The Final Toy Story 4 trailer is here!

Toy Story 4, Trailer

Posted by Simoa • March 19, 2019

Wow. The latest trailer for Toy Story 4 is quite something. Humor is largely absent, unlike the previous ones we’ve seen. In fact, the overall tone of this trailer is dark and somewhat foreboding. The very subdued and shadowy lighting is mostly responsible, along with thematic hints of trouble. Woody and the rest of Andy’s toys all make an appearance, along with Bo Peep, Forky, and some creepy new additions.


The poster below clues us in to how prominent of a role each character will play. Woody, Buzz, Bo, and Forky are a given, along with Ducky and Bunny. But on the far left, we see three new additions. There’s a doll, named Gabby Gabby, and ventriloquist dummies.

UPDATE: Keanu Reeves’ mystery role has also been revealed. He’ll be lending his voice to Duke Caboom, a 1970s toy inspired by “Canada’s greatest stuntman.” He’s the little guy flying near the logo.


Sinister! I don’t like Gabby Gabby at all. And judging from her behavior in the trailer, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

As to the plot, Forky is introduced as Bonnie’s new toy, and he is resistant to his new identity.

“I was made for soup, salad, maybe chili, and then the trash!”

So Woody goes after him, and in his adventure to bring Forky back home, finds Bo Peep. And she scoffs at his dearly held beliefs about where toys rightfully belong – with children.

“Woody, who needs a kid’s room when you can have all of this…?”

This trailer is impressive, mostly because plenty of people were so underwhelmed with the first bit of previews. What I’m absolutely sure of is that this film will look gorgeous. And the vibe I’m getting from the story is one that’s wacky, dramatic, and emotional.

Josh Cooley has also let us know that the film clocks in at 89 minutes, the standard for most animated films. But if this trailer is any indication, the fourth installment to this beloved series will be anything but.

Toy Story 4 premieres on June 21st, 2019.

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New Toy Story 4 Trailer Set To Release Tomorrow

Toy Story 4, Trailer

Posted by Joanna • March 18, 2019

Good Morning America have revealed that a new Toy Story 4 trailer is going to be released tomorrow, presumably on their regularly scheduled morning air time.

This trailer news comes amidst a whole load of merchandise character reveals. Funko Pop have just shared their upcoming series of Toy Story figurines, and the DisInsider has provided us with a photo.

Here you can see some new characters that we’re already aware of: Ducky and Bunny, Forky, and we’re familiar with Combat Carl plus Combat Carl Jr. from “Toy Story Of Terror”. But who are Officer Giggle McDimples (?!), Gabby Gabby, and Duke Caboom? Those of you that are particularly observant may recognise Duke Caboom – he appeared as an easter egg in Incredibles 2 when we saw Jack-Jack in a crib with a suspicious-looking doll.

Look to the left of Jack-Jack!

With a trailer less than 24 hours away, we can only hope that a lot of our burning questions will be answered!

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A daring rescue, a carnival jaunt, and a hard choice…

Toy Story 4

Posted by Simoa • March 8, 2019

Yesterday’s Disney Shareholders meeting revealed some new details for Pixar’s upcoming Toy Story 4. The film has already generated lots of excitement for the reappearance of Bo Peep, also clad in pantaloons and a much more active heroine in the newest installment. Now we have more of a plot shaping around these old and new characters.

Woody has a decision to make: stay with Bonnie or stay with Bo. Is there a happy medium? Can Bo become a cherished new addition to Bonnie’s room? Or is she, like Forky, not content to be a toy the way Woody insists everyone to be? Toy Story 4 was originally described as a love story between Woody and Bo. Now it seems like that storyline is being further explored with a much more weighty angle.

While Woody has always been adamant that his place is with a kid, he’s also missed Bo Peep a great deal. One of the most subtly heart wrenching moments in Toy Story 3 is the sadness in his face and voice when Rex mentions her name. Could she upend his entire philosophy?

And then there’s Forky. He, like Buzz in the first movie, doesn’t want to be a toy, doesn’t even want to be sentient. How will his story play out here?

It’s remarkable that Pixar could create a whole universe from the simple concept that children wonder about or believe in: their toys coming to life. An expanding universe filled with beloved characters and thought provoking questions.

June 21st just can’t get here fast enough!

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An Oscar for a Dumpling

Bao, Domee Shi, Oscars

Posted by Simoa • February 25, 2019

Domee Shi is now an Oscar winner! At the Academy Awards last night, Shi won gold for “Bao” in the Best Animated Short category. She and producer Becky Neiman-Cobb took the stage to accept the award for Pixar’s sole win of the night. (Many congratulations to the cast and crew of Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse for winning Best Animated Feature!) There was also a sweet hug between Shi and fellow Pixarian/nominee, Trevor Jimenez before she made her way to the podium.

“To all of the nerdy girls out there who hide behind their sketchbooks, don’t be afraid to tell your stories to the world!”

Shi also thanked Pete Docter for believing in her weirdness and giving her a voice at the studio. This was definitely the most emotional part of the night for me. Becky Neiman-Cobb thanked her own bao at home, Lucy, who was born while the short was in production. Domee’s win is a huge leap forward for Pixar’s efforts to be more inclusive. They are walking the walk. Domee mentioned the other two woman directors of Pixar shorts backstage following her historic win.

“I’m happy to say I’m not the only female director at Pixar anymore.”

Hopefully this is only the first Oscar win for Domee Shi! Congratulations to her, Becky Neiman-Cobb, and the entire crew for their phenomenal work on this short film.


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