Ratatouille Nominated for BAFTA Award

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The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) have announced the nominees for British Academy Film Awards this year.

Among the nominees Best Animated Film is Ratatouille. It goes head-to-head with Shrek The Third and The Simpsons Movie.
The awards take place on Sunday, February 10 at the Royal Opera House in London’s Covent Garden.
With the poor selection of nominees this year, it appears as if the British Academy just selected the films on previous achievements by the franchise or studio. I suspect it went something like this: 
"Oh blast, I have to do these silly nomination forms for Best Animated Film. They can’t be serious. I shouldn’t have to watch a child’s film. Ok let’s see, Ratatouille? I hate the French! But it was made by Pixar, so better put that down. Hmm…Shrek The Third? Well it was a box office smash and the first one was quite good. Better put that down then. And The Simpson’s Movie? Well anything that’s been 19 years in the making can’t be half bad., let’s see what is on the television. Oh good, Billiards. I can’t stand that Top Gear show when it’s on. Oh and Polly, put the kettle on will you my dear." 

You see, they are probably too preocupied with watching drunken men hitting balls around on a table, rather then taking the nominations seriously. Stevie Wonder or Ray Charles could have done a better job. They certainly would have done a better job in the Music category. Three of the five nominations in it are also up for Best Film, and the other two would have been close runner’s up. Give Michael Giacchino the recognition he deserves. Let’s hope the American Academy don’t follow suit. 

NB:  No offense is intended towards British. I am aware that the majority of the British population are not like the above stereotype, and I apologise if you have been offended by the statement. It was meant purely as a joke. 

Last modified: January 16, 2008