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Toy Story That Time Forgot – The Pixar Special Of The Week

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Posted by Nia • December 21, 2018

Christmas is in a matter of days, so naturally it’s time to delve back into Toy Story That Time Forgot, one of the most underrated Pixar projects. The holiday special aired back on December 2nd, 2014 on ABC.

Although this is a Christmas special, the film starts off post-Christmas as we open with Bonnie playing with her toys, a comforting and familiar sight. We’re immediately re-introduced to Trixie the Triceratops but we quickly find out she’s constantly disappointed Bonnie never lets her play as the true dinosaur she is; instead she takes on other random roles during playtime. Jessie, Rex, and Mr. Potato Head are quick to offer support for Trixie, mentioning she will get her chance to be a dinosaur soon (as there will be many more opportunities) but that doesn’t lift Trixie’s spirits. Shortly after, Bonnie attends a play-date at her best friend Mason’s house. Luckily for us Bonnie brings along a few of our other favorite toys from the Toy Story universe: Woody, Buzz, and Rex. She even brings Trixie along and a new ornament named Angel Kitty.

As soon as Bonnie arrives she notices Mason enjoying his new video game and before she joins him, she dumps the toys into Mason’s playroom. The video game wasn’t the only thing Mason got for Christmas; he also got a slew of new warrior dinosaur toys called the Battlesaurs. The gang is quickly introduced to Reptillus Maximus and the Cleric, who are in control of the Battlesaurs army. Naturally, Rex and Trixie are welcomed as part of the clan by Reptillus and shown around their Batteopolis but the Cleric secretly takes Woody, Buzz, and Angel Kitty away as his prisoners.

Trixie and Reptillus quickly bond (naturally). Since Trixie is finally around other toys like her and it’s easy to see why she’s so quick to fall head over heels for Reptillus. Trixie can’t help but praise the Battlesaurs and how they’ve made their life work in Mason’s toy room. Reptillus is even captivated by Trixie’s world of make believe. Soon the two dinosaurs are called to the aptly named “Arena of Woe,” where to Trixie’s dismay, this world of dinosaurs isn’t as perfect or as nice as she thought. In the arena, its Mason’s toys against Reptillus; we soon see that Reptillus completely destroys the other toys in combat. No one has a chance against him.

Things soon get worse when Woody and Buzz enter the arena; it turns out the Cleric wanted Woody and Buzz destroyed from the get-go and it’s the reason why they were taken away so abruptly at the start. Buzz and Woody barely escape their fight against Reptillus before Trixie jumps in to help her friends. It turns out, the Battlesaurs are so hostile because they haven’t had the opportunity to play with Mason yet, since Mason has been too caught up in his new video game. Despite Trixie pleading for the dinosaurs to stop fighting her friends, they bring in another massive Battlesaur named Goliathon, who swallows Woody, Buzz, and Angel Kitty. As Trixie tries to free her friends from Goliathon, she’s knocked over and reveals Bonnie’s name written on her hand. To these Battlesaurs, that’s a sign of weakness and equivalent to someone waving a white flag. Suddenly Trixie is no longer welcome as one of them.

The biggest twist of this special is that the Cleric has known the Battlesaurs were toys the entire time. It was the Cleric’s motivation to keep the toys oblivious to this fact so he can continue basking in his power and ruling over them. Now that Woody, Buzz, and Angel Kitty know that information, he takes them off to be shredded in a nearby ventilation fan.

As Woody and Buzz are trying to escape the Cleric, Trixie nearly unplugs Mason’s video game, in an attempt to thwart his attention and get him to play with the other Battlesaurs. Reptillus intervenes and tries to stop her but Trixie has an epiphany of her own. She manages to persuade Reptillus that it’s almost a blessing being a toy; she speaks to him about how important and meaningful it’s been to be a toy and play with Bonnie every day. She even shows Reptillus the box he came in, which changes his whole perspective.

Reptillus turns off Mason’s video game and “surrenders” to the humans. Soon Bonnie and Mason find Reptillus, and the children agree to go to Mason’s playroom to continue their play-date. The duo arrive just in time, saving Woody and Buzz from being destroyed in the ventilation fan.

Reptillus and the other Battlesaurs are changed by their play-date with Bonnie and Mason; they’re quick to accept their fate as toys and learn to enjoy a calmer life in Mason’s home.

Towards the end of the special, Trixie realizes how important she is in Bonnie’s life and she professes to Woody, Buzz, and the other toys how she would be anything Bonnie wants her to be during playtime, even if that never is a dinosaur.

One of the most impressive elements about this film is the fact it delves deep into the toys existence. It touches the surface of their psychology and how they view their lives when it comes to interacting with characters like Bonnie and Mason. The toys obviously realize they’re toys and figure out their purpose in life, but through that they learn the importance of their existence and that they have these unique gifts; each toy offers something different to children. It’s also interesting to see the differences in how a toy acts before they’ve had the opportunity to be played with or to have a child “mark” them with their name – the Battlesaurs were almost savage, like untrained cats, before they were played with for the first time. I’m curious to see how they will continue this theme in the upcoming Toy Story 4 film, especially with Forky.

Some fun facts about Toy Story That Time Forgot:

  • When it comes to the Toy Story timeline, this film is set before the story that’s going to be depicted in the upcoming Toy Story 4 film.
  • This film was initially set to be a 6-minute short, but it was John Lasseter who suggested it be a holiday special because he loved the story so much and wanted to explore the themes and characters more.
  • It took 3 years to create; 2 of those years were spent on story development.
  • The special was the last time Don Rickles voiced the iconic Mr. Potato Head; he died in 2017.
  • This was Pixar’s second Toy Story-esque TV special; the first one was Toy Story of Terror!
  • Don’t forget that in the first Toy Story film, Buzz was the one who first refused to believe he was a toy. It’s funny seeing that shift in this special; he was almost outraged that the Battlesaurs didn’t know they were toys.
  • There is a reference to Star Wars in Toy Story That Time Forgot, when the Cleric says the line, “I find their lack of armor disturbing.” Can you Star Wars fans figure out the line it’s referring to?

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‘Toy Story that Time Forgot’ blu-ray and DVD

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Posted by Simoa • August 7, 2015

Looks like Arlo won’t be the only Pixar dinosaur on screens this November. “Toy Story that Time Forgot”, last winter’s half hour TV special will be available on DVD this November 3rd. That’s also the release date for the Inside Out DVD, if the Amazon listing on the latter is indeed correct. Thanks once again to Stitch Kingdom for this report! The full list of bonus features is below.

Blu-ray, Digital HD*, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA)

  •  Reptillus! – In this behind-the-scenes look at Toy Story That Time Forgot, the filmmakers share a peek at the origins of the Battlesaurs world and culture, and explain the character design and development of its greatest hero, Reptillus Maximus.
  • Commentary – Commentary with Toy Story that Time Forgot director, Steve Purcell, and head of story, Derek Thompson, on the process of making Toy Story That Time Forgot
  • Toy Story Goes to Comic-Con – The Toy Story that Time Forgot team heads to San Diego to unveil the project to the public, led by their own longtime Comic-Con veterans, director Steve Purcell and head of story Derek Thompson.
  •  My Unexpected Friend – Feel the power – and sing along – as Reptillus Maximus expresses the depth of his feelings for Trixie in this 80’s-inspired karaoke video for his soulful ballad, “My Unexpected Friend.”
  • Battlesaurs Animated Opening – A 2D animated opening for the fictional animated TV series, “Battlesaurs”.
  • Deleted Scenes with Intros & Outros – Toy Story That Time Forgot director, Steve Purcell, introduces scenes that were developed and storyboarded for the special, but were ultimately cut from the final version.

*Digital bonus offerings may vary by retailer


  • Reptillus!
  • Commentary

DMA Exclusive

  • Deleted Scene: Battletropolis

“Toy Story that Time Forgot” was such a hilarious, heartwarming, and ingenious adventure. The DVD and blu-ray give us all a chance to relive the adventure and get immersed in plenty of fantastic extras and behind the scenes footage! Be sure to pick up your copy this November.

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‘Toy Story that Time Forgot’: the perfect gift

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Posted by Simoa • December 3, 2014

The lack of a full length Pixar film this year caused unhappiness for many people. But with 2014 coming to a close, Pixar has not disappointed. ‘Toy Story that Time Forgot’ premiered last night and we were treated to yet another stellar half hour Pixar special.

As with the Halloween themed ‘Toy Story of TERROR!’, this special was female led with Trixie the triceratops (Kristen Schaal).

While ‘Toy Story that Time Forgot’ was advertised as a Christmas special, the holiday is more background than anything else. It does still spread plenty of holiday cheer and warmth.

Bonnie has just celebrated Christmas and is still in the mood for the holiday. Woody is dressed as Santa Claus while Rex and Trixie are reindeers. When Bonnie goes on the hunt for her dinosaur, Trixie is excited because she’ll finally be a dinosaur in one of Bonnie’s game. The excitement is short lived however when Bonnie spies Kittysaurus, or Angel Kitty, (Emma Haduck) an ornament on the Christmas tree.

Trixie voices her frustration, but soon Bonnie and her mother head out for a play date at her friend Mason’s house. Trixie, Rex, Angel Kitty, Woody, and Buzz are the toys of choice. When Bonnie arrives, Mason is playing a video game. Bonnie leaves her toys in his room and the gang set out to find some old friends. And this is when Trixie spots the huge boxes of Battlesaur dinosaur toys.

The Battlesaurs are armor plated dinosaurs who have no idea they’re toys. It’s a theme Pixar has revisited since the first Toy Story film, but always with new results. Sparks fly between Trixie and Reptilius Maximus (Kevin McKidd), clearly the coolest looking dinosaur of the bunch. Meanwhile the Cleric who is leader of the Battlesaurs (voiced by director Steve Purcell) proves to have ulterior motives.

Since the Battlesaurs don’t know they’re toys, they think they’re fighting for real. So this means their battles with other toys are intense and a little violent. What happens when Trixie, Rex, Woody, and Buzz find themselves on deck for battle?

There are new characters who instantly steal your heart in this special. Angel Kitty, adorably wide eyed and who delivers messages of good will and hope in a monotone is definitely going to be popular. And Reptilius Maximus is a real hoot. Even in thirty minutes Pixar celebrated childlike wonder and imagination, as well as a chance for Trixie to save the day and learn something valuable about what it means to be Bonnie’s dinosaur.

If you missed ‘Toy Story that Time Forgot’, be sure to catch these showings.

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Premiere Date and Huge Cast Revealed at ‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ SDCC Panel

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Posted by Brkyo614 • July 24, 2014

The Good Dinosaur may be over a year away, but we’ll be able to see another Pixar take on dinosaurs much sooner in Toy Story That Time Forgot. As the synopsis and poster have hinted, dinosaurs will play a big role in the second half-hour Toy Story special. At this morning’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, the cast and crew behind the short finally shed light on these new characters and brought along new concept art, plot details, and a release date.

Many have noted that for a Christmas special, Toy Story That Time Forgot seems only tangentially related to the holiday season. That’s because it was originally conceived as a six-minute Toy Story Toon; it was only when John Lasseter suggested expanding it to a half-hour special that the holiday theme was added. At the center of the story are the Battlesaurs, a lineup of characters spoofing 80s toy lines. They include Kevin McKidd as Reptillus Maximus, the bespectacled Ray-Gon, the Godzilla-like Goliathon, and their leader, the Cleric. Like Buzz in the first Toy Story, the Battlesaurs aren’t aware that they’re toys. Rex and Trixie quickly get swept up in their elaborate universe when a post-Christmas play date goes awry.

In addition to the concept art shown above, the panel also featured an extended work-in-progress clip, a peek at some upcoming merchandise, and a brief Q&A session. At the panel, Pixar confirmed that Toy Story That Time Forgot will air on ABC on Tuesday, December 2. Mark your calendars!

(Images and news via and Stitch Kingdom)

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‘Toy Story That Time Forgot’ Heads to Comic-Con with New Poster

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Posted by Brkyo614 • July 21, 2014

Disney has recently eschewed San Diego Comic-Con in favor of its own D23 Expo, but with D23 taking a year off, Pixar will still be showing up at Comic-Con this weekend. Rather than showcasing its 2015 films, the studio will be pushing its 2014 holiday special, Toy Story That Time Forgot, with a one-hour panel on Thursday. Attendees will receive a gorgeous new poster by Hellboy artist Mike Mignola featuring Reptillius Maximus, a new character voiced by Kevin McKidd. The official panel description reads:

"Calling all Toy Story fans! ABC and Disney•Pixar present an exclusive first look at the upcoming holiday special, Toy Story That Time Forgot. Executive producer Galyn Susman (Toy Story OF TERROR!), director Steve Purcell (Brave), and head of story Derek Thompson (WALL•E) give you an exclusive inside look at the sketches, storyboards, and concepts that went into the making of this Disney•Pixar special! (Thursday July 24, 11:15 am – 12:15 pm, Room 6A)"

TV Line (via Pixar Times) also reports that the panel will be moderated by Michael Giacchino and feature Kristen Schaal (voice of Trixie) and Kevin McKidd. Any Pixar fan headed to San Diego this weekend won’t want to miss this.

And here’s the latest synopsis for the short, which airs this winter on ABC:

"During a post-Christmas play date, the gang find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional. It’s all up to Trixie, the triceratops, if the gang hopes to return to Bonnie‘s room in this Toy Story That Time Forgot."

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New ‘Toy Story’ TV Special Announced for Holiday 2014

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Posted by Brkyo614 • January 17, 2014

Last year brought us Pixar’s first half-hour TV special, Toy Story of Terror. In addition to being an enjoyable return to the Toy Story universe, it was a huge ratings success – so much so that the studio has decided to move forward with another Toy Story special for 2014!

The Christmas-themed special, titled Toy Story That Time Forgot, will be produced by Galyn Susman and directed by Steve Purcell (who co-directed Brave). The official description (via Stitch Kingdom) reads:

"During a post-Christmas play date, the Toy Story gang find themselves in uncharted territory when the coolest set of action figures ever turn out to be dangerously delusional. It’s all up to Trixie, the triceratops, if the gang hopes to return to Bonnie’s room in this
Toy Story That Time Forgot."

Set to return are Tom Hanks as Woody, Tim Allen as Buzz, Kristen Schaal as Trixie, Joan Cusack as Jessie, Wallace Shawn as Rex, Don Rickles as Mr. Potato Head, and Timothy Dalton as Mr. Pricklepants. Kevin McKidd (Lord MacGuffin from Brave) joins the cast as Reptillus Maximus. Though an exact date has yet to be announced, the short will air on ABC later this year.

What do you think of this announcement? Did Toy Story of Terror leave you wanting more Toy Story specials?

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