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Up, newt, The Bear and the Bow, Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 Logos

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Posted by Thomas • April 9, 2008

Here are each of the logos, released today, for each of the upcoming Pixar films.

Up is directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson, and is set for release, May 27, 2009.

Toy Story 3 is directed by Lee Unkrich and is due for release, June 18, 2010.

newt is directed by Gary Rydstrom and is due for release, Summer 2011.

The Bear and the Bow is directed by Brenda Chapman and is due for release, Christmas 2011.

Cars 2 is directed by Brad Lewis and is set for release, Summer 2012. 
Click each image for a higher-resolution view. 

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UP Enters The Third Dimension

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Posted by Thomas • March 10, 2008

We do know (or at least one does hope the other knows), that Pixar’s 2009 release, UP, directed by Pete Docter, is going to be a 3D animated film. Pixar aren’t going to 2D, yet. In addition to this,, reporting from ShoWest, said that Disney have announced that the film will also be exhibited in 3-D. It seems it will go hand-in-hand with the three Toy Story releases over 2009-2010, that will also be in 3-D.

However, Peter Sciretta from /Film, does make a very good point. Is Disney having a negative influence on Pixar? He says:

And I’ve always loved Pixar’s view on sequels and 3D. Things like “Sequels are not part of our business model” and “We’ll only do 3D if the story compliments it” have been said many times in many interviews. 

Then last year it was announced that the Bay-area based animation studio would be making a third Toy Story film. And then, in January, Disney made the big announcement that it would be released in Digital Disney 3D following the rerelease of the original two films, which would be remastered for three dimensional viewing.

Add this onto the rumours that Disney•Pixar are going to make a Cars 2 and are eyeing a 2011 release date, and it just doesn’t sound like Pixar at all. Is it really necessary for the unstoppable duo to release these films in 3-D? I’ve never actually seen a film in 3-D, but it really just sounds like a cheap gimmick. But please, correct me if I am wrong. Leave a comment below and share your opinion.

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Animation Mentor Celebrates Third Graduation

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Posted by Thomas • January 15, 2008

Animation Mentor,  “the online animation school® by animators for animators®”, has just celebrated it’s third graduation with an address from Pixar director, Pete Docter. 

Speaking from the heart, Docter urged the graduates, “to be open to whatever life throws at you,” and that “whatever you do, make it your own.” Docter expressed his belief that an animator’s job was to “find a truth in the world that no one else has found and bring it to the screen.” He also emphasized the importance of story, because “without a good story, you’ve got nothing.”

says the press release, courtesy of Animated News. Congratulations to the more than 80% of the class you gained coveted positions at some of the top studios. You can read the full press release here.

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