3D Render of Up Artwork

Art, Pete Docter, Pixar, UP

Posted by Thomas • April 9, 2008

You may remember earlier in the year we posted a photo of a piece of concept art from Up, depicting Carl Fredericksen standing in his house with fighter planes attacking it. 

That image has now been rendered in 3D by the talented artists at Pixar, which you can view in an super-high-res, which can be downloaded here, as it is approx. 24MB in size. It’s complete resolution is 8188×8298px. Alternatively, you can view it in a number of smaller sizes and resolutions here.

Up is directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, and is set for release May 29, 2009.

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The Art of Cars Murals

Art, Cars

Posted by Thomas • March 29, 2008

Your number one stop for anything Route 66, Route 66 News has posted a video of a Cars mural on display in a private residence created by Vern Hestand III of Bear Mountain Woodworx. Watch the video below.

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More WALL•E Concept Art

Art, Pixar: 20 Years of Animation, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • March 23, 2008

A /Film reader has sent in pictures of WALL•E concept art found at the Pixar: 20 Years of Animation exhibit in Finland.  The art shows the Axiom, where the humans currently reside, and also other areas of the WALL•E world. Take a peek if you dare.

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The Art of Cars Live In L.A.

Art, Art Of:, Cars, Pixar

Posted by Thomas • March 7, 2008

The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles will open the The Art of Cars starting on March 29, 2008 and will run till November 2, 2008, reports Two A Day.

There will be everything from the full-sized McQueen and Mater, to the 3D maquettes, as well as digital, pencil and marker sketches of the characters, and a whole lot of concept art to go with that.  

“It’s been our pleasure working with John Lasseter and his team to create ‘The Art of Cars’ exhibit” says Dick Messer, Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum. “This movie was very special to me and many other car nuts I know–young and old–because of the way it entertains with real-life references to the racing industry with non-stop action and more than 100 years of automotive history.”

says the official press release. Thanks jbelkin.

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