‘Monsters University,’ ‘Cars’ 3D Arrive on Blu-ray/DVD

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Posted by Brkyo614 • October 29, 2013

After an early digital release, Monsters University has finally made its way to DVD and Blu-ray today. and High Def Digest both praise the audio/video quality and the abundance of extras included with the film. It’s worth noting that, like most recent Pixar releases, the DVD version is sorely lacking in special features; pick up any of the three Blu-ray editions, though, and you’ll be good to go.

Fans of Cars may also be interested in the 3D Blu-ray release of the original film, also hitting shelves today. This is the first time Cars has been released in 3D — High Def Digest has great things to say about the conversion, but points out some inherent issues that come with converting a 2D film into 3D. The same bonus features from the existing Blu-ray are also included.

Be sure to let us know if you pick up either of these releases!

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‘Monsters University’ Now Available for Digital Download

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Posted by Brkyo614 • October 8, 2013

Disney has recently experimented with home release schedules for its major titles — last year’s Wreck-it Ralph, for instance, launched digitally weeks before physical copies hit shelves. Monsters University is the latest movie to follow suit; Amazon and iTunes now have the film up for download in HD ahead of its October 29 Blu-ray release.

Fans will be happy to hear that the digital version includes most of the extras set to come with the traditional release later this month. Those looking for a standard-definition download will still have to wait until the 29th.

Download the film at iTunes or Amazon, or pre-order the Blu-ray or DVD edition today.

Are you catching Monsters U for the first time? Let us know below!

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‘Monsters University’ Blu-ray Special Features Revealed, Releasing October 29

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Posted by Brkyo614 • August 9, 2013

It was rumored last month, but now Disney has spoken: Monsters University will arrive on home video on October 29, just in time for Halloween. Four versions are lined up for release: a 4-disc 3D Blu-ray edition with 2D Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital Copy discs, a 3-disc 2D Blu-ray edition with DVD and Digital Copy discs, a standard 2D Blu-ray with a DVD copy, and a standard DVD. Like other recent Pixar releases, only the Blu-ray SKUs will include a sizable lineup of bonus features:

  • Campus Life – What’s it like being on a production crew at Pixar? Get a look at a day in the life of the “Monsters University” crew through their own eyes.
  • Story School – This documentary examines the challenges of creating a prequel as well as themes that run through the story, and the change in focus from Sulley to Mike. We’ll also look at how gags are developed – from writing jokes to brainstorming a million ideas, only 5% of which actually end up in the movie.
  • Scare Games – At Pixar, we play hard while we work. The same people who keep the film production moving – producers, managers, coordinators and artists – are also the ones who bring spirit and excitement to some of our extracurricular activities. We check out the MU production teams as they go head to head in the mostly playful Pixar Scare Games competitions.
  • Welcome to MU – Sets aren’t just buildings, they are the worlds our characters live in and explore. This look at the Monsters University campus and its development is told from the perspective of the artists who created each piece of the campus from the architecture to the ivy leaves.
  • Music Appreciation – Randy Newman’s scores are a mainstay of Pixar films, and this documentary will give you a privileged look at his creative process. We follow the “Monsters University” scoring process from spotting to writing and on to the scoring session. including special college-themed recording sessions.
  • Scare Tactics – Animators are actors who digitally bring the characters to life. In this look at how the MU animation team worked, you’ll see their process of how they channeled their own monster-selves and created moments on screen that were really funny, really scary and also really serious, sometimes all at the same time.
  • Color and Light – How can a single painting set the tone for an entire scene? We’ll look at the creation of the colorscripts and how they were realized technically in the final film. Along with the process, this piece explores the many layers of technical innovation required to produce such a naturalistic feel.
  • Paths to PixarMU Edition – When one door closes, sometimes another door opens – one with an even more exciting opportunity behind it. Members of the MU crew tell their own compelling backstories and share the challenges they overcame along their paths to Pixar.
  • Furry Monsters: A Technical Retrospective – Explore the difficulties in creating characters that are 20 years younger with tools that are 10 years more advanced in this contrasting look at the differing technical challenges that arose when making “Monsters, Inc.,” and “Monsters University.”
  • Deleted Scenes – Four separate scenes – “Rivalry,” “Recon,” “Movie Night,” and “Drama Class” – are highlighted with an introduction from director Dan Scanlon.
  • The Blue Umbrella – This animated short film from Pixar Animation Studios, directed by Saschka Unseld and produced by Marc Greenberg, played in theaters in front of “Monsters University.” “The Blue Umbrella” tells the story of an evening commute in which the rain starts to fall and the city comes alive to the sound of dripping rain pipes, whistling awnings and gurgling gutters. And in the midst, two umbrellas—one blue, one not—fall eternally in love.
  • Additional Bonus Features – Audio Commentary, Promo Picks, College Campaign, Theatrical Campaign, Set Flythroughs, Art Gallery and more!

Pre-orders are available now on Amazon:

Which version do you plan on picking up?

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New ‘Monsters University’ Behind the Scenes Clips

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Posted by Brkyo614 • July 17, 2013

Last week we shared a fascinating look at Monsters University‘s animation process. Now, Pixar has provided even more insight into the research and fun behind Monsters U with two short featurettes.

First, an unsettling look at how Dean Hardscrabble’s design came to be:

Pixar is known for boosting employee morale in unorthodox ways; this may be one of the most creative methods yet:

Both of these clips seem to be trimmed from the more extensive featurettes we’ll see on the film’s Blu-ray disc, which may release as soon as October 29. Be on the lookout for further details and enjoy these new clips!

What else would you like to see on the Monsters University Blu-ray?

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‘Monsters University’ Blu-ray Cover Art; Now Available for Pre-Order

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Posted by Brkyo614 • July 5, 2013

Holding out until the home video release to check out Monsters University? Amazon is now taking pre-orders for both the 3D and 2D Blu-ray editions of the film.

Details are scarce at the moment, but Amazon has updated their product pages with cover art for each version. (Surprisingly, the standard Blu-ray art is actually better than the 3D cover in this case.) More concrete news — including information on special features — should be coming in the near future.

Monsters University is in theatres now; expect it to hit DVD and Blu-ray sometime in November. Head over to Amazon to pre-order.

Your thoughts?

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Reminder: New Pixar Blu-rays Hit Shelves Tomorrow!

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Posted by Brkyo614 • November 12, 2012

The 13th should be a good day for Pixar fans in the US, as Brave and the second volume of Pixar Short Films Collection both arrive on DVD and Blu-ray in North America.

Brave, coming in standard DVD, 3-disc Blu-ray, and 5-disc Blu-ray 3D packages, includes the feature film, the new short film The Legend of Mor’du (see the first stills at Entertainment Weekly), and Enrico Casarosa’s La Luna. The Blu-ray editions contain a second disc with a plethora of bonus features omitted from the standard DVD. and Examiner both praise the pristine audio/video quality and solid supplemental features, so this should be a near-perfect home video release as expected from Pixar.

Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2 compiles twelve of Pixar’s newer shorts onto one disc (see the full selection on the DVD and Blu-ray Amazon pages) and also showcases student films from John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, and Pete Docter. DVDizzy and suggest that this one isn’t a must-own, but Pixar loyalists should take interest in the audio commentaries and rare student films.

Both of these titles will be available on Tuesday, November 13. Additionally, be on the lookout for the Finding Nemo Blu-ray on December 4.

Which of these new releases will you be picking up?

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Pixar Short Films Collection Volume 2 Confirmed for November 13!

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Posted by Brkyo614 • September 4, 2012

Though rumors have been circulating for a few months now, an entry on the Disney DVD website has officially revelaed that a second compilation of Pixar short films is on the way this November.

The DVD and Blu-ray release features a lineup of 12 Pixar shorts, including Presto, Day & Night and La Luna. The cover art also suggests that Dug’s Special Mission, Hawaiian Vacation, and Partly Cloudy are definite inclusions. Alongside the shorts will be a slew of new bonus features outlining the background of some of Pixar’s crew, including short films from directors John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, and Pete Docter.

The total run time of the collection clocks in at a slim 63 minutes. If you enjoyed the first volume of Pixar shorts, though, head over to to preorder its successor.

(Via Pixar Geek)

Your thoughts?

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‘Brave’ Blu-ray Special Features Announced!

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Posted by Brkyo614 • August 22, 2012

Disney has put out a press release outlining the special features to be included on the 5-disc collector’s edition of Brave on Blu-ray.

Blu-ray Disc 1 Includes:

  • La Luna Theatrical Short – Fans will love this charming short that accompanied the film in theatres. It follows a young boy on his first night working the family business alongside his father and grandfather. 
  • The Legend of Mor’du Short – This rousing new bonus short film will give fans the chance to delve deeper into the legend behind Mor’du, as told by the eccentric witch who transformed him.
  • Brave Old World – Fans will watch as members of the Brave production team investigate Scotland, exploring its land, culture, people and dialects. The research they gathered was brought thrillingly to life in the film. Also, fans will hear what actress Emma Thompson (voice of Queen Elinor) thinks of Pixar’s take on her homeland.
  • Merida & Elinor – With the creation of Merida and Elinor, the Pixar filmmakers delved deep into the relationship between mother and daughter. Highlighting contrasts in character design, clothing, animation, voicing, and even hairstyle, watch how the filmmakers explored this most important of relationships. 
  • Bears – Take a look inside the art and design behind the bears in Brave. Each of the bears, gentle Mum-bear and terrifying Mor’du, demanded a different approach to creating their physical appearance and personality.
  • Brawl in the Hall – A fascinating and hilarious inside look at the process of creating Brave‘s fighting Scots, through animation, crowd simulation and fight choreography – not to mention a room full of grunting men whose vocal chortles added authenticity to the raucous scene.
  • Wonder Moss – Fans will explore how Brave‘s technical artists examined the real Scottish countryside and studied the laws of nature, then turned these findings into computer codes that would blanket Merida’s Scotland in lush moss, lichen, and bracken.
  • Magic – The magic and mystery of Scotland is revealed to fans in this charming feature about the legends – from mystical potions to the will o’ the wisps – seen in Brave.
  • Clan Pixar – At Pixar, getting into character is a team effort. From making Haggis to Kilt Fridays to celebrating the Scottish poet Robert Burns, fans will see how the Brave production crew truly embraced Scottish themes and customs fueled the Pixar crew throughout the creation of Brave.
  • Once Upon A Scene – A closer look at the evolution of the storylines throughout the production of the film, including alternative openings to the film and many deleted scenes.
  • Extended Scenes – Three separate scenes are highlighted in their extended form. Director Mark Andrews discusses the decision making process that led to the shortened versions of these scenes.
  • Director Commentary

Blu-ray Disc 2 Includes:

  • Fergus & Mor’du An Alternate Opening – Once upon a time, Brave had a different opening scene. Eventually cut from the film, fans can see it in its entirety in this bonus feature narrated by the film’s director Mark Andrews.
  • Fallen Warriors MontageA selection of deleted shots that were cut from the film late in production are presented to fans in various stages of completion through a video montage narrated by director Mark Andrews.
  • Dirty Hairy People – Fans will enjoy this uproarious bonus feature discussing the development of Brave‘s Scots – including the design of their hair, attire, and dirt-crusted physiques.
  • It is English…Sort Of – This bonus feature helps fans interpret some of the more Scottish lines in the film, thanks to the real Scottish actors who play the key characters and contributed their own dialects and sayings.
  • Angus – A look at Merida’s most trusted companion, Angus, a mighty Clydesdale.
  • The Tapestry – Fans will learn the story behind this embroidered emblem of family unity, which was lovingly crafted by Brave‘s team of artists.
  • Promotional Pieces – This bonus includes promotional clips for Brave, including: Feast Yer Eyes, Relics, Clan DunBroch, Launch, and more.
  • Art Gallery – A selection of breathtaking art from the creation of the film, showcasing characters, sets, scenes and stunning landscapes.
  • Wee Gaffes – A video montage of simulation, animation, and shot bloopers.
  • Renaissance Animation Man – Get a look at Director Mark Andrews’ love of Scotland, sword-fighting, music and more!
  • Teasers and Sneak Peeks

Sounds as substantial as we’ve come to expect from Pixar home releases; hopefully the features include a few words from director Brenda Chapman.

Look for the Brave DVD and Blu-ray on shelves on November 13.

(Via Stitch Kingdom)

Your thoughts?

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First Scoop on ‘Brave’ DVD Short!

Brave, DVD, Short Film

Posted by Brkyo614 • August 20, 2012

Since the release of Monsters, Inc. and Mike’s New Car, Pixar has typically made it a tradition to include a feature-based short in their home video releases. Often expanding on events occurring alongside the film (Jack Jack Attack, BURN-E), they provide additional insight into characters who didn’t get much screen time. And according to Callum O’Neill, who plays Wee Dingwall in Brave, the movie’s DVD short will shed some light on a few of the film’s minor characters.

Speaking with Female First, the actor divulged that "There is a short film in the Brave DVD, that is being put in there as an extra, it is about two minutes long and is a scene between my character and Julie Walters’ character the witch." He then goes on to describe the solitary nature of the recording process: he never met Julie Walters while working on the same scene.

This is speculation, but it sounds like the short could be a series of vignettes in which each of the film’s three suitors discover the witch’s cottage. It’s a fairly original premise and it’d be a great chance to expand upon the underdeveloped witch. Nothing is official yet, but stay tuned as more DVD details are released.

Brave arrives on DVD and Blu-ray on November 13.

Your thoughts?

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‘Brave’ Blu-ray Dated for November 13!

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Posted by Brkyo614 • August 17, 2012

As Brave‘s theatrical run nears its end, Disney is divulging a few more details on the home video release.

The 3-disc Blu-ray and 5-disc ultimate collector’s edition were listed on Amazon about a month ago, but now the Disney Store also has the 3-disc edition up for pre-order. Details are still light, but the product description confirms a November 13 release date. Interestingly, Brave will not share a simultaneous launch with Finding Nemo on Blu-ray on December 4.

The Disney Store also is offering a free lithograph set as a pre-order bonus. The site has yet to list the 5-disc edition of Brave, but it should come alongside more details on bonus features soon.

Pre-order Brave on Blu-ray from the Disney Store or Amazon.

(Via Stitch Kingdom)

Are you anticipating Brave on Blu-ray?

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