Pixar at the Parks: Pixar Fest and First Looks at Woody’s Lunch Box

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Posted by Nia • October 27, 2017

Do you love Pixar? (Obviously) Do you love going to Disneyland and Disney World? (Duh!) Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to plan your next trip to California AND Florida because, drum roll, please…

  1. Pixar Fest is coming to Disneyland!
  2. Not only that, but a brand spanking new Pixar-themed area will be at Disney’s Hollywood Studios soon!

According to Oh My Disney, Pixar Fest will be coming to both Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure beginning April 13th, 2018! That’s only five months away! Unfortunately the event will be for a limited time, but during April you will get to see both parks completely dedicated to the world of Pixar. The parks will include a new fireworks show, two new Pixar-themed parades, new merchandise, food and drinks, and more!

Thanks to Oh My Disney, here’s some of the cool things to look forward to at Pixar Fest:

“Together Forever—A Pixar Nighttime Spectacular”

The nighttime spectacular will feature a brand new fireworks display with Buzz Lightyear flying over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. The main focus of the show, as the Together Forever title suggests, will be about the special bond between friends and celebrate the true meaning of friendship.

“Pixar Play Parade”

You guessed it, not only will Luxo the Lamp be in this Disneyland parade, but characters from films like Inside Out and Up will also make appearances.

“Paint the Night”

The Disney California Adventure parade will showcase characters from Monsters Inc., Toy Story, and Cars.

Pixar Shorts Film Festival

You can finally watch some of Pixar’s short films at the Sunset Showcase Theater in Disney California Adventure’s Hollywood Land.

Pixar Fest Charm Bracelet

Be sure to pick up one of the exclusive merchandise items that will be for sale, which includes Pixar-themed charm bracelets.

So 2018 is obviously going to be a great year for Pixar. Need any more proof? Over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida, Woody’s Lunch Box (an area that will be in the new Toy Story land section of the park) will be opening! Oh My Disney shared a first look of the area:

As the concept art depicts, Woody’s Lunch Box will feature a plethora of different toys from Andy’s collection, even showing off some of Andy’s lunch box items.

It will certainly be thrilling walking among some of the iconic Toy Story toys in Woody’s Lunch Box AND celebrating the studio with Pixar Fest – it’ll feel like we’re finally apart of the magic behind a Pixar film.



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Woody’s News Round-Up! (06/30/12)

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Posted by Brkyo614 • June 30, 2012

With all of the Brave news lately, a few small stories pertaining to Pixar’s other works have fallen under the radar. Get caught up below!

The Making of Cars Land Featurette: An impressive recreation of the Cars films’ Radiator Springs, Cars Land, opened at Disney California Adventure this month. For a better look at the planning process behind the area, including surprisingly touching interviews from Disney Imagineers, Disney released a wonderful 13-minute documentary on the Disney Parks Youtube page:

Finding Nemo Blu-ray Details + Future Pixar Merchandise: At a recent Disney merchandising expo, Pixar Times snapped a picture of the back of the upcoming Finding Nemo Blu-ray cover, outlining the special features to be included in the release. Take a look to the right; I’m definitely anticipating the CineExplore feature, a strong visual supplement to the standard DVD audio commentary.

An assortment of upcoming Pixar toys were also exhibited by Disney, and Pixar Times got an extensive look at the selection here. Brave, Toy Story, and Cars products were all shown off, and include some hints regarding the rumored Toy Story Toon, Partysaurus Rex.

La Luna Merchandise Now Available: Pixar products and toys aren’t exactly scarce, but tie-ins to their short films are a different story. However, the Disney Store has just put out a great La Luna plush based on the main character of the short, Bambino. The toy is available both on its own or with a storybook signed by director Enrico Casarosa. It’s a fantastic addition to any Pixar fan’s collection.

Your thoughts?

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D-Log Interview Andrew Stanton

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Posted by Thomas • July 27, 2008

Harold Reusken and Dutch Radio DJ Michiel Veenstra of D-Log attended a European press junket for WALL•E in the Netherlands recently and had the chance to interview Andrew Stanton. 

They have kindly shared this audio interview with us here at Upcoming Pixar for your listening pleasure. In the interview Stanton gives a comparison between Finding Nemo and WALL•E, Disney’s Nine Old Men and Pixar’s Brain Trust, his chances on winning an Oscar again, John Carter of Mars and who is going to distribute it and Pixar rides and Disney Imagineering.
Thanks Harold. 

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New Monsters, Inc. Ride Coming to Pixar Place

Imagineering, Monsters, Inc.

Posted by Thomas • July 21, 2008

I’m not really versed in the world of Walt Disney theme parks, so I shall keep this brief as to try and not make any incorrect statements. 

Jim Hill Media has posted some information about a new Monster’s, Inc. ride coming to Pixar Place. But before you hurry off to read about this exciting new attraction, beware of spoilers
Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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Remy Cooks at Disneyland Paris

Imagineering, Ratatouille

Posted by Thomas • July 13, 2008

Just like there is a real WALL•E roaming around the US as part of Disney Imagineering, there is a real Remy the Rat at Disneyland Paris. See him in the above video.

Thanks Lewis.

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Q&A: John Lasseter on Toy Story Mania

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Posted by Leo Holtzer • July 4, 2008

By Leo N. Holzer
Special to Pixar Planet/Upcoming Pixar
John Lasseter is a crowd-pleaser, first as chief creative officer overseeing films at both Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios and now as someone relishing his new role guiding theme park development through Walt Disney Imagineering.
I recently spent a few minutes with Lasseter at Disney’s California Adventure talking about Toy Story Midway Mania and many more minutes with others involved with the development of this amazing new attraction.
“The goal that I have working with Walt Disney Imagineering,” Lasseter said, “is you want to make a ride so good that once you get off it you want to get back in line and ride it again immediately. That’s the goal and there’s nothing less than that in my book.”
What follows is a transcript of my short interview with Lasseter. Highlights of interviews with Imagineers Bruce Vaugh, Kevin Rice, Kevin Rafferty, Chrissie Allen and Pixar’s Roger Gould specifically about this high-tech wonder will follow in the days ahead.

Q: John, tell me about the impetus of this ride, combining your “Toy Story” characters with classic midway games:
A: I’ll go into geeky details for you because I know you like that. Do you remember DisneyQuest, the pirates thing? That was an R&D project that Imagineering did that I thought was really, really interesting and innovative. Then of course you know Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters and I love that ride, but I don’t quite know if I’m hitting the target or not so I’m always looking to see the scores.
Well, the Imagineers came to us and proposed what if we combined the DisneyQuest pirates thing with a sort of Astro Blasters kind of thing and do it all themed around the characters from Toy Story?
And I thought, ‘done. Let’s go.’ That’s awesome because I love that technology, And it’s perfect for our characters given that they’re computer animated. So we started.
But, to me, it always about the story, even with a ride like this. What’s the story? So we came up with the idea that Andy got this game and he’s got the Toy Story characters to set up and host all these games for you. And you’re the size of the Toy Story toys. That became the concept and it fit really well at this spot in California Adventure because it’s here in the midway area. And then having Mr. Potato Head as the carnival barker is so much fun. So that’s where the impetus came from. And out of that we started.
I would go down to Imagineering all the time and it must have been a year-and-a-half ago, maybe two years ago, at the very, very, very first mock up of what the game play could be like. It was just the guts of a gun that was pieced together, you’re sitting on a plywood bench and you’re looking at a screen with this graphic. I was wearing 3D glasses and I pulled the string and out came a projectile that went off into a distance.
Well, they couldn’t get me off it. I wanted to play it again and again. I even missed my next meeting. I thought wait a minute if it’s this addicting — and everyone was reacting the same way — can you imagine what it will be like sitting on a ride vehicle and having the beautiful graphics with Pixar animating the Toy Story characters, how good this is going to be? This is going to be addicting. This is going to be great.
We worked very closely with the team — and an amazing group of Imagineers worked on this — and we (a small group from Pixar) just kept going down again and again and again working with them on this thing, perfecting it, getting it right, and getting the Pixar animators to actually animate the Toy Story characters.
It’s so much fun people don’t realize how complex this ride is. It’s staggeringly complex, between the computers, the ride system, the game play. Think about it, you’re pulling a string and you’re visually seeing a projectile come out. Well, it’s like you pull a string, that sends a signal down into the track, that goes back into a computer somewhere and does something before it comes back and goes into a projector to show it. It’s like ‘wow.’ But it doesn’t matter. I don’t want people to think about that. It’s about the entertainment.
And the goal that I have working with Walt Disney Imagineering is you want to make a ride that is so good that once you get off it you want to get back in line and ride it again immediately. That’s the goal and there’s nothing less than that in my book. That’s what I think we’ve done here, what Imagineering has done here, with this amazing ride. And this is the beginning. Look at how beautiful the building is, the queue area and Mr. Potato Head Barker. This is really an indication of what the rebirth of Disney’s California Adventure is going to be. Everything is going to be at this level. In five years, you won’t believe how beautiful this park is.

Q: I’ve heard Pete Docter and others say that while making “Toy Story” many people at Pixar were thinking about the day the characters might end up in the Disney parks. How staggering is it to see the journey of what you’ve done with the “Toy Story” characters, how far they’ve come and the growth of all the Pixar attractions?
A: The fact that I worked at Disneyland, that I grew up a half-hour away and came here all the time, to see the characters I’ve created come alive in the parks, it’s been so unbelievable. But then what’s even more exciting to me is to turn around and look at the faces of the kids and families looking at your characters. To see how these characters have touched these families.
Think about it, ‘Toy Story’ came out in ’95, it’s 2008 — that’s 13 years ago. So a 13-year-old right now doesn’t know a world that didn’t have ‘Toy Story’ in it. That’s two generations of kids  — because Walt Disney believed that every seven years there was another generation of children — that means we’re almost on that second generation of children.
But it’s what we do at Pixar. We make these films to last for generations. … We believe in making these films right with great stories and great characters that will stand the test of time — long after the technology that created it becomes old, it doesn’t matter. It’s about entertaining audiences.
The fact that ‘Toy Story,’ the first computer animated feature film, is still many people’s favorite movie — and on the AFI’s list of the top 100 films of all time, which I’m so proud of — just shows the strength of these characters. It’s like seeing the faces of people riding this ride, it’s fantastic.
Images Courtesy of Al Kipnis.

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Animatronic WALL•E To Make World Tour

Imagineering, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • June 14, 2008

The LA Times Daily Travel & Deal Blog sheds some light on the animatronic WALL•E we have seen around lately. The Backstage Pass newsletter mailed to Disneyland Annual Passholders, "You might just catch a glimpse of the newest Pixar pal mingling with our human guests. Of course, Wall-E’s in-park appearances are subject to change without notice." The article goes onto say…

Don’t expect to see Wall-E at California Adventure until long after the Disney-Pixar computer-animated movie opens in theaters June 27. The animatronic robot’s schedule becomes more booked every day with television interviews and a planned world tour.

Be sure to check back for more information later.

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WALL•E And Your Morning

Imagineering, Television, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • May 30, 2008

Watch WALL•E visit the set of Your Morning, in the USA.

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Animatronic WALL•E in Philadelphia

Imagineering, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • May 29, 2008

Upcoming Pixar reader Peetah writes in today to tell us that the animatronic WALL•E we have seen on the internet lately, has stopped over at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia.

There’s about a 7-10 minute scripted "show" with a host that interacts with Wall-E, asking questions such as "what do you like to collect" and "where have you been" and "you love Eve don’t you" giving a brief overview of the plot of the film. To be honest our host was far from impressive reading from a clipboard and in general very awkward in his interactions, and Wall-E seemed slow to react as if the timing was off. But nonetheless the detail and fluidity of the Wall-E animatronic is impressive and honestly he’s just so damn cute it doesn’t matter. One side note, it does appear as though Wall-E only has a few pre-programed sounds and pre-programed positions to convey emotion so seeing him may get old after a few viewings.

Peetah also mentioned that WALL•E’s next stop is the Newseum in Washington D.C on Saturday 31st of May. Check out the attached video too.

Thanks Peetah.

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Exhibit to Open ‘Up’ at DCA

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Posted by Thomas • May 27, 2008

Mouse Planet reports that an exhibit featuring Pixar’s 2009 feature film, Up, has been added to the Close-Up area in Disneyland California Adventure’s Animation building.

There is currently no word on what the exhibit entails however it would not be much of a stretch to assume that you would see a model of the main character, Carl Fredricksen, and perhaps concept art of the house in which he lives in.
If anyone has any more information on this exhibit, please drop us a line, we’d love to hear from you.

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