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New ‘Cars’ Short Will Kick Off Second ‘Cars Toons’ Series

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Posted by Brkyo614 • March 14, 2014

Pixar certainly hasn’t held back on producing Cars Toons – they’ve put out enough to warrant a separate DVD release – but, for the most part, those shorts have been based entirely around Mater’s fanciful adventures. Last year’s Tales from Radiator Springs mini-shorts shifted the focus to the larger cast of characters; now, Pixar is expanding them to a full-fledged series of short films, beginning with The Radiator Springs 500 ½.

Directed by Rob Gibbs and Scott Morse, the first six-minute short will debut this spring exclusively on Disney Movies Anywhere, a new streaming service for Disney, Pixar, and Marvel titles. Here’s the synopsis:

A “leisurely drive” planned in honor of Radiator Springs’ town founder, Stanley, turns precarious as Baja pros descend on the town and challenge Lightning McQueen to an off-road race. Meanwhile, the townsfolk, led by a Stanley-costumed Mater, enjoy the planned “leisurely drive” to retrace Stanley’s original frontier route. Thinking they’re on the same course, a wrong turn sends McQueen and the Baja pros on a treacherously wild bid for survival. The misunderstanding leaves the racing professionals in awe of the “legend” of Stanley: the Original Off-Road Racer.

It’s worth noting that this is the final short to be produced in full at Pixar Canada. Entertainment Weekly notes that a second short in the Tales from Radiator Springs series will follow in 2015.

Your thoughts?

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BREAKING: Pixar Canada Shuts Down

Pixar Canada

Posted by Brkyo614 • October 8, 2013

In a startling and unexpected move, Pixar has closed the doors of its offices in Vancouver, Canada, reports The Province.

According to Disney publicist Barb Matheson, the move intends to "refocus operations and resources under one roof" back in Emeryville, California. Nearly 100 employees have been laid off as a result.

Founded in 2010, the Pixar offshoot produced a number of shorts inspired by the studio’s franchises, including Small Fry, Partysaurus Rex, and various Cars Toons. It’s unfortunate that the studio was so short-lived following its small but promising beginnings — we offer our condolences toward anyone affected by the situation.

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Pixar Canada Website Goes Live

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Posted by Martin • November 26, 2009

On it’s face, the new domain for Pixar Canada ( looks like a simple, under construction website.

You’ll find a welcoming home page (click on Buzz and Woody for a cool slideshow), an about us profile, FAQs, job listings and links. Nothing too out of this world right? Wrong. Turns out you can get so much more from what might seem to be an ordinary page…

What looks to be a plain About Us section actually hints at many big things to come. In the original press release for Pixar Canada, the studio promised shorts based on legacy characters like Woody and Mater. The new site implies much more than that, it showcases the logos of every Pixar franchise (regardless of franchise-ability) so hopefully they mean to make shorts based on each of these films — if they have a good story of course!

That also makes me wonder how the vignettes will be released. Maybe they’ll be downloadable on BD-Live as an extra incentive to buy older Blu-rays or through Pixar’s popular Facebook and Twitter.

But these shorts aren’t going to be made by themselves. So, they’re hiring! Open and upcoming positions are listed, they’ve even posted a scientific survey and information on the living quality of Vancouver, BC. Pixar Canada is currently at a temporary facility in the city.

Remember, all feature production will stay at Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville. This is getting more exciting every day, what do you think?

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