Episode #12: "Up, Up, and Away!"

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*** SPOILER ALERT *** We’ve done our best to avoid revealing spoilers in this episode for people living outside the US who haven’t yet seen Up or Partly Cloudy. If you’ve got a general idea of what Up is about and have watched the trailers and such, then most of the show is pretty spoiler-free, but we make no guarantees, because we don’t know how much you know about Up. If you haven’t seen it, just hold off on listening to the roundtable section (which goes for 20 mins) until afterwards. The guys don’t give away the ending or too many plot points, of course, but they do talk about a few things. Make sure to remember to go back and listen to the roundtable after you’ve seen the movie, though. There’s also some music from the Up soundtrack running under a few segments. Otherwise the episode should be fairly ok…

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Rachel - Radio Pixar Director and Host
Michael (The Star Swordsman) - Co-Host
Geoff (Geoff CB) - Radio Pixar Staff
Chris (The Pixarian) - Radio Pixar Staff
Thomas (bawpcwpn) - Producer
Brad (Brad) - Editor

In this Episode:
• Pixar News
• Pixar Planet news and birthdays
• Song request
Up roundtable
• Forum Talk
• International release dates for Up
• Thread + Fan Creation of the Episode
• Trivia question and answer

More detailed shownotes for Episode 12 can be found here.

Thread of the Episode:
What do your family and friends think?’ by lizardgirl

Fan Creation of the Episode:
Wall-E Ring’ by Artsy Girl

Other Links:
Upcoming Pixar Reviews Up!
Partly Cloudy on iTunes
Dug’s Special Mission: Up DVD/Blu-ray Exclusive Short news
Pixar Planet/Radio Pixar’s twitter account
IMDb’s release dates list for Up

Funny, when I follow the link to the Radio Pixar page at the website it lists Episode #11 and lists a mere summary of #12. :confused:

Ah, like I said in the edit, that’s because iTunes doesn’t have the RSS feed to pick up on yet and update the embedded player on the site, because I don’t know how to update the feed. But in the meantime you can download both the MP3 and AAC files of Episode 12 manually from the radiopixar.com server (see links above). :wink:

I never did a podcast before…hopefully i’ll get better over time! The rest of the show was great.

rachel - Oh, yes, yes, I see that edit now. It must have passed my eye the first time through. Silly me. :wink:

Oh my gosh, I’m a sucker for online radio programs. I’ve listened to some live, and its always been fun. I’ll download this and listen right away. :smiley:

The RSS feeds should be up now, and Episode 12 should be available for your listening pleasure on iTunes. I’m having trouble getting the time to show up, but other than that it should be ok. If you have any troubles listening to it, let me know. =)

If you’re wondering what music was used in in this episode, there’s now a tracklisting on the shownotes page. I’ll try to get to the tracklistings for eps 9 - 11 soon.

I’m in two minds about listening to this one simply because I really know very, very little about Up and I want to keep it that way. Even listening to parts of the score is something I’ve been trying to avoid and I haven’t seen any trailers or anything until the first one came out, so after than I decided to keep myself in the dark. I know you say there’s not too much information, Rachel, but I’m being really pedantic about knowing as little about Up as possible until I go and see it. Should I listen or shouldn’t I? I can’t decide! :laughing:

Oh my goodness! I was quoted! I never thought I would say something that would be important enough to ever be quoted! Great show everybody!

lizardgirl - Oh gee. I’m going to have to try hard to give you an unbiased answer, ‘cause I really like your reviews of the episodes, heheh. Well, the background music is quiet most of the time, and if you only listen to the show once and not over and over, by the time you watch Up you should be able to watch it with a clean slate. In the forum talk and news we don’t give away any major spoilers, from what I remember. Mainly just talking about how the movie was received and members’ (non-spoilerific) opinions on it, as well as crowd reports. I haven’t seen the film, so don’t really mention anything you wouldn’t have seen from the trailers. The only thing you should definitely avoid is the roundtable which starts at 35:18 and finishes at 55:03. Everything except for the roundtable is spoiler-free for the most part, but I don’t make any guarantees… you could always just listen to the show, but keep your mouse on the pause button. :wink:

woody - Thanks a lot! Glad you liked being quoted. =)

Okay Rachel, that sounds fine. I’m downloading it now, so I’ll write my review as I start to listen to it. :smiley:

Oh, and as a side note, I was wondering if you got my IM? Thanks.

Great show, guys! The only thing that bothered me was the trivia question…it might be good to mention that anything from the short films is fair game as well, 'cuz all I thought about was the full-length features.

Other than that, it was great to hear about all of the reviews and positive praise for Up!

Well, we thought that the Pixar trivia should cover everything about the studio, including the short films, and in the future you can expect trivia about the studio and the Pixarians themselves, so make sure to brush up on your Pixar knowledge, as TSS says. :wink: Thanks for the feedback, PadawanLinea.

Thanks, LG. I’m looking forward to what you have to say about the show. And yes, I just responded to your PM, thanks! :smiley:

Okay, listening to it now as I watch this year’s Wimbledon (go Sharapova!)…

First impressions are that sound quality-wise, this episode seems to be the best yet. Everything sounds nice and clear and very professional. You’re getting better and better every time in your presentation, Rachel, and you’re sounding lovely in this episode.

Ooh, that was a difficult trivia question, TSS! I’m guessing wildly here. :laughing: Cool idea to use a sound clip in the trivia question, it adds a bit of variety instead of having the same question and answer layout every week. And once again TSS, a fun and light style of presenting that’s always a pleasure to listen to.

I didn’t realise just how successful Up was on the opening weekend in the US! And I hadn’t been keeping up to date with its progress on Rotten Tomatoes, so I’m pleased it’s stayed in the high nineties. Though, correct me if I’m wrong, but at one point you say that Pixar’s ratings on Rotten Tomatoes rank from A Bug’s Life which got ninety one percent, but I thought Cars got lower than that, in the seventies? Only a little thing anyway.

I agree, I love the little short films that continue on from the main feature. And I’m a cat person too, Rachel. :laughing:

Yeah, I’m tempted to download Partly Cloudy too…But hopefully holding it out and seeing it in the cinema will be worth the wait.

That’s cool to include chat about upcoming Pixar games. Definitely covering all aspects of Pixar here! Toy Story Mania sounds interesting, I didn’t realise it was based on a ride.

It was nice hearing the non-spoilerific member reviews. They’re making me desperate to see Up now! :laughing:

I’m surprised to hear about just how much people have reacted to Up in the cinemas. The idea of a round of applause at the end of the film seems strange to me, but it must be so nice to be watching a film within such a positive atmosphere.

A nice selection of threads for the Forum Talk section, definitely. I’m pleased there was talk about the Up soundtrack not being released on CD, as it’s such a shame and it’s disappointed so many people. And miafka made a really good point about how difficult it is to actually find the Up soundtrack due to how short and simple the title is.

Thanks for featuring my thread, that’s much appreciated.

Obviously I’ve skipped the rountable but I’ll listen to it once I’ve seen Up.

Good idea to have the release dates of Up for around the world, perfect for Pixar fans who have been wondering when it’s going to come out where they are.

Oh, so that’s where the sound clip was from! Very difficult indeed, but I had fun trying to guess. Too difficult? Hmm…Perhaps a little, but it was still fun nonetheless.

Once again, Rachel, you were a brilliant host and very enjoyable to listen to, and you work really well with TSS- I enjoy the bit of banter you have and conversation flows so smoothly between the two of you. Great work guys, and well done to everyone who contributed to this episode! :smiley:


I’ve really enjoyed the podcast since you took it over. I only have one suggestion after listening to the last couple of episodes. The sound quality from your microphone is not very good when it is compared to the other presenters on the show. You may want to look into changing your microphone settings or getting a new microphone for these recordings.

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to number 13. :smiley:

Bowling Green, Ohio

“Get your thinking caps on!”

Ha. I love that. This one was hard, but as lizardgirl said, “it adds a bit of variety instead of having the same question and answer layout every week”.

iTunes is the ‘Big Daddy’ :laughing: Won’t argue with that, that’s how I found RadioPixar and PixarPlanet :smiley:

Congrats to Pixar for getting 10 for 10 on all of their movies, and having the #1 movie of the year! Ugsh! You guys are making me itch for the DVD when talking about supposed extras and the short.

(Rachel: A Cat fan and Mario fan, you fit my definition of awesomeness)

UP reviews: Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I remember walking by a guy who said [spoil]“Yeah, the villain died, but Disney villains always die.” [/spoil]I wanted to go up to him (haha, not punny) and correct him on the Disney part, but I controlled myself. And as for the shhing, we had two little 3-4 year olds in the same theater we were in, and they were talking throughout the entire beginning and montage (this was my 5th time seeing it by now :blush:) but they did not talk while [spoil]Carl and Russel were eating with Muntz. And when they showed Kevin when they were in Muntz’ balloon, they yelled “KEVIN!”[/spoil]

Soundtrack: :confused: Disappointing isn’t it. No physical copy tear Although, the way you describe the iTunes version of the soundtrack makes me want to return the Amazon version and get the iTunes. I also think they’re charging more for the digital version then they would a physical CD. Oh, and with Amazon, you have the pain of going to download their lame program just to download the CD, it won’t download to your default player -.-

Wall-E Ring: Super cute. Adorable.

Carl Goes Up: The last minute or so of the song always makes my stomach drop it’s so beautiful. I have the soundtrack, and have heard the song many many times, and I still gawk at the beauty of the music.

Good show guys. I enjoyed it.

(By the way, whenever I listen to the Finding Nemo soundtrack, I always think of Radio Pixar. I feel like the show is about to start. :stuck_out_tongue:)

lizardgirl - Woah, another detailed review. We’re really lucky to have such a dedicated listener who gives such thorough feedback. Cars only got 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, huh? I didn’t know that… my disinterested in Cars has come through on another episode of the show. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for all your other comments, I love reading them. <img src=“{SMILIES_PATH}/love2.gif” alt=“:loves:” title="In

Love" />

ssmetzer - Hello! Thanks for the critique of the show. I’ll try to get a new microphone soon, especially as the Host should really have the best audio quality. Well, everyone should, but you know. Hope you keep listening to the show. :smiley:

thewisecookiesheet - Thanks for your review! You found PP and RP through iTunes? Cool! Glad to know my campaign to make listeners more aware of the forums is working - 'cause anyone who listens to Radio Pixar is sure to like the forums. Heheh, yeah me too. Whenever I hear “Lava in the Afternoon” I think of the disclaimer segment at the very end. Anyway, thanks for much for your feedback, cookie. =)

Ha! Thanks. I get that a lot. ;-p

Just finished listening to the episode. Great job guys!

Thanks, TheIncredible - glad you liked Episode 12. =)

Well… I’ve finally taken the plunge and whilst walking around earlier…

TSS could you have thought of a more difficult clip? I sat rather confused with my girlfriend suggesting sequences from Toy Story whilst I sat perplexed with her comments!

Nice mention of the games… I already knew about the details around Toy Story mania: The game and how it will be a Wii exclusive and with that will actually include new and “game” only stages that do not feature in the Disney California Adventure attraction! But then being surrounded with gamers could be a reason! Research is now looking into the New Cars game!

With the mention of the international releases, it was perfect… and really got the temperature boiling seeing how late the United Kingdom are getting Up!

Now starting to plunge back into the achieve to pick up some more… the itunes subscription is complete and I eagerly await your next episode! And you’ve brought me back upto date with what I seem to have missed over the past 2 months due to teaching practice!