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Thomas Newman Is Scoring ‘Elemental’

Elemental Round-Ups

Welcome to another quick Woody’s round-up of news! With the surprising Toy Story 5 news revealed last week, news has been a little slower in other areas, but there’s a couple things to catch up on.

Elemental is being scored by Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman has previously written the scores for some especially beloved Pixar films: Finding Nemo, WALL·E and Finding Dory. He was originally going to score The Good Dinosaur too before its production schedule totally changed.

Newman’s scores are some of my favourites out of Pixar’s soundtracks. ‘Haiku‘ from Finding Nemo and ‘Define Dancing’ from WALL·E immediately come to mind. His pieces have such an ethereal feel to them, which should work perfectly in a film about elements come to life. We’re in for such a treat!

Dug Days episode ‘Carl’s Date’ delayed

The latest addition to the Dug Days spin-off series to Up, directed by Bob Peterson, was originally due to be released on February 10. Presumably this date was chosen to fit in with Valentine’s Day season, but we’re now on February 14 with no new episode yet. We’re happy to wait until it’s ready, and Carl feels ready too!

There was some (ever ridiculous) social media backlash about the plot of the episode, which will follow Carl going on his first date since Ellie’s death. There are of course many directions this could take, and it’s bound to end up being heart-warming and lovely. But here is director Bob Peterson’s take on the situation regardless:

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