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Pixar Character Size Comparison Chart! - Upcoming Pixar


Pixar Character Size Comparison Chart!


After opening the toy chest, seeing through the eyes of bugs and traveling to a world populated by monsters one has to wonder:

How do Pixar characters stack up to each other in size?

Graphic designer Juan Pablo Bravo attempts to answer this question with "100 Character Scales of Pixar", a chart that compares a slew of the studio’s best known personalities side-by-side. Yes, that includes characters from the shorts. The silhouettes are in chronological order and continue on through from Andre and Wally B. to Dug’s Special Mission. 

Critics, please remember that this is just the artist’s interpretation so inaccuracies are possible. It must be noted that some characters have been scaled up so that they’ll be visible. Nevertheless, he did a great job overall!

The graphic is rather large so make sure your computer can handle it before clicking here to see it.

Your thoughts? Any corrections you’d suggest?

Last modified: April 5, 2010