Fighting with Myself... (Incredibles)

How would you feel about this becoming an real part of Violet’s character?

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As some of you may have heard me say, I do indeed have a fanfiction about Violet having anorexia. Though this is not the actually full-length fic, I thought it was worth sharing, because it is coming from Violet’s eyes. This was a follow up to this picture I posted previously. I had such an enormous (for me) reaction to this on DA, I needed to post this one. I also drew this picture, which spawned it. And the reaction I’ve had to the first picture on DA gave me the drive to write a free verse poem I’ve been wanting to write for a while.

Anorexia is a tragic disease. But it goes much deeper than most people know. Most of the time, it actually goes back to not being allowed control in life. So the person grasps onto the only thing they feel they can control: their weight. People who suffer from anorexia feel overweight, even if they are severely underweight. I’ve seen that they are usually aware of their disorder, unlike a drug addicted person. And they might not even like being skinny. Loosing weight and starving themselves is just a compulsion. And just because someone has anorexia, doesn’t mean they hate food. It just means they are afraid of gaining weight. They’re afraid of losing love. OCD like behaviors also often accompany anorexia, but they’re usually food centered. And it’s not something you’re ever truly cured of. But it can get better. Like a drug addiction, it must be taken one day at a time. And, if an honest effort is made, it WILL get better.

People with anorexia are not freaks! They have a disease, just like diabetes, alcoholism, asthma, or cerebral palsy. They didn’t ask for it.

For those suffering from it, please, don’t give up. There are people out there who care. You do have a purpose, a reason to be here. There is something you were made for that only you can do. Don’t be afraid to ask for help; it’s not shameful, and you can’t do it alone. Please, you are worth so much more than you know. YOU ARE LOVED BY SOMEONE!!! I love you. Don’t let yourself go to wast; you are a gift! And (please don’t let this turn you off if you don’t believe in God), but God does love you, too.

Now, on to Violet’s take on all this (please note that her powers and super elements are not mentioned, because I felt it would’ve made it too unrelatable. This could be about a lot of people suffering with this disorder.):

[“…” is meant only to indent]

[size=150]Fighting with Myself… and Losing[/size]
by Violet Parr (Tiffany Grace Groff) please don’t steal!

I’m fine…
…Everything’s fine.
As far as everyone else is concerned,
…I’m fine.
I am just a kid,
…And I don’t have any real problems.
My parents didn’t just have another fight.
…School life isn’t hard.
I didn’t just doze off in Social Studies,
…Because I didn’t have the strengths to hold my head up.
I’m pale because I don’t get out much,
…The sun rarely touches my face.
I skipped lunch,
…Because I wasn’t hungry.
I’m thin because I always have been,
…Always will be…
As far…
…As everyone else is concerned…

As far as I’m concerned,
…It’s an internal war
That I don’t bother defending myself in anymore.
…I’m never going to win…

My head isn’t a place you want to live.
…So much going on at once,
Yet I can’t make sense of any of it.
…Things contradict themselves up there.
I’m supposed to love myself,
…Yet I’m also supposed to meet the standard of society.
I try to get good grades,
…And when I do I’m labeled “Nerd.”
“Take hold of your destiny!”
…Then, “Let me tell you how to do this…”
“Make some friends!”
…All of a sudden, “We’re moving again.”
“Get settled; be secure in your new home…”
…I don’t even get the chance to remember where the light switches are.
…That I’ve almost gotten used to.
I’m teased about my weight,
…Yet the next day they turn around and call me gangly.
I’m fat.
…I’m too thin to stand.
I’ve worked so hard to be beautiful,
…Yet I despise my own molding of my body.

It’ll never be good enough.
…I’m ugly.
I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror.
I feel fat.
But I’m so skinny, even I dislike it.
…But I still need to lose weight, however possible…
I hate feeling empty.
…I hate starving myself.
But I need to.
…I just need to…
All I want is to be beautiful…
…Is that so wrong?

I need control…
…Something that is mine,
Even if it hurts me.
…I choose to be skinny…
That’s my quest in life.
…And no one can take it away from me.
No one can control how much I eat and when.
…Only I can say that.
I’ve nothing better that I’m meant for,
…So why the heck not?
If my heart stops in my sleep,
…Chances are, no one will care.
So I’ll skip yet another meal…

When I do eat, it only hurts me.
…Every calorie, every carb…
After not eating for so long,
…You get used to being hungry.
If I eat, my tummy turns.
…It hurts to nourish myself.
Food tastes so good when it first hits my tongue.
…But not a second later,
I feel the guilt that makes me wanna spit it out.
…Constant thoughts, at the mere suggestion
Of meat, or bread, or anything like that.
…Thoughts of how I need to be beautiful.
I can’t go a day without those thoughts.
…Sometimes every minute,
I’m tortured by the echoes of
…My own brain fighting me.

No one knows…
…No one understands.

My own parents don’t even understand!
…The weighing, the counting, the sleepless nights…
How am I supposed
…To live another day like this?
But, it is just my normal.
…That is how I get by.
It’ll be okay,
…For just another day.
Just a miserable,
…Depressing day.

I am told there’s a God who loves me.
…But I’ve doubts He even exists.
How could He have made me
…Just to suffer in agony like this?
Still, if You are there, God,
…What must I do
To make you love me once again?

Will anyone, please, help me?
…I’m crying out silently for help.
Can’t you see it in my eyes?
…Or do you even have the time to glance?

Constructive crit. would be more than excellent on this. Please, good, bad, ugly-- share your thoughts! This is my first real fanfic posted!

How could you critisize this? It is just so good. I totally felt the pain and sadness that the poem conveys, it add a whole new level of realism to her character in my opinion. Of course I’m not promoting her being ill, but I like where you are going with this. Sometimes I don’t feel emotioons for a poem, but I definetly did for this one, and it would have been that way regardless if it was for Violet or not. Excellent job, Violet! :slight_smile:

Brilliant job! You described it so well, I felt very sad when reading it. You just described the emotions very well. Great job.

Thank you both so much :smiley: ! I really appreciate the comments. I’m glad this is strong emotionally. I wanted to pull on peoples heart strings, and try to get the reality of this disease more out in the open. It becomes too generalized, and it needs to be looked at in an accurate view if anyone ever wants to understand it. Hopefully, I captured it well. Thank you :slight_smile: !

Oh my…oh my…this is amazing! :astonished: So much tugging at heartstrings here. Makes me want to reach out more. :cry: I have never taken anorexia so seriously before because I didn’t know that much about it besides the starving self part. This is such an eye-opening poem. Amazing work, and good for you for spreading awareness and a message of “you are loved” through this. :slight_smile: Very touching.

Who says you have to be skinny in order to join in some things from society? Apparently, that there assumption is what causes most teens to suffer from this. (Okay…I’m a little bit skinny myself, but I’m still eating–and I’m lacking in some of the nutrients as far as I know, 'cause most of the time I just don’t eat right.) But I do know this, that if there is one little detail most of society, especially from back in the old days of a few decades ago and from where I read up on it, seemingly tend to forget: There is no such thing as “one type of skinny”.

Anyway, a great message with greater details. Such a nice way to spread word and raise awareness. (Speaking of which, there are many more problems out there in society besides this one described here, where such awareness really needs to spread out more–'cause if such a problem seems to persist without end, then a raise in awareness would be most urgent in such cases, yet trying to actually stop the problem is, in most cases, very difficult, partly due to either lack of interest of just plain laziness.)

Now that is something I wanted to clarify right here.


I’ve read this before Violet Parr when you messaged it to me, but it to me. But reading it again, it was a refreshing treat. I love it. It not only makes Vi releatable with the issues, but it also makes the reader empathize with her.