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Cast, The Good Dinosaur

Posted by Simoa • June 12, 2015

The Good Dinosaur has changed in most ways you can think of. A release date of May 2014 was moved to November poster12015. Director Bob Peterson, who originally conceived the idea, was taken off the project and replaced by Peter Sohn. The storyline involving the dinosaurs as farmers was scrapped as well. And now, a brand new cast has been announced to headline the prehistoric flick.

When John Lithgow spoke about the “dismantled story” last August, he mentioned that he was one of the cast members to rerecord his lines. But Lithgow is no longer attached to the film. In fact, Frances McDormand remains the only original cast member still signed on. Read the full cast list below.

Arlo, the young apatosaurus braving a journey to find his way back home will now be played by Raymond Ochoa, replacing Lucas Neff.

Poppa is now played by Jeffrey Wright, taking over from John Lithgow. Momma is Frances McDormand.

Bill Hader (who you can hear as Fear in Inside Out, opening in exactly one week!) was slated to play Arlo’s brother Forrest, but now Arlo will have a new brother named Buck, played by ABC black-ish star, Marcus Scribner. Other cast members include Anna Paquin, Steve Zahn, AJ Buckley, Sam Elliot, and Jack Bright as the young human boy, Spot.

This new cast was announced via Disney’s blog. Perhaps to assuage the worries fans have about the state of the film, given all the changes, a paragraph was dedicated to explaining Pixar’s method of scrapping and starting new. With Pete Sohn in the director’s chair, this writer has no doubt about the level of quality we should expect.



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New Cars 2 Characters: Meet Professor Z + Tomber!

Cars 2, Cast

Posted by Thomas • March 3, 2011

Two new characters from Cars 2 have rolled out to meet us today, Professor Z (voiced by Thomas Kretschmann) and Tomber (voiced by Michel Michelis).

Professor Z Official Description:

Copyright Disney/PixarProfessor Z, aka “The Professor,” is an internationally wanted weapons designer in a small, sophisticated German package. He is a brilliant, but mad monocle-wearing scientist who is plotting to sabotage the World Grand Prix. Though his true motive is unclear, Professor Z is willing to do whatever it takes to eliminate all obstacles and keep the “project” on schedule.

Tomber Official Description:

Copyright Disney/PixarTomber is a dubious little French car with an unusual, and very unstable, three-wheeled design that befits the meaning of his name – to fall. By trade he deals car parts from a stall in a Parisian market—though his questionable merchandise sources have led to his reluctant acquaintance with British secret agent Finn McMissile.


We will discover Professor Z‘s true intentions and more about Tomber when Cars 2 hits US theatres on June 24.

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Michael Keaton Cast as Ken in Toy Story 3

Cars, Cast, Toy Story 3

Posted by Thomas • August 24, 2008

Actress Jodi Benson and voice of Barbie in Toy Story 2, has slipped to that Michael Keaton has been cast as her counterpart in Toy Story 3. Keaton is set to play Barbie’s romance, Ken.

Keaton has already starred in Cars as the voice of Chick Hicks. Benson will also be returning to the film along with Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, Estelle Harris, Joan Cusack, Wallace Shawn, Don Rickles and John Ratzenberger. 
Toy Story 3 will hit theatres on June 18, 2010.

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Favourite WALL•E Moments

Cast, Pixar, Pixar Employees, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • July 15, 2008

Just briefly, Rotten Tomatoes has an article today on favourite moments from WALL•E as chosen by the stars of the film as well as people from Pixar.

Thanks V.M.L. 


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CBS Interviews Sigourney Weaver About WALL•E

Cast, Interview, WALL-E

Posted by Upcoming Pixar • July 4, 2008

The CBS The Early Show yesterday had a talk with Sigourney Weaver about her thoughts and experiences on doing the computer voice to the film WALL•E. She also says why she thinks that Andrew Stanton hired here with an homage on her role as Ripley in Alien.

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Will Paul Newman Return For Cars 2?

Cars 2, Cast, John Lasseter

Posted by Thomas • June 25, 2008

MTV’s Shawn Adler looks at the possibility of Cars 2 not moving forward without Paul Newman who voiced the character of Doc Hudson.  

“Well, you know, his character is coming back,” John Lasseter told MTV News. “He’s a good friend of mine, and so we’re just waiting to see.” Rumours have been floating around that Newman is battling lung cancer and he retired after Cars
Hopefully Newman is well enough to record for Cars 2, but more problems have arisen with the tragic passing of George Carlin who voiced the Hippy VW, Fillmore
One of the biggest issues many have for Cars 2 is that it’s simply a money grab. Lasseter assured MTV that Pixar have come up with a "great, great storyline."
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ComingSoon Interviews Stanton, Willard and Garlin

Andrew Stanton, Cast, Interview, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • June 24, 2008

Just briefly, has a video featurette of their exclusive interviews with director Andrew Stanton, as well as Fred Willard and Jeff Garlin on WALL•E.

WALL•E hits theatres on June 27. 

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Toy Story 3 Gets A Taste Of Evil Bacon

Andrew Stanton, Cast, John Ratzenberger, Toy Story 3

Posted by Thomas • June 24, 2008

MTV’s Shawn Adler also has some more information on Toy Story 3 for our pleasure. Adler chatted to John Ratzenberger who plays Hamm in the film. "Hammy is a villian in the beginning of the movie." said Ratzenberger. However Hamm does manage to redeem himself. 

Estelle Harris who plays Mrs Potato Head said she will also have a bigger role in the film. 
Read the full article here

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CanMag Chats to Fred Willard

Cast, Interview, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • June 23, 2008

CanMag chatted to WALL•E live action star, Fred Willard who talks about his role in the film, including the secrecy behind its production.  On the secrecy, Willard said,

"I did see very rough animation. And Pixar was very secretive about the plot. For a long time I couldn’t tell what I knew of the plot. I couldn’t tell that I was the only live action person in the movie. So I find it strange that I’m here today. I thought for a while that maybe they wouldn’t allow people to see the movie, so none of the secrets would be given away."

Read the rest here.

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George Carlin “Fillmore” Dies at 71

Cars, Cast

Posted by Upcoming Pixar • June 23, 2008

The comedian and actor George Carlin died yesterday at the age of 71. Carlin was well known as an anti-establishment icon. His edgy style and provocative material netted him some hassle with the FCC back in the late 70.But we at Pixar Planet will remember him best as the voice of Fillmore in Cars.



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