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Lindsey Collins & Domee Shi Promoted At Pixar

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Variety revealed some exciting news yesterday: Pixar filmmakers Lindsey Collins and Domee Shi have been promoted to leadership roles.

Collins, who has previously produced a whole host of films and short films including Kitbull, Burrow, and Turning Red, will be promoted to senior vice president of development.

Shi, director of Turning Red and Bao, will be promoted to vice president of creative, essentially joining Pixar’s ‘Braintrust’ (although this nickname may be a bit of an artefact at this point).

It’s incredibly heartening that Pixar have gradually been making deliberate and thoughtful changes to their creative departments since 2018. You can already tell the diversity and range of storytelling has improved so much in the past 4 years. With Shi and Collins given more creative influence, imagine where we might be in 2026! There are so many directions the studio could take right now. Lightyear is the only upcoming movie that we know about, and Disney+ streaming could still have some untapped potential (although we’re all for the return to theatre releases).

Congratulations to these two exceptional filmmakers!

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