Who has the best Signature?

I really like bright dot-dasher’s and little_chef_eva09’s avatar. I really like Mulan, I hope Disney releases it on blu ray sometime because the colors are amazing.

The Star Swordsman- Thanks :slight_smile: ! Not quite sure were I heard the phrase, but I thought it was appropriate. I’ll probably put a link to an MV in it soon. I just have to choose which one. Thanks!

bright dot-dasher- Thanks, BDD :slight_smile: ! Well, not quite sure were it comes from. But now that you say that, I think it was in The Princess Diaries. But I don’t think that’s where it originally comes from. Thanks for the compliment!

Violet: The text in the siggy sounds like something Vi’s dad would say to her.

Yeah, it kinda does, doesn’t it :stuck_out_tongue: ?

Well its been a while… An after a little bit of a flick around certain sigs have caught my attention, majority of which is for their content, creating some strange feelings and some which make me wonder

ffdude1906- Being a Brit Up obviously isn’t out over here… be that somewhat a sig that following October 16th I will understand?

Violet Parr - You’ve made me think, a liine so poinient I’m suprised it wasn’t used in the first Spiderman, its almost just like Uncle Ben’s “With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility”, I really like it.

thewisecookiesheet seems to be the great creator around here at the moment, with TSS and little chef both having attractive and in TSS’s case blistering sigs! I applaud you thewisecookiesheet for having the genius to do it and for kindly giving both TSS and little chef the opportunity to wear them!

Captain Pan’s got a chuckle out of me, although I may have to view the ads to ‘get’ the joke. Maybe a link could be provided? :wink: But nice job on the masking, geddit? ‘Masking’? Uh… :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know whether I’ve complimented little_chef’s sig before, but if I haven’t, I must say that I really like the tagline that went with it! thewisecookiesheet has done a great job (and has an increasing knack for making great graphics here. Looks like I have meself a friendly rival! :smiley:), I’m curious to know where the line was from (a poem, a song?). But yes, it matches the screenshot from the heartbreaking scene near the end of Wall-E.

I think I’ve heard Violet Parr’s quote before, but it’s very good saying. A lot of people seem to look up to Violet for her heroics, and I can understand that. She was shy and timid in the beginning, but her character arc was very powerful in the sense that she grew more confident of herself towards the end. But yeah, cool sig, Violet Parr!

On a similar note Gemini’s sig is really piquing my interest. Yes, I do believe in justice. One of my ‘dream jobs’ is to become a cop (although I absolutely suck at paintball). I guess it’s due to my upbringing with a strong moral compass (I don’t smoke, drink, heck, I’m even hesitant to jaywalk most of the times!). And yes, doing the right thing takes a lot of guts. I’m very curious what Gemini’s promo’s on about, so naturally I’m pretty excited for whatever it is. But judging from the character, I’d hazard a guess it involves Violet from the Incredibles in some way. :slight_smile:

And I must thank BDD for her request to make her a promo sig for her Coralion trailer mash-up! Sorry it took so long, but I’m glad you liked it! I’m in the middle of a commission for another member’s promo now, but I’ll accept requests if I’m up for it and not too busy with schoolwork or my own fanwork. Rest assured, once I promise to make you a sig, I’ll deliver on that (but you’ll have to remind me with a cattle prodder every once in a while :smiley:). Feel free to also pinch any of my graphics from the Pixar-Related and Non-Pixar Graphics Threads.

Anyway, I’m wearing my first Scrat x Scratte sig. I hope you can excuse the bad puns. :laughing:

You have made my day. Granted, it’s 11pm my time, but I just feel really good right now. Everyone is allowed to use sigs I make, and I take suggestions :smiley: Hehehe

A rival eh? Glad I could be some competition ;D Although, I do like your mashup trailers, and I watched your newest one a few hours ago. Was going to comment, but I lost my password :unamused:

And the quote? Maybe from a song, maybe a poem, I don’t know. I don’t even remember what I typed in Google to find the quote. :laughing:

I second that opinion towards your work thewisecookiesheet, you have some of the most top notch stuff here, hands down.

I need to work on some Up sigs, really bad. I might get around to that.

I already said this on the thread with all your sigs showcased on it, but that is one of the coolest signatures ever, thewisecookiesheet!!!

I need to work out a new Doc Hudson sig, but I don’t have much to work with. :frowning:

Ask and you shall receive TDIT
Various Specsavers Adverts- All of which include Specsavers Tag Line…
[url]Blackpool Specsavers Advert featuring Infusion - YouTube
[url]- YouTube
[url]Edith Piaf - specsavers advert.. i dont regret anything! - YouTube
[url]Should have gone to Specsavers - YouTube

Thanks to Captain Pan and thedriveintheatre for the compliments on my sig :slight_smile: !

Violet Parr: Where did you find that quote. I feel like I’ve heard it before, but I don’t know where. It is a good one.

And nice song that you have linked. Jordin Sparks is very talented.

Thanks :slight_smile: ! Don’t know where I heard the quote. I wish I could give credit to the person who wrote it, but alas, as famous as it seems to be, no one seems to know who wrote it. And, yes, Jordin Sparks is very talented, isn’t she :slight_smile: ?

Expect a siggy change with in the next 24 hours for me everyone.

Ooh, TSS, I got goosebumps! :smiley:

I was gonna make a few today, but watching the trailer made me cry; I’m having withdrawls already. There should be some coming soon,… :stuck_out_tongue:

How do you all like my siggy now? All thanks to TDIT for making it so extra special.

Hehe, you’re covered in Pixar ladies! You should feel lucky,…

Better get Ellie in there once you can!

I can’t ffdude1906 because UP wasn’t released on DVD when I finished my music video.

I like your new siggy, TSS. It’s nice to see Pixar’s female characters. Now we only need someone with the male characters 8D

Nice tribute to the female characters. I honestly didn’t expect this signature from you. And like Witch_of_Night said, we now need one for the males. Only problem, too many male characters!!! 8D