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Here’s Your First Look at Lou – The Short to Play in Front of Cars 3

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Posted by Nia • February 2, 2017


Since last year we’ve known that Lou was a new short being developed by Pixar, but we didn’t know when it would be premiering or much about the story – aside from the fact it focused on a lost-and-found box and would be directed by Dave Mullins.

Yesterday the studio released more information regarding the short and that it will be playing in front of this year’s film, Cars 3.

The short, in the usual Pixar fashion, will be centered on Lou, a hidden creature in a lost-and-found box at a school. The creature, created from mismatched baseballs and a beaten red hoodie, watches the school children play and secretly protects them against the local bully, J.J.

From a USA Today interview, Mullins discussed that the inspiration for this short was his childhood and the fact he never spent much of his time in one place as a kid.

“You either feel invisible because you don’t know the other kids or you’re embarrassed and you want to be invisible. I thought it’d be really cool to have a character who could hide in plain sight.”

Since Lou’s main motivation is to protect the other children in the school and give back to those who need it the most, he felt J.J. being a bully would help push the story forward while making it relatable to everyone.

“They’re usually just acting out because they’re awkward or young and don’t have their moral compass set. In a weird way, the bullies sometimes feel invisible, too. If you can find out what their motivations are, maybe you can solve some things. That’s what I like about Lou: True happiness comes from giving, He gets J.J. to understand that and through that, what J.J. wants really is to be accepted by the other kids.”

You can catch Lou on the big screen this summer in front of Cars 3.

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Latest Pixar short announced!

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Posted by Simoa • September 28, 2016

Finding Dory has continued breaking box office records and Brad Bird revealed that The Incredibles 2 is happily moving along in production. Now the title and a teaser video for a new short film has been revealed!

Dave Mullins announced via instagram that he is set to direct the new short, titled “Lou.” The brief video clip can be viewed here.



Mullins is a short film director and animation supervisor. He’s been at the studio since 2001, with credits on every Pixar feature. Lou is in a lost and found box, which means he could be a toy. Even with the soundless clip, the short promises to be very intriguing. His bugged out eyes make him appear anxious. We can’t wait for more concept art and story details to drop! No word yet on whether this will open with Cars 3 next June, but it most likely will.

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