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To Mars & Beyond!

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Posted by Thomas • March 17, 2008

Jim Hill has garnered some news recently relating to the rumoured John Carter of Mars trilogy Pixar is planning. Hill points to these domains the Mouse House has recently registered in evidence of the production.

The Gods of Mars is the second book in Edgar Rice Burroughs’ John Carter of Mars series, the first being A Princess of Mars.

According to what Mouse House insiders recently told me, Mark Andrews (i.e. the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of "Ratatouille") has allegedly already completed a first pass on a screenplay for the first film in the proposed "Mars" series. And given that both Pixar and Disney execs have reportedly responded very enthusiastically to Andrews’ script … Well, both companies are now anxious to put this project in the development pipeline ASAP.

says Hill. Hill also says that the film might be slated for a 2012 release date or possibly earlier, this is of course, depending on how well The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian performs at the box office this year. If Prince Caspian does not meet expectations at the box office, Hill says that the Mouse House will likely go forward with The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, and then pull the plug on the Narnia series, using the JCoM trilogy to fill the gaps in the release schedule.

Hill also puts Jim Morris, who moved from Lucasfilm in 2005 to Pixar, as the producer of the series. Your thoughts? Read the full article here

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A Tin Toy Christmas That Never Was

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Posted by Thomas • December 14, 2007

Just briefly, Jim Hill looks at the Pixar TV special, A Tin Toy Christmas that never was.

Jim looks at how this TV special eventually turned into Toy Story. If you are interested, click here.

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Jim Hill Talks Pixar with Leslie Iwerks

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Posted by Thomas • December 12, 2007

Just briefly, Jim Hill caught up with documentary filmmaker, Leslie Iwerks, and they chatted about the making of The Pixar Story. Here is an interesting tidbit from the article.

Of course, what’s kind of ironic about this screening being held in the holiday season is … Well, if John Lasseter hadn’t suggested that Pixar should pitch Disney on the idea of making this 30-minute-long CG holiday special (Which was to have been called "A Tin Toy Christmas" and starred the title character of that animation studio’s 1988 Academy Award-winning short, "Tin Toy") … Well, there probably wouldn’t then have been a "Toy Story."

Read the full piece here.

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Jim Hill Seeks Redemption

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Posted by Thomas • November 24, 2007

Jim Hill appears to have had some kind of epiphany and is discussing how well our favourite Rat is doing overseas.

Have you seen the international numbers for "Ratatouille" ? Which just this past weekend slipped past the $600 million mark at the worldwide box office. Which makes this Brad Bird film the second biggest international Disney / Pixar release of all-time. As someone who earlier wrote an awful lot of stories about how "Ratatouille" was under-performing domestically, I have to admit that even I am impressed with the way that this animated feature has been performing overseas.

says Jim. However he did have to add how the film isn’t in the clear yet after it’s reported $150 million budget. However he does point out that neither is POTC:AWE by that same token. One of his secret studio executives told him this…

"So were we disappointed that ‘Ratatouille’ didn’t earn more during its initial domestic run? Sure. But you know what? We got over it. And you should too."

Jim even concludes by saying Ratatouille is "Very successful." however, he does so begrudgingly. You can read Jim’s full change of tune here.

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Ratatouille DVD “…more ordinary than special.”

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Posted by Thomas • November 3, 2007

Ultimate Disney have posted their review of Ratatouille on DVD. What’s the verdict?

Unfortunately, Ratatouille follows last fall’s lightweight Cars disc with an even lighter DVD release. Naturally, it’s not a complete disappointment; the feature presentation is flawless and the few bonus features do add value. But the days of exhaustive Pixar two-disc sets that supply a potent, multi-hour blend of information and entertainment sadly appear to have passed… leaves Ratatouille in a package that feels far more ordinary than special.

So, in a sum up, the movie’s presentation is great but the DVD release is lacking and is not a stand-out release for holiday season. In which case, you might be interested in Jim Hill giving reasons as to why the last two Pixar DVD releases are less than spectacular.

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Jim Hill on Live Action at Pixar

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Posted by Thomas • October 15, 2007

I know! I know, it’s Jim Hill and a lot of us despise the very existence of the guy, but, (and you knew there was going to be a but didn’t you), he does make a good point about why would you pay $50-60 on taking the family to the cinemas when you can rent it or buy it for under $30 and watch it at home a few months later?

Jim’s own synopsis of his article says…

Jim Hill asks: What’s it going to take to make the domestic release of a new Pixar film seem like a special event again? Will live action projects like "John Carter of Mars" & "1906" really be enough to re-energize this animation studio’s U.S. fanbase?

If you are interested, you can read the article here.

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