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New Incredibles 2 Teaser: Learn More About The New Supers

Today Pixar released details and clips about some new supers that we’ll be seeing in the highly anticipated The Incredibles sequel, presented by Sophia Bush (the voice of superhero Voyd). Watch below:

We’ve known about Voyd for a while now, but in this teaser her confident personality definitely seems to be shining through. She’s part of a team of ‘wannabe’ supers, and her power is creating voids or portals. Very interdimensional. It’s great to see the colour and style of the concept art for Voyd translating beautifully to the 3D medium.

In addition to Voyd, this teaser also introduced us to some other interesting supers: The Indestructible Brick, The High-Flying Screech, and Super Senior Reflux. And those, according to Sophia Bush, are “just the starting line-up”. The Indestructible Brick seems to be pretty self-explanatory, The High-Flying Screech can emit powerful screeches, and can also fly with the help of a pair of wings, and Super Senior Reflux…he has super-powered reflux. The ‘wannabe’ supers also include He-Lectrix and Krushauer, who can shoot lightning bolts and use telekinesis respectively. Have a look at this unlikely bunch below.

Concept art by Paul Conrad, Tony Fucile, Bryn Imagire, Deanna Marsigliese and Matt Nolte. ©2018 Disney Pixar

With the leaps in technology since the release of the original The Incredibles in 2004, it’ll be amazing to see the creative, exciting designs and powers of all the new supers we’ll be meeting in Incredibles 2. Elastigirl’s super stretching abilities were (there’s no better word for it) incredible from an animation standpoint in 2004 – just think of what Pixar might surprise us with now!

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