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WALL•E 3 Disc Special Edition Cover Art [UPDATE]

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Posted by Martin • August 22, 2008

Ultimate Disney has released this special edition cover art for the WALL•E three disc DVD

The site adds that the home video releases will be ‘environmentaly packaged’ just like the official soundtrack. The three disc release will include extra features and a digital copy. Check our previous article for the rest of the content.

UPDATE: Guido (European Correspondent) has contacted Disney who is saying we’ll have to wait for the official press release which has been delayed ‘til Monday.

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WALL•E DVD/Blu-Ray November 18th + Cover

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Posted by Thomas • August 15, 2008

Today Walt Disney Home Entertainment announced that the WALL•E
would both be released November 18th, 2008.

It features a
stunning design featuring WALL•E, EVE, M•O and Hal the cockroach
hurdling into space. The Blu-ray will be a two disc release, one disc
being the feature presentation and special features, and the second
being a digital copy of the film. The disc will also feature BD Live
which allows you to download content such as new special features,
updated previews, and more through a Blu-ray player connected to the

More details are expected to come on August 22nd regarding
the specific content and special features for each release.

Article written by martini833, an Upcoming Pixar intern.

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Expo Disney Brazil: WALL•E DVD Cover?

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Posted by Thomas • August 15, 2008

A new WALL•E DVD design was revealed at Expo Disney Brazil 2008. It features WALL•E, EVE and M•O, no word yet on if this will be the final cover design.

More information on the Region 1 release is expected August 22nd.

Thanks, Wall_E21 from the Pixar Planet Forums.

Article written by martini833, an Upcoming Pixar intern.

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WALL•E DVD Cover Art and 2 Discs?

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Posted by Thomas • August 9, 2008

UK entertainment site, Tesco, has posted information regarding the release of WALL•E on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK on November 28.

The website displays artwork for each release (pictured) as well as it gives a release date of November 28 for the UK. You may like to note in the cover art that WALL•E is on Earth in the picture, but you can also see Earth in the distance as if he is on the moon.
The site also lists both releases having 2 discs. Now at first glance this appears as if Disney will start 2 disc releases again, however miafka from the Pixar Planet forums points out that the UK release of Ratatouille also had 2 discs. 
However, it has been hinted that Leslie Iwerks’ documentary, The Pixar Story will be included with the WALL•E DVD, and this second disc could account for the movie. Normally Blu-Ray releases don’t have a second disc, and again, this second disc could be for the documentary. 
It is rumoured that WALL•E will reach DVD and Blu-Ray in North America on November 4th, and more details will be available from August 22nd. 

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