Animation Mentor Celebrates Third Graduation

Animation News Online Pete Docter Pixar Employees

Animation Mentor,  “the online animation school® by animators for animators®”, has just celebrated it’s third graduation with an address from Pixar director, Pete Docter. 

Speaking from the heart, Docter urged the graduates, “to be open to whatever life throws at you,” and that “whatever you do, make it your own.” Docter expressed his belief that an animator’s job was to “find a truth in the world that no one else has found and bring it to the screen.” He also emphasized the importance of story, because “without a good story, you’ve got nothing.”

says the press release, courtesy of Animated News. Congratulations to the more than 80% of the class you gained coveted positions at some of the top studios. You can read the full press release here.

Last modified: January 15, 2008