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Inside Out 2 New Trailer – Looking At The Details

Inside Out 2 Poster Trailer

Yay! đźš© The new Inside Out 2 trailer landed yesterday, now that we’re approaching 3 months until its theatrical release (June 14th). Have a look at the trailer below, and read on to see our deep dive into the details.

New Emotions

We’ve known for a while that the Inside Out sequel is going to feature new emotions, and now we’ve finally been given a good look at all of them!

  • Anxiety: Voiced by Maya Hawke
  • Envy: Voiced by Ayo Edebiri
  • Ennui: Voiced by Adèle Exarchopoulos
  • Embarrassment: Voiced by Paul Walter Hauser

Envy may be my favourite out of the bunch – it’s fun seeing the design features matching the emotion, and Envy having massive absolutely fits that trait.

In the poster, you can see the emotions being crammed into a tight space, hinting that Riley’s mind is going to be (literally) full of emotion. Anxiety is clearly taking centre-stage in the trailer, which I’m sure many of us can relate to when we think back to our teen years.

An interesting ‘plothole’ that Pixar fans have been picking up on is: why would Riley’s parents’ minds now have these new emotions in the original movie if they had been there all along? Our answer to this is twofold. 1. Let’s trust Pixar’s clever storytelling to tie up those loose ends, and 2. All these emotions seem to be tied to puberty in some way. Hopefully by the end of the movie, there’s a resolution involving making sure these emotions never have control of ‘headquarters’, but still have an important part to play elsewhere.

Returning Characters

In addition to Joy, Disgust, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and the Anderson family, it looks like we’ll also be seeing the return of those silly blob guys, including the beloved Subconscious Guard Dave. There are still some unknown new characters though, with voices including June Squibb and Flea.

The Scenery and other details

The scenery in this trailer is impressive! Inside Out was a beautiful movie, but the sequel has really set a new standard. The new locations inside Riley’s mind are going to be so exciting to explore, and it’s great to see the humour is still there with the “sar-chasm”.

Look at that awe-inspiring shot! Is Riley’s mind getting more complex and interlinked as she gets older? And that looks like a combined Joy/Disgust memory floating there, meaning that the combined memories discovered in the first movie must be part of everyday life now.

We’re also impressed by the real world shots too. Riley looks older, but not dramatically different. She’s a young teen with imperfections, but the imperfections look…beautiful?? It’s so good to see things like this in newer animated movies. Just look at the two stills below: look how natural her embarrassed blush looks.

And finally…look how silly Fear’s pen is.

We can’t wait for June 14th! Let us know if you spot any other little details in the trailer.

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