Maya Ved


Maya has been unabashedly in love with the animation medium. Maya's appreciation started in early childhood, helped in no small part by the feature films and shorts from Pixar Studios. Having enjoyed writing about the magic of the animated films’ art and stories, Maya is excited to share a different perspective at Upcoming Pixar.

Inside Pixar: Foundations Explores the Magic of Filmmaking

It’s time to visit Pixar Studios again! The next five episodes in the Inside Pixar docuseries, under the heading “Foundations,” have...

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Virtual Conference with 2021 Awards Season Directors

Last week, VIEW Conference hosted a discussion with six of the directors behind Pixar’s SparkShorts series. It, like other monthly...

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Inside Pixar – The Tour We All Need Right Now

Pixar fans have plenty to look forward to these days: a trailer for Luca; more information about Turning Red; details about new projects in...

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