Pixar Films Now For Rental on iTS

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Steve Jobs just this very minute announced at his Keynote at Macworld ’08, movie rentals on the iTunes Store. Studios that have signed on include, Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, Sony, Touchstone, Miramax, MGM, New Line Cinema, Lionsgate and Fox. 

This means you can now (If you don’t already own them first of course) rent your favourite Pixar film without even leaving your house.
The price for each rental is $2.99 for a library title and $3.99 for a new release. Movies will be available 30 days after the DVD release. You have 30 days to begin watching, but then 24 hours to finish watching the rental. The service is only available in the US currently, but plans for it to go international later this year.
 Yet again another avenue for Pixar fans to rent/try/buy their favourite Pixar films if they don’t have them already.
NB: Image Courtesy of MacRumors.
UPDATE: 100 HD movie titles with 5.1 surround sound for rental starting today for $4.99. No confirmation yet but it looks as if Ratatouille will be available in this format. 
UPDATE 2: Long-time Pixar collaborator, Randy Newman, played the closing song at the keynote which has just ended. 
UPDATE 3: The keynote is now available for your viewing pleasure at, and if you are not interested in the stuff at the start, skip to 1:16:25 to watch Randy Newman sing "A Few Words In Defence Of Our Country" followed by "You’ve Got A Friend In Me". The sly ol’ devil even mentions a cut love-scene between Woody and Buzz in Toy Story

Last modified: January 15, 2008