The "Introduction/I'm Back" Thread

Thanks! :smiley: Nice name you have, too. :laughing:

Welcome Gemini :slight_smile: ! Happy Fourth of July! Hope you like it here at Pixar Planet :wink: .

Thanks! But I’m not an American. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks for the welcome, though! I think I’m liking it here already. :wink:

Wherever you are, Gemini, hope you have a great time here! I’m thedriveintheatre by the way. Oh, and the story behind your username sounds real deep. :slight_smile:

Oh, there’s a story alright. xD But that’s out of this topic. :wink:

Thanks, thedriveintheater. Yeah, I think I’m gonna have a nice time here. :slight_smile: Still need to work on my avatar and signature, though.

You can borrow a couple of mine for the time being. :wink: wink

Welcome to PIxar Planet Gemini. I was born under that star, and I am a twin as well. I like you already.

Thanks! I’ll check them out!

And thank you, The Star Swordsman! I’m glad you are a Gemini! I see you are also a fan of The Incredibles. snicker I’m sure you’ll love what’s soon to come from me. :wink:

Thanks everyone~!

Gemini: I’m guessing you are an Incredibles fan too huh? :wink:

Yep. But just wait and see. hums There’s something worthy (I think) of waiting for.

Okay, time to get back on topic now. Sorry about that. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello all new members! We need more Pixar fans - more, I say!

Hey Ridolma. Ehhh, even though we’re all Pixar fans here (aren’t we?) Sony makes some ok films, and Disney’s getting better slowly, but yes, Pixar is the number 1, ichi-ban, top-dawg animation company! Have a great time on the forums. :smiley:

Greetings to you, brinah! Aren’t we all children at heart, when you really think about it…? Especially in this place. :slight_smile: Glad to have you here. :mrgreen:

sayurkangkung - Hello and welcome! I like your avatar. The colours in it remind me of when you’d be drawing on paper with textas (markers) and you’d accidently get the paper wet and the ink would go everywhere and dry. But still, it’s a very cool effect. You like to draw so that means you made that avatar yourself, yeah? :question:

Yes, that’s what they are like. Trust me. And you’re welcome! =)

Welcome Gemini, nice to see more new faces here. I have to warn you, this community seems too great sometimes, I’m getting a bit suspicious,…

Nah, this place is really amazing. Love you guys! :smiley: Hope to see you often, and again, welcome!

Wow, okay. That sounds really… erm, great, ffdude1906! :laughing: Thanks for the welcome! :smiley:

Welcome to the boards, Gemini! :smiley:

Thanks, lizardgirl! See you around the board. :wink:

Hello everyone. I’ve browsed threads here for a few weeks, but once I saw the user reviews for UP, I knew this was my place to be, seems like I’ve finally found some good folk who generally share my views about Pixar’s films. (My friends all thought UP was terrible, if that serves as any indicator of what I’m used to, when in contrast I feel it was sensational.)

I suppose I’ll post a bit of my history with viewing the films. If I remember correctly, the first film of Pixar’s I saw was Toy Story, in 1995 when my parents purchased the VHS. Being 1 year old, I was simply entertained by all of the bright characters and what not. Heh. As the years went by, I continued to find myself enamored with the studio’s films. From Bug’s Life to The Incredible’s, I found myself looking forward to every film release, and always looking forward to watching it again.

To this date, I’ve seen most of the released feature films they have produced. This list excludes Ratatouille and Wall-E at the moment, but I’m hoping to at least rent them sometime. Possibly this week.

Overall, my favorite film would have to be UP. There were just so many things to love about that movie, and it really struck a good note with me. My second favorite is The Incredibles, and third is Cars (Which, incidentally, I’m watching right now). However, they’ve all been great.

I’m going to end this rather long post now. Looking forward to discussing the movies and anything else with all of you guys here!

You have definetely came to the right playe Mykonos Fan. Welcome to Pixar Planet.

Thanks The Star Swordsman! Definitely a nice site here.

Thanks in advance to anyone else who may offer welcomes as well.

Welcome to the forums Mykonons_Fan!, always great to see new people here! I agree, Up is Pixar at it’s finest (just take a gander at my sig, UNDER the picture, I’ve got another today). You really should check out Ratatouille (it’s my second favorite of them all) and Wall•E (I don’t like it as much as most, but it’s wonderful!), they’re both great movies.

As for Up haters, I know a few, but they might be saying that just to tease me for being such a nerd for the movie. There’s something really special in that movie, I think we both know :slight_smile:

Once again, welcome! I’ve had a great time with the community here so far, and I hope you do as well!