The Princess and the Frog

Teaser is out. :smiley:

Redneck lightning bug. Whooda thunk? :frowning:

Not sure on the teaser; it’s a bit miscellaneous.

I’m super excited for The Princess and the Frog now! :slight_smile:

I’m kinda sad that they had to nix the chamber maid idea, but this looks okay. I would’ve liked if they didn’t make it take place in New Orleans, because I don’t think that has the fairytale feel. Oh well. It might surprise me.

The way they changed this story around to be PC is frustrating to no end. On top of that, that teaser looked awful to me.

Wait, wait, wait, I thought this movie was gonna be made by Pixar?

Midgard: I hear ya…

Looks ok, the teaser could’ve been better.

You might be thinking of The Bear and the Bow.
Anyhow, I can’t wait to see some new 2D!

Ahhh, yes, you’re right…sorry about that. It was the first thing I read when I woke up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Agreed about changing the story to be more PC. But it is Disney after all. They don’t have the room for benefit of the doubt that Pixar has (see: WALL-E). In time, maybe.

That said, I disagree about the trailer. I’m excited to see hand drawn animation again, and am excited to see another animated musical from Disney.

The trailer wasn’t brilliant, I don’t think. I am pleased to see 2D animation, but it still has to have a good story and interesting (as opposed to stereotypical) characters, just as I enjoy a good CGI movie as long as it also has those elements.

And the PC thing is pretty annoying, but yeah, Disney can’t afford to take those sorts of risks with its current track record.

It doesn’t really feel like a fairy tale, but the movie might surprise me. Funny how the princess didn’t really want to kiss the frog…at least not on the lips. It’s a start. And I’m gonna watch it not only because of 2-D animation, but because I have a craving for fairy tale twists.

Exactly. :slight_smile:
Especially with this one taking place in New Orleans, it’s gonna be interesting…

Hey, guys. It’s just an early teaser trailer. Only gives you a tiny taste of how the movie’s going to be. I don’t think it was bad at all! And I’m excited to see more. Don’t forget that Ron Clements and John Musker are the geniuses behind Aladdin and The Little Mermaid! Plus Randy Newman’s composed the music, and John Goodman and Jim Cummings are doing voices.

I think it looks great! I’m excited.

Upcoming Pixar has mentioned that the Toy Story 3 trailer will not be attached to Up, but to The Princess and the Frog. I just wanted to know when this movie will come out, so I know when the TS3 trailer will.

The release date for The Princess and the Frog was just recently bumped up to December 11th.
And to clear something up, we do not know this for sure, but it’s pretty likely coming from sources who have talked to Blue Sky and a source who pretty much confirmed it for us that Up won’t be the movie it’ll be playing with. This could of course, change any moment until April or May when the movie is done and getting cut and printed, we’ll let you know ASAP when it’s out. We also never confirmed, or made it set in stone that TPATF was the movie with the trailer, it is likely, but there’s also the re-release of Toy Story that would be a good candidate as well. maybe even a better candidate since it’s released in October, is in 3D and will give people an extra reason to see Toy Story in theatres again.

I’m so excited for this movie, it isn’t even funny! I’m really excited that the trailer will be before Up.

I must say I’m real excited for this movie, too. Although I’m trying not to get my hopes too high. But with people like John Musker and Ron Clements directing, I have high expectations. Plus, I just want this movie to be good so that people will see that 2D isn’t dead.

You’re not the only one, [b:h87umfdu]woody[/b:h87umfdu]. I’m happy the release date’s been pushed forward, though I’m not sure whether it can take on the annoying [i:h87umfdu]Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel[/i:h87umfdu].

There was a short footnote in the Sydney Morning Herald (a local newspaper) about [i:h87umfdu]TPATF[/i:h87umfdu] and the race controversy. Apart from reporting the year-old news of Tiana’s change from chambermaid to princess, they also mentioned that some folks are not happy with Prince Naveen’s character being Caucasian, even though he was voiced by a Brazilian. Apparently, they said "the film suggests black men are not princes."

Aaanddd… your point is? :-\

Seriously, there’s a limit to even being [i:h87umfdu]too[/i:h87umfdu] PC. So what if the prince is white? Personally, I think it makes it more interesting that the romance is interracial (not to mention, uh… [i:h87umfdu]interspecies[/i:h87umfdu], initially? Heheh. :P) And the villain is a black voodoo magician. Big deal. Disney had white baddies too, like Gaston and Frollo.

I’m sick of all the self-righteous politics. It’s just a movie, for crying out loud, can’t we all just enjoy it? I’m gonna ignore the bad press and give the movie the benefit of the doubt. This is a year of change, after all, and after abandoning traditional animation for years, this is the grand comeback we’ve all been waiting for (at least, I hope, no, [i:h87umfdu]believe[/i:h87umfdu] it is. Hyuk-hyuk, change we can believe in!). :lol:

THANK YOU! Someone finally understands. Seriously, people, Pixar puts an asian kid as a main character in their movie and nobody says anything! But when Disney makes a African American princess, all the sudden the world’s going to end!