Pre WALL-E Practice Commentaries

WALL·E - Do you mean you are free starting from 9pm until10pm? Is that correct? Are you still available between 6pm - 10pm on a Saturday? Yes, the short is only 5 minutes long but taking into consideration people turning up late, technical problems and the like, it’s always best to have more time than too little. I will try to see if that one hour of free time per day will match up with others, if it doesn’t you may have to do a separate practice.

FONY - Ok, thanks. Why would you have some trouble commentating on a movie? Is it because you wouldn’t have enough free time? Also, are you interested in commentating on WALL•E, or was it only A Bug’s Life that you wanted to do?

Make sure to go before the commentary starts. :wink: During the Toy Story commentary we had a break roughly halfway through recording where you can go off the computer to get a drink, something to eat, use the bathroom… if you really needed to go while we were talking, you can always flick on the mute button on your headset or mic (if it has one) and leave the commentary then return and join in the conversation again. I wouldn’t recommend announcing it to everyone, though, but there will be a Skype chat box open and you can type it there to let us know you’ve left.

Rachel: Yeah, possibly not enough free time unless I don’t take a class, which I probably won’t … I wanted to commentate on A Bug’s Life, but if this is only for WALL-E suddenly sees thread name then I’ll back out. I was just told I needed to do a practice before a feature film.

And that was just a curious question, lol! Just I’ve been drinking loads of water lately - I’ll remember not to before the commentary. :wink:

FONY - Ok. Depending on how hard it is for me to schedule the practice, I might leave you out of it and you can participate in a practice that will be done before A Bug’s Life. I don’t think the ABL feature fan commentary will be done for a few months yet, anyway. However, if you happen to be online during the time we record the pre-WALL•E practice, I don’t see why you couldn’t join in.

7-10 on a saturday, yes, starting at 9 (well i supopose depending on the day i could do 8:30) to 10.

Thanks for the clarification, WALL·E. =)

Anyone who wants to participate in the WALL•E commentaries this month must have done the following by this time:

  • Posted your Pixar commentary film rankings in this thread, if it isn’t there already.
  • Posted or PM’d me your schedule for the next two weeks.
  • Downloaded Skype and sent me your Skype username.

Then you will participate in a practice and then in the WALL•E commentary.

DoO and TS2, I haven’t received your schedules or Skype names and you haven’t posted your rankings yet. Please do so by the time above or you will not be able to participate in the WALL•E commentary that is happening month.

Rachel- My schedule is a bit messy at the moment, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m free anytime after 5pm on a weekday, and the same at the weekends. I usually work one day at the weekend and not the other day, but I only ever find out which day I’m working the week before. So I know that I’m working this Saturday but I’m not sure if I’m working Saturday or Sunday next weekend and the weekend after.

I’m having some problems with skype. I probably won’t be in on the commentary :`-( Sorry.

TS2 - What kind of problems are you having? Maybe I can help you solve them.

lizardgirl - Ok, got it. You’ve already done a practice, so it’s not compulsory for you to participate in these WALL•E practice sessions. :wink: You could if you wanted, and if you’re free at the time it is going to be, though. But thank you for your diligent response. After the practice has been completed, I’ll create a new thread(s) which will have the details of who is going to be in which group as well as an announcement to send me your schedules, and that’s when you can send me yours. Just keep an eye on the threads.

TS2 - Ok. Thanks for the update. When in doubt, just contact me and let me know what’s happening so I’m not wondering if you’re still interested. I hope you can get your Skype sorted out soon, with the help of Peter, so you can participate.

Rachel- Ah, I see, probably should’ve read the title of this thread before replying. :laughing: But thanks, glad to see that this is all being organised so well! Good on you for keeping on top of things. :smiley:

No more schedules or participants will be added to the WALL•E commentary if you have not done a practice in the past. We may record WALL•E again at the end of this year, so you will have to wait until then.

Actine and WALL·E would any of these times be ok…?

Monday February 9th
London - 8pm
Ukraine - 10pm

Tuesday February 10th
London - 8:30pm
Ukraine - 10:30pm

Saturday February 14
London - 8:30pm
Ukraine - 10:30pm

I was having trouble matching up both of your times because when WALL·E is just getting on the computer at night, Actine has to get off. I thought I’d put those times above up anyway. Please let me know which one of these is the most suitable ASAP, guys (if any.) Unless you two can stretch your times slightly earlier and later, it may not be possible for you to practice together.

WALL·E, is it possible for you to record early in the morning, from 9am or 10am onwards on either a Saturday or Sunday?

Also, I’ll have to catch you both on Skype sometime so I can transfer the NTSC copy of Presto to you before the practice.

valentine’s day is the best option.

i may be able to do early morning

i think i’ll be able to find the NTSC myself, but if I can’t ill let you know

Oh… all these do not fit me… My mum is working all day on Friday, and she’ll be very tired on Saturday. She’ll fall asleep and I do not want to disturb her.
Is it possible to do it on Sunday or Friday, the same time? If not, I won’t mind missing it if another time is not convenient for you.

Actine and WALL·E, how about these times…?

Friday 13th (!) February
London - 8:30pm
Ukraine - 10:30pm

Saturday 14th February
London - 11:30am
Ukraine - 1:30pm

Sunday 15th February
London - 10am
Ukraine - 12pm

(With the Sunday time I should be able to get on the computer two hours earlier or later. I’m pretty flexible with that time.)

Let me know soon, boys. Thanks. :slight_smile:

i should be able to sat/sun, possibly friday

Ok, well, I’ll log on at those three times - if either of you are available please log onto Skype, too. I’ve sent you a link to the NTSC version of Presto via a private message. Please download the video before the commentary session.

Actine - How’s your computer? Is it fixed yet? And what do you think of the updated times above?

Rachelcakes: yep, I have fixed it in almost no time.
What about the hours, I blame myself for not seeing this yesterday. I could stay home today (fri). I think I will be able to skype either on Sat or on Sun. Leave a post here or PM me when exactly.

So Actine, qxgnxamy and I ended up commenting on One Man Band as a practice instead of Presto because Actine enjoyed that short film more.

One Man Band practice - download link

I must warn that I was very tired when this was recorded (it was late at night), but overall it turned out ok, and it was fine for a practice. Actine, I liked how you expressed your amusement at Treble’s puppet and also your enthusiasm at One Man Band as your favourite short, is infectious. You did really well! Peter, nice job at explaining why Bass was your favourite character - you always give really well thought-out and fascinating responses in these commentaries. =)

Sorry I had to leave shortly afterwards, and especially as Paul was explaining the process of Pixar’s translations. I was SO tired, otherwise I would have continued chatting about Pixar with you both, had it been at any other time of the day.

EDIT: I’ve updated the file so it’s a lot clearer and the volume is louder. Thanks Peter!

it gives em a HTM file. Strange