George and A.J.

There’s a brand new short film included ONLY with the iTunes release of Up. It’s done in color storyboards and it depicts the lives of the two Shady Oaks guys, George and A.J., as they deal with senior citizens who were “inspired” by Carl’s adventure.

It sounds funny, but Disney is really ripping people off by not including this on the DVD. The iTunes version is 15 dollars. >_<

Written and Directed by Josh Cooley
Executive Produced by Pete Docter and Jonas Rivera
Produced by Galyn Susman.
Jason Topolski plays George
A.J. Riebli III plays A.J.
Bob Peterson reprises his role as Dug
Peter Sohn is the voice of Russell
Steve Purcell is Carl (this makes me excited, I love Steve Purcell!)

I thought they were all done with that after Ratatouille. :frowning: The stores still have special dodads like the Best Buy Wall-E cube, but I was so hoping they were done with the specialty content for each store.

Haha, you mean so they can stop raking in money? I think not :wink: $15 dollars seems like quite a lot for just one short. And that is too bad its not included with the DVD…

Yeah, this is pretty dang irritating. Disney just can’t get enough of ripping off people can they? Pretty dang jacked up.

It think the $15 package comes with the two DVD shorts too, so maybe that’s why it’s so expensive.
Maybe this will show up on YouTube someday :frowning:

Anyone seen this YouTube yet?

The Pixar Facebook fan page just posted the short! :smiley:
Link If that doesn’t work then just Facebook for Pixar.

Hilarious! I actually liked that a whole lot better then Dug’s Special Mission. It gave me a Monty Python vibe for some reason.

Agreed! I was pretty much cracking up the whole time. Plus, it officially explained the whole “under the porch” thing. :smiley:

Just watched it, that stuff is AMAZING. Go watch it ASAP, it’s SO hilarious!

Oh my goodnes! XD That was too funny! Who’d think that Carl’s balloon stunt could inspire so many old folks! XD

That was great! Poor George and AJ… I love how this was created in 2D. Pixar should release more of their short films in 2D.

That was absolutely hilarious!! I loved it!! :smiley: I haven’t seen Dug’s Special Mission yet, but I really like the 2d, storyboard-ish rendering of this short. It skipped pretty much all the way through the video, so I’ll have to watch it through again and hopefully it won’t do that… stupid computer… :angry:

Anyhow, awesome video! [spoil]I loved how they had Peter Sohn as the voice of Russell at the end! :laughing:[/spoil]

little chef

[spoil]So THAT’S where Russell was! Oh dear. xD[/spoil]

Wow, that was HILARIOUS. I think I liked that one more than Dug’s Special Mission, to be perfectly honest. xD;

EDIT: Oh, also, [spoil]did you guys see the stuff on the news ticker?! xD [/spoil]

“Reporting of ‘flying house’ floods police phones… Local birthday parties suffer from citywide helium drought… contruction pile driving drives city insane… Entertainment News: Charles Muntz biopic in production… Carl Fredrickson charged with ‘assault with an elderly weapon’… Fredrickson’s sentence reduced due to senior discount… Report: South America just like America, but south… Study shows 80 is the new 30…”

The writer/director of the short, Josh Cooley, has a post on his blog about it. I’d recommend telling him personally how much you enjoyed it since… well, you don’t often get to do that really do you? Thank you internet! … nd-aj.html

Ha! That was great! I absolutely loved it! I like how [spoil]the van keeps getting hit with something, like with the oxygen tank :laughing: [/spoil] I loved it! The 2D is actually pretty cool! I really liked it!

Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! And the 2D style totally makes this. I loved [spoil]seeing Russell under the house, and recognizing Pete Sohn’s voice.[/spoil]

I saw the ticker - so [spoil]I wonder who would star in the Charles Muntz biopic?[/spoil] :wink:

I love Dug’s Special Mission, and I love this, too! Each works in its own way. I get the feeling Pixar could do a whole disc’s-worth of Up-related shorts (and I wish they would!).

I hear that karly, I just want them to keep churning out more and more Up content, that’d just be great. Ronnie Del Carmen said he’d be willing to work more on shorts, say if a petition or something got started, he mentioned in an interview he has a lot of ideas. I’d say we should go for it! :smiley:

Wow, awesome find, Bryko and Fett101! Thanks for the updates! :slight_smile:

I love the short film, although it would be nice to have it animated, I guess storyboard mode ain’t bad either, especially when the story carries over so wonderfully! I love the [spoil]ticker tape newsfeed, Russell hanging upside down beneath the stairs (though now I wonder how Dug did the same thing in the movie!), and Dug’s appearance at the end[/spoil].

Cool that Peter Sohn and Steve Purcell got voice roles too! And it’s sweet to hear a reprise of the [spoil]‘Spirit of Adventure’ theme[/spoil]. I’m just annoyed they didn’t include this on the DVD/Blu-Ray, and feel sorry for those who purchased the iTunes version solely for this short, as good and how much we want to support Pixar/Disney as it is. Ah well, at least we watched it through legal means.

Great work as usual, Pixar. :slight_smile:

Looks like this short is pretty sweet. I’ll have to remember to try and see it!

I love this short too! I especially love PIXAR 2-D animated features, and this one reminded me of Your Friend the Rat and the Toy Story Double Feature intro/intermission.