Make Your Own Outtakes: Ratatouille

Make funny outtakes. Winner gets the special home edition. :laughing:

Remy (Narrating): Ego threw down his pen…
(Linguini stoops over and picks it up, handing it back to Anton.)
Linguini: Uhh… You dropped your pen.
Ego: Hey! I was having a moment!

Django: Food is fuel.
Remy: I wouldn’t drink gas!
Mater: Yeah, have you seen these prices!?!
Remy: Mater, remember: Don’t interrupt while we’re filming.
Mater: Sorry. How’s Friday night fer ya?
Remy: (Checks planner) Yeah, that could work.
Mater: OK, soo… My place?
Remy: Yeah. Don’t you live in that garage in Radiator Springs?
Mater: No, now that John Lasseter has made me rich, I got a mansion!
Remy: Oh, cool! So who’s all coming Friday?
Mater: Oh, y’know, Flik, Dory, Buzz ‘n’ Woody, Sulley…
Brad Bird: Guys, focus! John! Get your creation out of mine! Eww… There’s John in my Brad!
Mater: Now why’d you say somethin’ like that?
Brad Bird: Mater, you’re awesome, but WOULD YA GET OUT OF MY FILM ALREADY!?!
(Mater leaves)
Django: So… Who’s this “Dory” girl?

Remy: Change is nature, dad. The part we can influence.
Django: Take your influenza somewhere else.

(Remy finds an easter egg on the “Ratatouille” DVD/Blu-Ray which features an extremely graphic deleted scene of Anton Ego and his bicycle accident.)
Remy: Gosh, I had no idea.

OK, the thrid one was kinda weak, but maybe you guys will have some funnier ones. :slight_smile:

That was so funny :laughing: I almost died of laughter :laugh: 8D

Good. But don’t really die. :laughing:
Thanks. I’ll watch “Ratatouille” again tonight and make some more.

In the Ratatouille DVD thread Shark Bait posted an article in which it said that there are already bloopers in the Blu-Ray version. Just Saying :smiley:

Tow Mater: Excellent idea. I really love the one about Gas and Mater. THe most hilarious one so far!

Here is one.

Linguini: It is like Rat, and Pa-too-tiee!
(spits in Skinner’s face)
Skinner: Linguini, that is the thirtieth time already!
Bird: Cut! Do it again!

martini- Uh, why are you quoting yourself? :laughing:

Tow Mater- This is a really cool idea! I can’t wait to see what people can make up of this. I love all the bloopers so far.:smiley: Have to think of some of my own… :stuck_out_tongue:

Lizardgirl- IDK why it’s like that, and try not to start your sentence with Uhhhhh, it makes me feel like your being rude, which im sure you’re not trying to be. :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s all good though :smiley:
Could you delete it for me please :slight_smile:

Hahaha :laughing: That made me laugh. I can almost picture it in my mind.

Remy finds an easter egg on the “Ratatouille” DVD/Blu-Ray which features an extremely graphic deleted scene of Anton Ego and his bicycle accident <— OMG rly? I have the bluray disc for that is it true it shows that : O!!

martini- Lol, I didn’t realise ‘uh’ was being rude- I was just sort of thinking as I typed; I thought it would sound less brash. :laughing:

Linguini: Let’s do this thing!
(Linguini slams doors open, and one abruptly falls off its hinges and topples on top of him.)
Linguini: Oww…

Well, its ok lizardgirl :smiley:
Anywyas back on topic:
I’ve got some of my own

Remy: This is me.
Flys into the camera and hits his head
Director: CUT!!! Where are the mats! I’m not paying for his medical bill!

Remy: What is that
Emile: I don’t really know
Well it tastes kind of like chocolate
Remy: Stick to the script, Emile!!!

Here is a trailer blooper.

Remy: What is that?
Emile: I don’t really know.
Remy: You don’t know, and your eating it.
Emile: Listen Remy, it might smell bad, but once you manage get into the inside of this thing, it isn’t that bad! I mean, it tastes like a rotten apple core, mixed with the. . .
Remy: runs out and throws up.
Bird: Emile! Please don’t gross us out! It’s just a prop!

Heheh, nice one The Star Swordsman. :laughing: I see you like to include Mr. Bird in you outtakes.

Thanks GD. And he is my favorite director you know.

Umm. Eheh. Well, the bloopers that my sister and I ravel out are rather…incomprehensible to the common individual. Our stuff is beyond hilarious in our humble opinions, although the stuff that we invent would probably make no sense whatsoever to you guys. :laughing:

Our goofy creations are pretty funny, though. We’ve gotten to the point where my sister chokes from laughing and I wet my pants… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahaha! Aha… :laughing:

– Mitch

Really now Mitch? Well, I am ready to laugh my own head off! I can’t wait to see it

Remember how in the teaser trailer you could hear lines from Remy, Emile, and Django in the blacked out screen? You know,
[Emile: Gotta rethink your life…
Django: He’s right, you know!
Remy: LET IT GO, DAD!!]

Well, here’s an alternate ending for the teaser during the title screens where you can’t see any of the characters.

Emile: Ugh, I feel kinda sick now…



xDDD!!! I can actually hear Remy screaming that. :laugh: 8D :laugh:

Reminds of when the apple in YFTR gets eaten away every now and then, when you can’t see Remy and Emile. I wonder who was eating it…unless both were…blegh.

RMSH, ha ha ha, that was really funny dude.

I got one…

its kinda lame…

Colette: sticks three kitchen knives into LInguini’s sleeve

Director: CUT!! Why do you think we got those five katanas for you?!


i know…

that was REALLY lame…