Rumourings: Wall-E

Pixar, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • December 16, 2006

Upcoming Pixar reader, James, points out the following post over at Pixar Planet.

The post seems to present some confirmation of news about the rumoured 2008 film from Pixar, Wall-E. In my personal opinion, Wall-E exists. (Sorry for the confusion earlier)

I will now quote from “petitelapin” he post…

I do believe the existence of the new anticipated film W.A.L.L.E does 100% exist. I have seen an image teaser of the actual film and yes he is a robot! In space. i was lucky enough to see it during a conference meeting at DCP this summer.

“petitelapin” continues on about how the plot is still unknown and how it has all been kept very secretive. Also, “petitelapin” says that Pixar have been working on the film for a few years now and that film Short Circuit (1986)is the closest example to what Wall-e is.

Thanks James for the heads up!

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Wall-E For Release 27 Jun 08

Pixar, WALL-E

Posted by Thomas • November 5, 2006

Everywhere seems to be reporting about it (and thanks to everyone that emailed me with the news too!), so I am sure you all know by know that Walt Disney have somewhere given out the release dates for 3 new films, including Wall-E from Pixar!

Wall-E, now with 2 l’s, is set for release on June 27, 2008. No surprises there. Animated News tells us that it will be directed by Andrew Stanton. Is this fact or someone taking their best guess? If any of you have a source to confirm or deny this, please send it in as it would be greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: I have just had a brain wave. According to some of my sources, In one of the commentaries on a Simpsons episode on one of their DVD’s, David Silverman (Director of The Simpsons Movie, Co-Director of Monster’s Inc) asked Jim Reardon (Director of The Simpsons):

David Silverman: You can’t reveal what your working on, can you?

Jim: Well, as long as nobody’s listening…

David: Just tell us, no one else will hear…

Uh, 2008. And that’s all I can say…

So, Is Jim our director of Wall-E and not Andrew Stanton?

Animated News, also tells of a rumour that it will be about a robot.

So that is the latest on Wall-E.

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