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Hello everybody! Here in Down Under, Halloween has came and gone without much event yesterday, but for our American friends (and other parts of the world), they are celebrating this spooky night of chills and thrills right now!

In honour of the festival that used to be the traditional Celtic New Year, The Drive-In Theatre is proud to present its inaugural collection of fan-made signatures, appropriately titled “Hallow’s EVE”!

These five sigs feature scenes of death, despair, and destruction from the Disney/Pixar blockbuster hit “WALL-E”. Feel free to try them on…just be sure to acknowledge the creator, or else you will feel the wrath of EVE’s laser… :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay tuned for more fan-made sigs and avatars in the future!

And remember… you don’t want to survive. You want to live. :smiling_imp:

Oooh, very clever! I am liking the theme thedriveintheatre. Very nice shots, and great captions to go with it as well.

I find the word “diagnostics” to be little hard to read. Other than that, everything looks great.

those are amazing! I love it! how did you get those shots?

Yay, you made a graphics thread. Those are great, Andre! Well done! I couldn’t think of any real Halloween scenes in WALL•E, but you have managed to do so. “EVE-IL” - ha-ha-ha! Hmm, she comes across as a bit evil at first, yeah! I actually lol’d myself at the “Heads will lol” one, because her head does come off in that scene. The “Everything burns” one is spooky indeed. Wow, all of them are really clever. =)

Can’t wait to see your future graphics (especially if they are WALL•E-related, but I don’t mind whatever you do next.)

Very Hallowe’eny, thedriveintheatre! I love the simple colours and fonts that you’ve used, and the ‘EVE-IL’ one is just inspired. :laughing:

Awesome graphics, thedriveintheatre! :smiley: Very clever. :wink:

Thank you for your wonderful comments everyone! :smiley:

TSS - Yeah, the word ‘diagnostics’ may be a little hard to read, but that was unfortunately the quality of the vid I got from YT. But anyway, I don’t think its readability adds to the theme, it’s the fact that Eve is getting ‘beheaded’ that is the point. But thanks for the compliments! :slight_smile:

mo - Well, I downloaded them from Youtube! (That’s why they’re 4:3 square-shaped instead of ‘widescreen’) Someone uploaded parts of Wall-E there, which is what I watch when I need to get my ‘fix’. :sunglasses:

rachelcakes1985 - Thank you for your ‘sweet’ praises, as always. I’m glad you noticed the puns behind the taglines. And yeah, you can bet I’ll create more Wall-E themed sigs in the future (along with other Pixar movies too). :wink:

lizardgirl - Aw shucks, thanks! I was thinking what tagline to put to one of my most favourite and ‘epic’ shots from the movie, and then the idea of an evil droid coming to Earth just came to me. And a cheesy pun was born! :laughing:

bright dot-dasher - Thank you for the awesome comments. Ego trips are fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

Neat. I really like the Everything Burns one, mainly cuz that was one of my fav shots in the movie. :slight_smile:

thedriveintheatre - Aww, shucks. You’re very welcome! Looking forward to those WALL•E graphics.

Here’s a new sig I whipped up to promote my new “UPcoming Attractions” video. It’s a screenshot from one of the vignettes that I used in my trailer. I almost wanted to put the link in the sig itself, but I didn’t want to clutter the simple image, and so that you guys can use it for generic purposes if you so wish to. :wink:

Enjoy Eve’s ‘happy face’ and get ready for a brand new set of sigs in the lead-up to the DVD release!

That is a very funny and cunning siggy andre. Wow, It makes a lot of sense if you know what I mean. :laughing: :wink: Very clever.

thedriveintheatre - Cool signatures, dude! I especially like your latest EVE-WALL•E graphic – it’s adorable, and the phrase fits it quite nicely. :wink:

I don’t know why, but that made me chuckle so hard. :laughing:

– Mitch

TSS - Thank you! Hm…cunning, eh… I’ll take it as a compliment. I like that! :smiling_imp: Thanks once again! :slight_smile:

Mitch - Why thank you, Mitch. Yeah, that idiom popped into my mind when I saw that vignette.

Probably because it takes on a different meaning in that Halloween context? :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for noticing that line though, heheh!

P.S. Have you tried clicking the sig? It takes you to my fan-made trailer of upcoming events on my channel. And do leave a comment either under the video if you have a YT account, or in the Video’s Thread under ‘UPcoming Attractions Trailer’. Thankee! :smiley:

thedriveintheatre - You’re welcome!

Ha-ha. Yeah, that must be it. :stuck_out_tongue:
Sure thing!

I’ll take a look at that video you made. :wink:

– Mitch

You are totally welcome thedriveintheatre.

That’s a nice siggy, there, thedriveintheatre! I love that little saying- goes so well with it.
Oh, and that video you made was also interesting. :smiley: More of your videos? Sweeeeet! (“totally” :laughing:)

Like all of your signatures, that so creative, TDIT! It’s always a treat to see how you are going to advertise your latest video of fanfiction in your signature, especially the Pixar-related puns you put on them. Well done. =)

Where did you get that picture of EVE holding WALL•E like that?

That’s such a sweet new sig, thedriveintheatre! The caption just fits so well, and it’s simplicty sort of reminds me of an Apple advert or something. I like very much! :smiley:

Thank you, ladies! It’s been my pleasure. :sunglasses:

BDD: I noticed your comment on my video, thanks for that! For some reason your channel doesn’t have the Subscribe button, so I’ve sent you a Friend Request instead! Thanks for watching!

rachel: Why thank you! I got that shot from one of the vignettes. Just search ‘dean2pl’ on YT and it’s the 'Wall-E Eve clip" on his channel. There’s a couple of rare ones too (usually released in Brazil or foreign countries to cater the market, like the soccer Wall-E), so check those out if you haven’t seen them!

lizardgirl: Aw, thanks! I didn’t think about it when I created this sig, but if you’ve seen the video advertised in the sig, the ending kind of reminded me of the iPod commercial, black font wiping across a white background, not to mention the choice of background song (you’ll see what I mean if you’ve watched it :wink:).

So have the two of you (rachel and lizardgirl) watched the vid yet? :smiley: I hope I don’t sound too pushy… if you like it, do leave a comment under the vid or on my videos thread. Thankee!

Expect a brand-new series of Wall-E sigs in the next few days in the lead-up to the release!

Hello world! :smiley:

Got a brand-new siggy to wear in the lead-up to the DVD release of Wall-E on Region 1! I’ve got a bunch of stuff planned in the coming days to celebrate this momentous occasion for our American and Canadian counterparts! Expect a series of fan-made sigs, my first Wall-E music video (a James Bond mash-up to commemorate Quantum of Solace’s Oz release on the same day!), and if I’ve got time, a Wall-E-paper!

Get READ•E everyone! :sunglasses: