Will Paul Newman Return For Cars 2?

Cars 2 Cast John Lasseter News

MTV’s Shawn Adler looks at the possibility of Cars 2 not moving forward without Paul Newman who voiced the character of Doc Hudson.  

“Well, you know, his character is coming back,” John Lasseter told MTV News. “He’s a good friend of mine, and so we’re just waiting to see.” Rumours have been floating around that Newman is battling lung cancer and he retired after Cars
Hopefully Newman is well enough to record for Cars 2, but more problems have arisen with the tragic passing of George Carlin who voiced the Hippy VW, Fillmore
One of the biggest issues many have for Cars 2 is that it’s simply a money grab. Lasseter assured MTV that Pixar have come up with a "great, great storyline."
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Last modified: June 25, 2008