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Jim Hill Seeks Redemption

Jim Hill appears to have had some kind of epiphany and is discussing how well our favourite Rat is doing overseas.

Have you seen the international numbers for "Ratatouille" ? Which just this past weekend slipped past the $600 million mark at the worldwide box office. Which makes this Brad Bird film the second biggest international Disney / Pixar release of all-time. As someone who earlier wrote an awful lot of stories about how "Ratatouille" was under-performing domestically, I have to admit that even I am impressed with the way that this animated feature has been performing overseas.

says Jim. However he did have to add how the film isn’t in the clear yet after it’s reported $150 million budget. However he does point out that neither is POTC:AWE by that same token. One of his secret studio executives told him this…

"So were we disappointed that ‘Ratatouille’ didn’t earn more during its initial domestic run? Sure. But you know what? We got over it. And you should too."

Jim even concludes by saying Ratatouille is "Very successful." however, he does so begrudgingly. You can read Jim’s full change of tune here.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s ironic that Hill slams what he refers to as “‘Magic 8 Ball’ -style reporting.” If he’s such an expert on reporting, then he would know that a reporter should be unbiased – something he’s not.

  2. Susie Bones says:

    haha, yes, very begrudgingly. but still… 🙂

  3. Klark Kent 007 says:

    A Blogger is NOT a Reporter!

    Jim is a Blogger

  4. Anonymous says:

    “A Blogger is NOT a Reporter!

    Jim is a Blogger”

    I agree, klark. The reason I used the words ‘reporter’ and ‘reporting’ is that Jim refers to those words in the noted article.

  5. Anonymous says:

    “I’m not the only reporter…” – Jim Hill. :o) See, this is one instance in which Hill refers to himself as a reporter. I suppose, in a way, some bloggers are reporters – I guess anyone who reports true news is a reporter, to a certain extent. Plus, studios seem to somewhat count certain bloggers as reporters. I’m a blogger and have been given the same access to events that television and newspaper reporters have received. But I’m not sure I’d call Hill a reporter, as I personally feel he sometimes tries to blend real news with his opinions to the point where its difficult to tell which of the two he’s presenting.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jim Hill is almost more commentary than anything else…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Jim Hill remains an idiot. His mea culpa is far too little, far too late.
    PLEASE stop wasting bandwidth on this excellent site keeping us abreast of Jim Hill’s latest flatulence. That jerk needs Beano for his keyboard.

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