Since we have an abundance of fan video threads, I decided to create a section dedicated to fan videos!

This is where you can post your trailers, music videos, and even animation, but if you wish to share fan videos done by another person, please continue to post those in the appropriate Pixar film or short sub-forums.


Great idea PV! I was wondering when it was going to happen! Thanks for creating this new subforum.

Very good idea, PV!

Nice . Can’t wait to see what’s inside this sub-forum.

Genius idea, PV! I’ll definitely be using that.

Thanks for this, it seemed a little silly to keep posting them in the Fandom section without a sub-forum. Very good idea. :slight_smile:

Awesome a new board :open_mouth: and i was here at the time to see it i think

Great idea… thumbs up :mrgreen:

Yay! Awesome! Can someone please move my Lasseter vs. Katzenberg thread here?

Awesome! Great idea, PV! :slight_smile:


I had a feeling this would happen eventually. Looks like there are a few new places popping up here…

Just posted a Video of pixar on my blog check it out at my blog :smiley:

Hey Guitarlynn53, you can actually have a separate thread for your own videos, so you don’t have to post it amongst the others here. :wink:

The only times you need to post amongst other people is when you want to describe the current avatar/sig you’re wearing in the ‘Who’s got the best avatar?’/‘Who’s got the best sig’ thread. Otherwise, if you want to share your fan videos, fan graphics, or fan art, you can create your own unique threads in the boards so people can comment on them in your own threads. PM me if I sound confusing. :slight_smile:


Bryko’s Fan Art

Violet Parr’s Graphics

TSS’s Fan-Made Videos