Pixar Planet Movie Night

totoro, yeah, I kinda noticed that about 15 minutes after I posted, I looked at the Iron Giant poster next to my bed, and it says “Own it on Video and DVD!” Haha, I’m so thick. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I updated the first post, so look there for the times and movie votes. I’ll keep it updated fairly often, so you can check there for the times and what’s gonna be on. I haven’t decided when to end the vote yet, but probably around Thursday.

Oh, and check out the banner I made, I think it’s pretty snazzy!

Now I honestly don’t mind what movie we watch… (although a copy of the Iron Giant is not owned… mainly cause I didn’t enjoy it, and wasn’t interested on the story!)

I followed our online meeting with a watch of Ratatouille… and loved it… think I saw something which I’ve never seen before!

I would prefer to watch Toy Story 2 (over Iron Giant) but Would Love to see/Hear the comments, views and opinions on Ratatouille though!

Wow. I like the banner and the topic title change.

Makes it seem ‘official’. :smiley:

Kung Fu Panda for the win!

I’m sad that I had to miss the Monsters Inc. viewing! Oh well. I’ll definitely be in for the next one! I wouldn’t mind watching TS2. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it. The Iron Giant is a great movie, but I don’t own it… yet anyway.

Cool banner, ffdude1906. So that’s what you look like when you’re chatting with us, huh? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if this could ever be an official Pixar Planet production, but I’ll try to have a look over it as best as I can, and since I’ll be attending a few of these maybe I could be a representative of Pixar Planet as a moderator, or something, to make sure the behaviour of members is to the Pixar Planet standard. I’d suggest having a rule of no cursing or discussing any topic that you wouldn’t discuss on the forums (the limit here is PG-13), but otherwise the rules look good. Feel free to copy and paste information about Skype and such from the Fan Commentaries Rules thread.

Yup, that’s me alright! Thanks for the info regarding Skype, I’ll have to look at that. I totally understand about making this an official PP thing, I was just posting that to point out the possibility to in the future, as well as point out that it’s NOT run by PP. :wink:

Kung Fu Panda seems good, (dreamworks, but at least it’s them at their best) so if enough people have copies, I think we could do that.

I agree, Kung Fu Panda would also be cool.
It’s just about the only Dreamworks movie I’d pick, except maybe Over the Hedge, but Kung Fu Panda beats that one by a mile.

Kung Fu Panda is okay. I’m up for it (if I can get a copy)
I’ll ask around this week among my friends

Ok, so we’ve got a few options now. Since we’ve really only nominated films up to now, I’d like to know which of them you guys would prefer, instead of just saying it’s ok. It’ll be hard to decide without your guys’ input, I don’t wanna disappoint anyone. Just lemme know!

Toy Story 2:

Mainly as its the only one I have… and I love it!

I have both TS2 and Kung Fu Panda so either movie is fine with me. Would prefer to watch TS2 at the moment though.

I’d prefer Toy Story 2.

I vote for TS2. I haven’t seen it in a while. :sunglasses:

I’ll vote for TS2. Evil amnesia took my memories away…

…Is it too late to join in on this? It looks pretty cool. (I’m just a little confused tho…It says its on Saturday August 1st, but August 1st is a Sunday…)

The more, the merrier Goggles! All you need is Skype and we’d be happy to have you join us. :smiley:

Oh, August 1st is a Saturday.

Hooray! My skype is goggles303 (shocking, I know).

As for what movie…I’d have to say either TS2 or Iron Giant. Leaning towards TS2 since I haven’t seen it in forever.

(Also, I just realized my computer-clock is a day fast…)

I’m not sure if I may be busy this Saturday night, but you guys have fun! I watched it on F-T-A when one of the channels ran a Toy Story marathon last year, so I’ll pass up on this one. Tell the rest of us about your adventure, yeah? :slight_smile:

Won’t be able to make it to this one, heading on a trip. Hope you guys have fun!