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Hidden Details In First Elio Trailer - Upcoming Pixar

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Hidden Details In First Elio Trailer

Elio News Trailer

It’s an exciting time to be a Pixar fan! Elemental is out tomorrow in the US, and this week we even got the first trailer for the studio’s next movie: Elio.

Elio is being directed by Adrian Molina (co-director of Coco) and produced by Mary Alice Drumm (associate producer of Coco). Watch the trailer below, and keep reading for a quick dive into some of the hidden details you might have missed.

Elio will follow the titular 11 year-old Elio’s story as he accidentally finds himself becoming ambassador for Earth in a united alien community.

First off: we can all agree that this trailer is stunning. It’s still sometimes a bit mind-boggling to think that 3D-animated feature length films didn’t even exist 30 years ago. And now look what’s possible! The visuals are absolutely beautiful.

The lighting is also very impressive as always.

New Characters

We don’t have a whole load of details on the characters of Elio yet, but the subtitles from the trailer have given us some names. Elio is going to be voiced by Yonas Kibreab, and his mom Olga Solis will be voiced by America Ferrera.

This is Ambassador Questa, voiced by Jameela Jamil.
This cute little guy seems to be called Ooooo (I wonder if the five ‘o’s is important).

And other alien ambassadors are called: Ambassador Turais, Ambassador Helix, and then Ambassador Grigon who we know is voiced by Brad Garrett. Brad Garrett has voiced lots of great Pixar characters over the years, including: Dim from A Bug’s Life, Bloat in Finding Nemo, and Gusteau in Ratatouille. What a range!

Ambassador Grigon, voiced by Brad Garrett.

Burrow Reference

Elio takes a sneaky pic of this strange new world he’s found himself in, but did anyone else notice his phone case is quite familiar? That’s because it’s a reference to Pixar’s 2D short Burrow, written and directed by Madeline Sharafian. It’s been confirmed by the director herself!

This isn’t even the first time Burrow has cropped up in a feature length Pixar movie. Turning Red had plenty Burrow bunnies – on posters, and in the movie itself.

Multiple Worlds

It looks like Elio isn’t just on an alien planet: he’s in some massive gathering of multiple different alien species – the United Advanced Species of the Universe. If you look closely at the wider shots, you’ll see there are lots of civilisations with different gravitational fields. I wonder how many different worlds Elio will get to visit as Ambassador for Earth?

Elio’s release date is currently slated for March 1, 2024.

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