As you may know, Pixar Planet is run on the goodwill, time and effort of a few of the members. Running this site includes domain registration and web hosting, and these cost us money.

As such, we ask if you feel you get something from any of our sites (Pixar Planet Forums, Radio Pixar, Upcoming Pixar), to please donate to us through the link below.

Our current hosting costs are roughly $10USD a month in hosting, plus we have had some issues with podOmatic recently for hosting Radio Pixar and as such we have purchased some more hosting for around $20USD. Even if you can only donate a few dollars, every little bit counts.

Pixar Planet is a not-for-profit site and as such, all donations will be strictly used for running costs.

Legally, however, we do require you to be 18.

In reward, you will be given access to the special Donators Bar forum, where we will run special competitions and prize giveaways to members. You will also proudly display the donators badge under your username and you can choose a special title to go under your username.

Just click this link to donate through PayPal. Once you have donated, please PM me with details of your transaction and also with what you would like your special title to be and I’ll add you to the donators usergroup.

Thank you for your generosity, and we really do appreciate it.

P.S. If anyone is willing to make an icon for the group, I’d be very appreciative of your help, and will add you to the group for your special contribution. Please do make it match the other usergroup icons however. :slight_smile:

Is the benefits for life? Not that’s important, but that would be nice.

I’ll make a donation of a few dollars when I get the chance, probably this or next week (gotta hate issues with banks!). The work everyone pitches in at PP is excellent, so I’m happy to at least give a couple of bucks here and here.

I’ve just donated $5 because I know how much work you guys put into Pixar Planet. I’m sorry it’s not much, but my personal funds are a little low right now due to travelling and I’ll definitely donate again another time.

There’s no way on this Earth that Pixar Planet is going to go down on my watch. Expect some money, Thomas:wink:

– Mitch

A lot of work goes into the site and I appreciate it all so I just donated $5 as well… with more potentially to come in the future. :slight_smile:

Darn my being 13! Can my parents donate though? Or my older sibling?

Here’s a badge:

Thanks to those who have donated already. And yes the donator status is for life.

I also thank those who have donated already. You guys rock! =D

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m sure it would also be totally ok to be an anonymous donator, where you don’t have to get an icon and/or special title. So if you want to contribute quietly you can choose to do that, too. All personal details such as first and surnames would only be seen by Thomas, and no-one else, and would be kept private. Thanks very much to those who are going to donate - it sure is a lot easier on the hip pocket if we all chip in, than for just a couple of us members paying for it all, and it does add up. So again, thank you.

woody - If someone you know has a PayPal account, you could perhaps ask them if you could pay them in cash then they could donate via PayPal on your behalf. If you wanted to join the Donators group after that’s been done, you’d send a private message to bawpcwpn with the transaction details of whoever donated on your behalf, rather than your details.

Yes Rachel is correct. I will accept anonymous donations too. So I shall clarify here:

All donations will remain anonymous (seen by my eyes only), unless you wish to PM me with details of your transaction, upon which at your request, I can add you to the Donator’s group with all the benefits of such.

Thanks again for the donations everyone, you’ve been very generous.

What did you think of my badge?

I like the idea but think it’d be neat if it looked like the dollar sign was a shadow in the lamp light.

WALL•E: Apparently, they already have one. bawpcwcn is wearing a “Donator” group icon, if you haven’t already noticed.

little chef

He wasn’t when I said that :stuck_out_tongue:

I donated $20. :smiley:

Thanks a lot, Spunk Ransom. That was really nice of you. :slight_smile:

Just curious. I donated anonymously and then bawpcwpn give the ‘Donators’ badge but apparently I don’t want the badge (as donation to remain anonymous), so how will it goes? Thanks in advance.

Well you wouldn’t be a member in the donators usergroup but you would still have access to the donators forum. Then you could read the posts but not post as to remain anonymous.

Well, thanks for clarifying that bawpcwpn. :wink: