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Jobs Didn’t Disclose Cancer To Pixar Board

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Posted by Thomas • March 7, 2008

Fortune Magazine‘s Peter Elkind has published a new article on Apple CEO, Disney’s largest shareholder and the guy that bought Pixar from George Lucas for $10 million, Steve Jobs. 

The article talks about his history at Apple, his fierce temper, the stock backdating scandal (at both Pixar and Apple), as well as a host of other topics. The authors purports the article has been in the making for months, and it is an interesting read, whether you’re a fan or not, to see how a mind of someone like Steve Jobs’ works.
However, one particular piece of information that may be of interest to some, is about Jobs’ pancreatic cancer. The story goes that he was diagnosed in 2003, and wasn’t given long to live. It was then discovered that he had a rare form of cancer that could be treated, Steve didn’t want to go for surgery however. He eventually came around and was put under the knife in 2004. In 2004, after the surgery, and he was given the all clear, it was then announced about his ordeal. During this time however, it was all kept very hush-hush. Only very few members of the Apple board knew, and his illness wasn’t even disclosed to the Pixar board members. The reason behind not informing the shareholders of either companies, is said that they did not want to worry them and the stock price to plummet. Jobs has been an icon for the company, he is heralded as the saviour, ever since his return in 1997. Since then we have seen the iMac, the iPod and now the iPhone, as well as numerous other hit innovations and inventions.
What do you think? Should Jobs have disclosed his illness to all the shareholders of both companies? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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Incredible Inspiration For MacBook Air?

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Posted by Thomas • February 12, 2008

MacCast has asked the question, was Apple’s new MacBook Air inspired by a scene in Pixar’s, The Incredibles?

As you may have seen, Apple have been marketing the fact that the Air is thin enough to slide into a manilla envelope, as seen in the advertisement. But this is reminiscent of a scene from The Incredibles, in which Bob (Mr Incredible), slides out a tablet-like computer from a manilla envelope which he found on his desk at work.

Since Jobs was in charge at Pixar at the time it just made me wonder if maybe the scene inspired him to think up the Macbook Air or was it just random coincidence. Maybe the ad agency just borrowed the concept for the commercial, who knows?

says the article. What do you think? Comments are always open. Thanks A113.

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Brevity, by Guy & Rodd

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Posted by Thomas • January 20, 2008

Brevity from Jan 18. Via Cartoon Brew (Thanks Martin).

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Steve Jobs Didn’t Want Toy Story 3

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Posted by Thomas • January 17, 2008

ValleyWag points to a New York Post article on David Price’s book, The Pixar Touch: The Making of a Company, in which the article provides and excerpt from the book on why Steve Jobs didn’t want Toy Story 3 to go ahead, even under Pixar’s command. 

Two years ago, Pixar was bought by Disney, following often unpleasant negotiations fueled by bad blood between Pixar’s Steve Jobs and Disney chief Michael Eisner. Price writes that as the deal finally was about to be green-lighted, Jobs hauled off with a slap at the company that Mickey Mouse built, saying he felt "sick about Disney doing sequels [to Pixar films], because if you look at the quality of their sequels, like ‘The Lion King 11/2’ and their ‘Peter Pan’ sequels and stuff, it’s pretty embarrassing."

says the article. The article also details how the stress of working on the original Toy Story led an animator to forget about his baby in the car. By the sound of this article, it’s going to be a good book. It’s due out in May.

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Pixar Films Now For Rental on iTS

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Posted by Thomas • January 15, 2008

Steve Jobs just this very minute announced at his Keynote at Macworld ’08, movie rentals on the iTunes Store. Studios that have signed on include, Disney, Warner Bros., Paramount, Universal, Sony, Touchstone, Miramax, MGM, New Line Cinema, Lionsgate and Fox. 

This means you can now (If you don’t already own them first of course) rent your favourite Pixar film without even leaving your house.
The price for each rental is $2.99 for a library title and $3.99 for a new release. Movies will be available 30 days after the DVD release. You have 30 days to begin watching, but then 24 hours to finish watching the rental. The service is only available in the US currently, but plans for it to go international later this year.
 Yet again another avenue for Pixar fans to rent/try/buy their favourite Pixar films if they don’t have them already.
NB: Image Courtesy of MacRumors.
UPDATE: 100 HD movie titles with 5.1 surround sound for rental starting today for $4.99. No confirmation yet but it looks as if Ratatouille will be available in this format. 
UPDATE 2: Long-time Pixar collaborator, Randy Newman, played the closing song at the keynote which has just ended. 
UPDATE 3: The keynote is now available for your viewing pleasure at, and if you are not interested in the stuff at the start, skip to 1:16:25 to watch Randy Newman sing "A Few Words In Defence Of Our Country" followed by "You’ve Got A Friend In Me". The sly ol’ devil even mentions a cut love-scene between Woody and Buzz in Toy Story

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Steve Jobs Inducted Into California Hall of Fame

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Posted by Thomas • December 9, 2007

On Wednesday, December 5, Steve Jobs was inducted into the California Hall of Fame.

Conceived by First Lady Maria Shriver, the California Hall of Fame was established in 2006 to honor legendary people who embody California’s innovative spirit and have made their mark on history.

Pixar co-founder and Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs definitely meets the criteria.

Check out the gallery of 2007 Inductees for a clickable bio.

(Source: The Pixar Blog)

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