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Elemental Inside Out 2 Round-Ups Turning Red

It’s been way too long since our last round-up, but come on, gather round for this latest installment. January is drawing to a close and we look forward to what Pixar has in store for the rest of 2023, but here’s some news items that might’ve flown under your radar.

Visionary Domee Shi

In a new interview from earlier this month with IndieWire, Shi offers lots of new insight into Oscar nominated Turning Red. We know all about the film’s trademark “chunky cute” style, but there’s also a detail that requires a keen eye. “If you look closely at our sets, there isn’t a single wall or beam that has a perfectly straight line. We have artists adding nicks to the corners. It’s a tactile world that these characters are living in.” No matter how many ideas and themes may be present in a Pixar movie, there is still an astounding attention to detail. I’ll definitely be paying attention to those lines on my next watch of the movie! Domee Shi also mentioned her next film, another personal story drawing on her Chinese roots. “I’m just following what I’m excited about and what I haven’t seen yet in feature animation in the West.”

Check out another insightful interview with Shi at Business Insider, where she discusses the passionate environment at Pixar and how she mentors new directors. An excellent storyboard for Turning Red by Kevin O’Brien is pictured below.

Inside Out 2 cast update

The sequel is directed by Kelsey Mann (story artist on The Good Dinosaur, among others) and will head to theaters next June. But one of the original cast members will not be returning. Mindy Kaling, the voice of Disgust, stated that she isn’t involved in the upcoming film. We don’t know yet how this change in casting will impact the film, but fingers crossed that Disgust isn’t getting pushed out of Headquarters!

New Pixar show at Disneyland Paris

Named after the end credits song in Toy Story 3, Pixar: We Belong Together will make its debut at Disneyland Paris later this summer. For more details, visit Attractions Magazine.

Soul in Harlem

Harlem’s National Jazz Museum will soon present an exhibit dedicated to Pixar’s Soul. Opening February 10th, The Soul of Jazz: An American Adventure features character maquettes from the film, along with instruments that include legendary Duke Ellington’s white piano. The exhibit’s journey began in Disney World’s Epcot Pavilion and has since traveled to other cities. For more details, visit Times Square Chronicles.

Breathing life and empathy into Pixar films

Kim Hye Sook discovered a love of drawing as a child living in South Korea’s countryside. The Lightyear animator’s past credits include Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse and she is currently working on Elemental. Read this illuminating interview with The Korea Times on how she strives for compassion in her work.

New Elemental still

It’s only a matter of time before the promo for Elemental kicks into high gear. But in this quiet period, we have an absolutely gorgeous still that was unveiled courtesy of EW last month. I’m in love with the vibrancy, how textured and alive even the background looks and feels. I’m anticipating the film’s wonderful world of color so much more now.

And an extra special treat: the official video for 4*TOWN’s “1 True Love!” A brilliant 2D mini masterpiece that makes even greater use of the sparkly anime eyes.

Last modified: January 31, 2023

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