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Toy Story 5 In Development

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A sequel in the Toy Story series has been confirmed to be in development by Disney chief executive Bob Iger in an earnings call yesterday.

Bob Iger explained how Disney are “leaning into unrivalled brands and franchises” by working on sequels for Toy Story, Frozen, and Zootopia.

This is a surprising way to receive news of a new Pixar movie in the works: so far the only upcoming projects that have been named and slated with a release date are Elemental (this June), Elio (March 2024), and Inside Out 2 (June 2024). This Toy Story news has come so early, that every bit of information needs to be considered carefully, especially since it’ll be very early in production still. But it appears to be confirmed! Both by Bob Iger, and by Tim Allen’s tweet in which he uses an incredibly grainy image of Buzz Lightyear.

It’s important to note that Bob Iger only said a Toy Story sequel is in development. It can’t be said for sure that this means Toy Story 5. We can’t rule out the possibility that it’s an addition to the franchise in a different way (like a prequel, or a Lightyear instalment. Who knows!). Even if it’s being referred to as Toy Story 5, this could easily just be a working title at this stage.

Or maybe we’re just telling ourselves that because the thought of a Toy Story 5 is honestly a bit daunting.

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