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Inside Out 2 News, and Theatrical Releases - Upcoming Pixar

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Inside Out 2 News, and Theatrical Releases

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The Upcoming Pixar blog has had a brief hiatus since Elemental released last summer, but we’re back at it again, and there’s a lot of exciting news to catch up on! Inside Out 2 is just months away from its release date, and for the first time ever, Pixar films that missed out on coming to the big screen during the pandemic are coming to (and currently in!) cinemas across the world.

Inside Out 2

Inside Out 2 is scheduled for release on 14 June 2024. Have a look at the latest teaser:

Inside Out 2, directed by Kelsey Mann, takes place just about a year after the events of the original Inside Out, and will see freshly teenage Riley having to learn how to cope with new emotions. Brand new emotion Anxiety will be played by Maya Hawke, and June Squibb has been cast as an as yet undisclosed character.

Anxiety (above) is portrayed as a bright orange, frazzled emotion with big, worried eyes. Other emotions will include: Ennui, Envy, and Embarrassment. Ah, the joys of being a young teenager.

Soul, Turning Red & Luca Come To Theatres!

Theatre release dates for these movies vary slightly worldwide. In the US, Soul came to cinemas for the first time ever from 12 January (originally released in 2020 straight to Disney+), Turning Red is out now (from 9 February), and Luca follows just a month later from 22 March.

UK release dates are just about a month behind: Turning Red from 9 February, Soul from 8 March, and Luca from 5 April. And you’d better believe I’m going to see them all, at least once.

Sketch by Kitbull director Rosanna Sullivan, posted on her Instagram page to celebrate the paired release of Turning Red and Kitbull.

What’s even more exciting is that each of these films is being released alongside a Pixar short! A fan favourite tradition – we’re hoping this means Pixar are going back to pairing their feature length movies with shorts again going forward. The pairings are as follows (two of which have only ever been available on Disney+):

Turning Red: Kitbull
Soul: Burrow
Luca: For the Birds

Personally, when I watched these Pixar films at home, I would make my own choice of short to watch beforehand. La Luna was my choice for Luca – both directed by Enrico Casarosa, it was wonderful to see similarities in the art style and how far he’d come since then. But For the Birds is a classic, directed by the late and brilliant Ralph Eggleston.

It must be so exciting for all these filmmakers to see their work finally come to theatres – all three of these movies felt like they would have looked magical on a cinema screen.

Other Pixar Releases To Look Forward To

Here’s a quick rundown of other dates to mark on your calendar and count down the days to:

Inside Out 2: 14 June 2024

Win Or Lose: Coming to Disney+ TBC 2024. Pixar’s first original 8 episode series. More announcements to come soon!

Elio: Pushed back to June 2025.

WIN OR LOSE, produced by David Lally, directed by Carrie Hobson and Michael Yates
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